Great News! ICIWorld has a new server and we are now on it 100%.

As of Wed., March 20, 2019

Major issues being dealt with are mostly upgrading of security issues.

EMAIL: Got started last weekend. Had to stop temporarily. Will be restarting hopefully weekend of March 23,24. We are starting with only three email list servers out of 200. Your feedback is important. Sometimes new and upgraded software that starts running identifies issues that prevent other software from running. It is a constant game of upgrading and fixing and working on compatibility. The initial phase is to get it working. The second phase will be to design it to be more pretty.


It is like moving into a new house and there are many things still to do.

However the most important, searching and access to information, adding, modifying, deleting Haves and Wants is working better than ever.

Until the mailing services are totally subscribed to again, we suggest checking the latest listings 7am daily using your mobile device. Three clicks, three seconds to see the latest listings daily. Make connections, develop business relationships, do business. Standing in line at Tim Hortons, check the latest listings. The mobile devices are designed to remember your business area. Suggest you use GTA for instance for your area rather than a city. Get great ideas of what buyers are looking for. That way if you are picking up flowers for valentines day, you know there are buyers for florists on ICIWorld. Talk to the owner, if I could get you the price you want would you consider selling? Great question, free to ask, can pay big dividends.

We ask all members to please only choose the business categories and business areas that apply to your listings. Choosing a business category like residential estates with only a commercial component is annoying and time consuming for us to reach out to you to fix.

First a big thankyou to all who are helping!

Reporting these issues by you the members is important at this time right through to the end of January and now February.



This is a big job. Issues:

Thanks to all in the industry for your patience. Actively working on short term and long term solutions.

It looks like we are a victim of success. When you upgrade things, there are compatibility issues with new software and hardware. The original programming has to be modified sometimes and/or updated. We are going through the process now. One step and problem at a time.

Many items have been recently solved and fixed but there are more things to do. It is like a house under construction. You can move in but there are still lots of things to do.

Anything that is not working properly please let us know. 416-214-4875.

Issues being worked on:

  1. industry wide emailing. This is now at the top of our list. Feb. 16, 2019.
  2. modifying a listing and the original listing still showing. FIXED.
  3. 404 errors. Please let us know if you see this error and send us a link to the page that has the link that does not work.
  4. sub domains - started
  5. making all software compatible in all browsers. (major rewrite)
  6. links being fixed one by one. Over 18,000 connected.
  7. moving all domains to new server - 90% done
  8. mail to the industry of listings - being actively worked.
  9. forwarders
  10. domain names -
  11. cpanels 100% done
  12. migration - 90% done. Mailing programs are being worked on.
  13. and more.

It is now literally the best and fastest dedicated server we have ever had. Please let us know if anything is not working, any link, etc. 416-214-4875.