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Delivery Policy

The service ICIWorld provides is available upon successful registration and payment processing. This means that you should be able to login with your selected user id and password immediately. If you have any difficulty, please contact the ICIWorld Office.

Refund Policy

We provide no refund.

Upon joining there is immediate access to private and confidential information for members only. This includes access to listings in FSBO Database 2. One contact can make one a lot of money. It has taken years of effort and investment to build this service to deliver the contact names and numbers. One contact can can be worth tens of thousands of dollars and help a member for a lifetime. One idea can make one a lot of money.

Everyone should know Our Pledge that everyone generates leads to do business every 90 days otherwise you call us. There are some minimum suggestions we recommend to ensure that every single member maximizes their opportunities to do business. Any problems not generating leads are solved in a short workshop conducted in your office over the Internet.

Memberships are transferable to other licensed real estate brokers and salespeople.

The Internet provides the highest Return on Investment (ROI) because one lead can make one a lot of money. ICIWorld has 30,000+ contacts to do business. 75% of the listings are unique. Full access is provided for members.

Privacy Policy

The following information is collected for the member information database. It will be only used in order to provide information about you for potential buyers. This information will not be sold to any third parties.

The information collected is much the same as one's business card information and is provided to the public. It is similar to advertising in the classified ad of a newspaper.