Measure Your Success With Our Pledge

No member should go longer than 90 days without doing business, a deal, or at the very minimum developing a good business relationship with someone they feel they will be doing business with someday otherwise you call us!

Measure your success with Our Pledge


If you have a flat tire in your car, you do not abandon the car, you get the tire fixed!  Same here.  There are 3.5 billion people using the Internet. Our members are doing deals and you will too.  We just have to learn what you are doing or not doing and fix it.

There are 3.5 billion people using the Internet. Our members are doing deals and you will too.  We just have to learn what you are doing or not doing and fix it.

Here are some testimonials from members that should be your inspiration that you can do exclusive real estate transactions that are not on real estate boards. You too should have the opportunity to do transactions that you can not do on real estate boards.  Many brokers and salespeople are learning this for the first time.

We teach how to work exclusive information and have been doing it since 1994. We have conducted marketing sessions where over $200,000,000 worth of real estate has been presented, networking sessions at real estate boards, and now with the advent of the Internet, it applies to residential as more owners try to sell properties themselves on the Internet.


It is inevitable that every ICIWorld Executive Member does business no matter where in the world you are located unless:

  1. you have a material defect in your membership;

  2. or you have little or no traffic going to your website(s).

A solution for no traffic going to your website? Register for How To Promote Your Website every single month until you are generating leads every month from your website.  This webinar is also recorded so if you can not attend, receive a copy after the event. 

Five-minute referrals are now averaging $3,000-$10,000+. One broker has now done fifteen.

The prime thing there is that your website must be setup to trigger listings.

Order the Widgets. This is where the ICIWorld Widgets of listings comes in.

  • Listings are structured in a way that YOU get the calls when you are a member.
  • Six special links for YOUR website all of which trigger leads.
  • Without them you have no chance to trigger a call from these listings.
  • With them, the very next person that visits your website has to call you. They have no choice.
  • People can not click on the listing numbers.
  • As long as you provide good service, you will get the calls. You should do business AND you will start doing referrals because many of he calls can easily be outside of your market area.

This is your business on the Internet every bit as important as having a real bricks and mortar office on a main street to attract new customers. One lead makes you a lot of money. We will try to make it easy. Just bring your enthusiasm and interest. Have some fun with us to learn how to make the Internet work for you and your customers.

This is a pledge not a guarantee. This is because there is a responsibility on your part to look after your information, answer phone calls promptly, be available to show a property, to close on an appointment, on a sale, etc. If you do not do your part, or you ignore things or do nothing, how can anything work? If you have a car outside, it can not go without the keys and you driving it.

This pledge is now supported by way of Daily Webinar Workshops. Make an appointment at Ten minutes before your time, go to and click on Webinars Workshop.  Details. One on one workshops, by appointment, starting as early as 7am Eastern Time, to 4pm, selected times on weekends, no matter where in the world  you are located.

The solution for finding material defects in your membership?

See Material Defects. A material defect can be the difference from making money to making zero.

A material defect once fixed can be like a light switch turning on, all of a sudden you can start getting calls. Many members have some form of material defects in their membership and only by spending just a little time in one Daily Webinar Workshop per year as recommended can they be fixed.