No Website? No Problem!

ICIWorld supplies mobile websites for real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide. Turnkey. Designed while you watch and make choices. And learn to modify things yourself if you wish.

As little as free for one month, then $19/mo to $34.50/mo.

ICIWorld is an official installer of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board MLS IDX Links. That way people can search the MLS on your website.

Other websites that we supply have the search near me feature of but on YOUR website. It includes solds as well as for sale. Condo projects and more.

You can learn more about this and other cutting edge technology for brokers by listening to a recorded Webinar that we provided for real estate boards, real estate associations and real offices at one of our newer websites: Click on Learn.

See to see fifty sample websites with ICIWorld links. These links are listings, Haves and Wants that other broker members have agreed to share them on your website.

All real estate brokers and salespeople in the world should have a website that is mobile optimized. Happy to chat about this anytime by appointment.

Make an appointment to see choices and for a demonstration.

We support all real estate broker websites in the world

Although we supply websites, we support all real estate brokers and salespersons websites in the world with special links of content shared by other brokers and salespeople.

This can trigger referral opportunities and direct business opportunities the moment they are installed. And it is one instruction to your website company and it is done! Listings, Haves and Wants are updated in real-time daily automatically by all the members on the network.

CLICK HERE to see details and samples for ICIWorld IDX LINKS Widgets of world listings, Have and Want opportunities that you can add to YOUR website. Special because you get the calls simply by displaying real estate content. Do referrals and direct business. It is a portal to real estate broker and salesperson listings, Haves and Wants globally. 

As far as we are concerned all websites can trigger leads. 

Upon joining we send you an installation widget guide by EMail.  You forward the installation guide by EMail to your website designer. DONE. 

The very next person who visits your website and sees an interesting listing, Have or Want has to call YOU for more information! This gives you an opportunity to do a referral or gather the information, show the property, get an offer and make some money. See brokers doing it.

We do recommend strongly that you make an appointment with us to allow us to check out the installation to ensure it is set up correctly. We have had some members go the whole year and there was a problem displaying the listings.  We do not want that to happen to you.

That is why we recommend everyone in the industry check your website a minimum of once per month. We will go over the checklist of items in your appointment.

ICIWorld Sample Mobile Real Estate Websites

ICIWorld is an official installer of the TRREB (Toronto Regional Real Estate Board) of the MLS IDX LInks so that people can search the MLS on your website. But that is not all. There are two other major world networks of listings. 

You could have a $30,000 website and they are not as powerful as the ones supplied by ICIWorld for as little as $16.50/mo. Ask for a presentation, make an appointment, and then you be the judge. 

One of the reasons is the ICIWorld (Since 1994) Exclusive Listings that we provide for all members websites. 

On all the websites look for the special links from ICIWorld Exclusive on any of the following on the menu bar.

  1. Residential Exclusives
  2. My Haves and Wants
  3. World Commercial
  4. Ontario Commercial
  5. FSBO’s
  6. Business Opportunities

For every one of these links, it is absolutely inevitable to trigger leads because they are structured in a way that YOU get the calls. It is like having classified ads on YOUR website but in a way that YOU get the leads. 

Do referrals. (See and

Do direct business. 

The great thing about all these listings, is that the public has to call YOU for more information, they can not click on a message number.

Doing it this way, makes it a win win situation for the public because more information becomes available to them of an exclusive nature that is not on real estate boards. 

Remember 75% of the commercial Haves and Wants are exclusive not on real estate boards and about 50% of the residential.

Samples by Real Estate Company

Samples by Geographic Area

Samples of Commercial Websites

Samples of Other Website Hosting Companies with ICIWorld Widgets

We recommend that you can have more than one website because they are like billboards. They all have the capability to generate leads! For a demo, absolutely no obligation, make an appointment.

For every real estate broker and salesperson for everywhere on the planet earth tailored to you and your area.

Free for one month and then if you like it, keep it for $19/mo. or $199/year ($16.50/mo.) (Subject to change before ordering.)

Order a Website

Total setup, design, training and support in a special way. There is no other service like it.

Free for 30 days, then as little as $16.50/month if you wish to keep it in the form of $199/year.

Customized For all Real Estate Salespeople Everywhere On The Planet Earth.

There are 3.5 billion people using the Internet. You will have the best presence possible.

Fifty Sample Websites With ICIWorld Widgets

Order the Widgets

See fifty other sample websites that display exclusive real estate opportunities. Other brokers and salespeople have agreed to share them with you. Widgets AND More Sample Websites.

IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN WEBSITE NOW, you can install the ICIWorld Widgets on your existing website. They are unique in the marketplace, from ICIWorld that can be installed on all real estate websites in the world. Over 35 websites companies have them installed for their clients who are real estate brokers and salespeople. We send you the instructions to pass on to them.

It is the special links many created exclusively by ICIWorld that makes these websites special and more powerful. Links to thousands of listings, real estate board listings, Exclusive Listings, Residential, Commercial, Business Opportunities, FSBOs, world listings, etc.

The very next person that sees a listing in one of the links created by ICIWorld . . . has to call YOU for more information. This is different from real estate board services where one can see the address and go direct.