ICIWorld Complete Instructions

Quick Start:


  1. Install the ICIWorld App on your mobile phone.
  2. Add a shortcut to www.wreils.com You will find we make information tools. They are all powered by ICIWorld.
  3. go to www.iciworld.com
  4. There are the same four searches on the iciworld.com as there are on mobile apps and mobile websites.
  5. You will learn mobile websites use no resources on your phone so you make a shortcut and it looks like an App.
  6. This is important to understand because one of the ICIWorld marketing plans we recommend for you is to get every prospect, customer, client, friend, family, acquaintance that you know to put your mobile website on their phone so whenever they want to search for real estate, they will use your website on their phone to do so. And then call you to see a property. Show it and you make money.

Add/Modify/Delete Listing, Mark them SOLD.

  1. go to www.iciworld.com 
  2. click on Member Login
  3. on the left hand side in the green column with the red diamonds are all your choices.
  4. click on Login Help Password to get your id and password emailed to you within 3 minutes otherwise call 416-214-4875.
  5. login
  6. click on My Record to update your personal contact information. This information is automatically appended to every Have and Want that you place.
  7. click on My Listings on the left to see your listings. You can modify and delete them. Never let them go longer than 90 days old or they are not displayed on the ICIWorld Global Apps and global mobile websites. We recommend updating them every 31-60 days and they will get emailed out to the industry. If you modify them before 30 days they do not get emailed out to the industry.
  8. click on Add Have/Want on the left to add, modify and delete listings, Haves and Wants.
  9. Here is a video to add listings: CLICK HERE 
  10. Here is a printout to add listings: CLICK HERE
  11. Make an appointment to add listings. CLICK HERE Ten minutes before your time go to https://www.iciworld.com and click on Webinar Workshops.

If you have not made money in a 90 day period or at the very least triggered leads that you feel will lead to doing business, you must do the following:
Every single member should print out the orientation.pdf file and read it completely at least once. 

It is like a pilots checklist for a broker to ensure you take full advantage of the services.

Know Our Pledge
If you are not doing a deal or at the very least developing good business relationships with people every 90 days then make an appointment with us.

Make an appointment.
Ten minutes before your time go to https://www.iciworld.com and click on Webinar Workshops.

Every member should get through all four of these recorded seminars: 

  1. do you have the app on your phone, mobile website and do you check it often for new listings?
  2. do you know the three special questions in order to be able to work exclusive real estate?
  3. do you have fifteen opportunities working 24/7 on the Internet for you on ICIWorld and . . . all less than ninety days old?
  4. do you have the widgets of listings working on your website?
  5. do you have a website?
  6. do you promote your website?

All of this and more is covered in the four webinars.
Any issues make an appointment.
We prefer you to not call us. To have 1,000 brokers calling at once would require four customer service people and $160,000 budget and you would have to pay for it and it would be telephone tag taking messages. Instead, simply make an appointment. Ten minutes before your time go to iciworld.com and click on Webinar Workshops. If there is any problem connecting at exactly your time, then please do call 416-214-4875.

This way we have a quality one on one devoted time for you.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS