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186827InactiveWanted Europe, Asia and World. Retail, Office, Industrial, and Residential. $1M-$900M+ Professional consultants to several buying groups.
176471InactiveWanted Asia Africa Central America South America Australia anyplace in the world refinery at least 100,000 barrels per day
175820ExpiredICIWorld has two world databases. Make sure you check them both. Click here for Wants Database 2 FSBO's.
171579ExpiredWanted: Hotels and Casinos anywhere in the World, from $100 Million to $10 Billion, very serious clients with the funds to handle this types of projects!!
101011Inactiveneed 7 million dollar construction loan for condo in china. Will secure against assets in China.
100843Inactive3M to 68M American wanted for equity investment in Middle income condo development in Mainland China. Projected 43% return in just over a year.