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395564WANT: 4-plex
395349Wanted Site plan approved residential development land anywhere in the GTA or around.
395348Wanted Windsor to Guelph to Toronto North to Barrie, Orange Ville to Simcoe, Triplex $500K - $1.3M
395346Want Woodstock to Guelph, North Listowel to Brantford, Multi-family, $700K - $1M, Qualified cash buyer, Ready to act quickly
395336WANT: Development Land or projects in Markham, up to $20M
395312wANTED Burlington to Toronto to Kingston, N. to Barrie, Niagara Region. Land to build a small plaza $1,5M-$5M
395242Wanted Toronto to Orillia, Retail, Office, Industrial, Apartments, Land $1M-$20M. Investor with cash looking forward to helping out with cash for quick closing
395224Wanted Apartment Buildings 10-20 units Southern Ontario Windsor-London-Kitchener-Niagara Falls-Hamilton Cambridge - Market Price Buyer from $1-5M
395215Wanted Multiplex or Duplex Semi or Detached Residential $700K-$1MM. looking for Investment Property with positive cash flow May consider Buying after outbrea
395213Wanted Toronto Scarborough to North York, Multiplex or Duplex Semi - Detached Res $700K-$1MM. For positive cash flow (may consider Buying after outbreak)
395212Wanted Scarborough to North York Multiplex or Duplex Semi Detached Res $500K-$1M Investment Property with positive cash flow may consider Buying after outbrea
395209Wanted Toronto Multiplex, Medical Buildings, Hotels and Motels, Land With or Without Properties $0M-$20M BUY IMMEDIATELY!! (WILL CONSIDER TO PURCHASE NOW)
395206Wanted Hamilton to Toronto to Oshawa, North to Barrie, RV Park / Campground $0-$10M 1/2 acres to 1000+ acres, Urgently Looking will Buy ASAP
395205Wanted Hamilton to Toronto to Oshawa, North to Barrie, Trucking/ Logistics Business with Land $0-$10M 1/2 acres to 1000+ acres, Urgently Looking will Buy ASAP
395181WANT: Retirement Home, up to $8 MILL, motivated Buyer, EMail me details,
395178WANT: GREATER TORONTO AREA, and surrounding, 0.5 to 2 acres land to build Residential or Commercial on, * PREFER YORK REGION* Open to area
395177**WANTED** Looking for 100 MILLION Building Property, Preferably in GTA or Surrounding area! Client will pay cash, no financing! Pls HELP! THX
395173WANT: GTA & Surrounding Area, any commercial or investment Property along YONGE STREET OR BAYVIEW AVE, Client Looking up to $20 Mill Purchase Price,
395171WANT: GTA & Surrounding Area, any commercial or investment Property along YONGE STREET OR BAYVIEW AVE, Client Looking up to $20 Mill Purchase Price,
395167WANT: Looking for Established DENTAL CLINIC, GTA and surrounding area, Range $100.000 to $ 2 mill range
395142WANT: East hwy 400, close hwy 404 & 401, south Downtown Toronto, North Max Newmarket, LOOKING LAND, Leasing/commercial condo TO BUILD, Medical Building,
395129** WANT ** : GTA (TORONTO) & Surrounding Areas ! Residential building, ANY CONDITION - Good or Bad, 100 - 5000 Units,
395127WANT: GTA and Surrounding Area! (Ontario) Looking for Apartment Building for sale , up to $300,000,000 Let me know ASAP simply email or call me Thanks!
395125WANT: MEDICAL BUILDING, up to $20 MILL, GTA and surrounding area, motivated Buyer, Please email me details, Thanks!
395124WANT: Multiple project, Toronto and 2 hours surrounding, $5 Mill to $20 Billion, looking for multiple projects commercial/ residential existing or development
395062Wanted - Apartment Buildings Southern Ontario Windsor to Toronto to Kingston to Ottawa minimum 50 units plus - Buying Price at Market.
395057Wanted Windsor to Toronto to Kingston to Ottawa North to Orillia, Niagara Region multi-family properties $5m 50-200 units cash Buyer, Quick Close
395006Wanted Oakville to Toronto to Ajax, North to Keswick, Apartments, Multi-family $5M to $12M, Qualified buyer!
394936Wanted: London to Toronto to Kingston, North to Barrie, Niagara Region. Senior retirement home, property for conversion, land ready to build. $3M-$20M+. Cash.
394907We Buy Houses with Leaky Basements and Leaky Roofs
394906We Buy Properties which needs Repairs
394853Wanted Toronto Downtown Student Residence type Property $15M to $25M They have money
394839Wanted:Within Three Hour Of Toronto 200-400 Unit Apartment Building $40,000,000 To $50,000,000 Cash Buyer Will Close Fast.
394782Wanted London to Toronto, Niagara Region, Apartment Building, 30-100+ units, $3.5M-$12M, cash buyer.
394776Want 50+ unit good quality apartment buildings and/or located in a good neighbourhood across the Ontario. Any Price!
394675Want Residential or Mix use zoned Land for development in GTA. Client Motivated!
394669Want plex property 15 to 40 units under $8M,with 5 plus return for seasoned investment company for any location w high enogh traffic and full rental
394668 Want ,development site in east or west Gwillimbury or Bradford preferfor 50 units and up, res or industrial in OP only to $6M
394667WANT* Up to One Hour Drive from Toronto , Up to 100 Acres of land in secondary plan to build, Towns, Semi and Detached homes
394573Wanted - Pickering To Oshawa, Durham, Retirement Home, $400K - $800K, Qualified
394546Want Immediately Off Market Toronto,York Region, Brampton, Bolton 1M-2M 1-3 Acres Zoned For Landscaping Business/Storage Bins, 30-180 Days, Outside Storage!
394544Cash Buyers Want Off Market, Hamilton to Toronto to Courtice, North to Barrie, Niagara Region, Handy Man Properties, Power of Sale, Estate Sale, $300K-$1M
394524Wanted Burlington to Toronto to Oshawa, North to Innisfil, home, $500K - $750K, need apartment with separate entrance. Qualified. Two buyers.
394443Southwestern Ontario - Buyer looking for unique multi-residential opportunities - up to $1,000,000. All opportunities considered -river view, heritage+++
394407Wanted - Hamilton to Toronto to Oshawa, north to Barrie, Niagara region, retail plaza, industrial, office, apartments, income property, $1M - $10M, $1M cash.
394179Want multiplex 5 to 50 units,anywhere Ont in busy location,for existing seasoned buyer,price to $8M
393875Wanted! Kitchener or Waterloo or Cambridge - 6+ Unit Multi-Residential up to 50 Units -$1M-$10M or Well Located Student Income. May I bring you an offer?
393865Want apartment building at 4 million dollars price
393755Wanted Niagara Region Retirement Home $5M-$10M, cash.
393686Want development land for townhouse or mid rise condo project in Toronto,North York,Richmond Hill,Aurora,Newmarket,King City,Bradford
393669Wanted Sarnia Apartment buildings From 20 - 200 units
393418Wanted: Ontario, Apartment Buildings with at least 30 units +, Cash Buyer and Highly Motivated
393403Want Student Housing Complex In Kitchener, Waterloo Or Hamilton For Qualified Buyer.
393241WANT* Apartment Buildings*
393155Wanted Windsor to Kitchener to Ottawa, North to Orillia, Niagara Region, Apartment Buildings, 10-100 Units, $1M-$70M+, Qualified Buyer, Has Cash ready to act
393152Wanted, Ontario, Apartment Buildings, 20+ units
393150Wanted Toronto Apartments $40M-$1B 100 units+ portolio okay, bad shape okay.
393014Want, income property S Ont, anywherein Ont , price to $7M,for seasoned buyer res or comm income to kitchener to barrie to oshawa
392906Wanted Toronto, Mississauga, Condo Assignment, Pre-Construction, $500-$600K,
392898Wanted London to Kitchener to Hamilton north to Orangeville, Duplex, Triplex, Sixplex $200K-$700K
392641Wanted Windsor To Toronto To Brockville, North To Sudbury, Niagara Region, $500k - $1B+ INFILL SITES ANY PRICE. Direct Relationships
392560Want anywhere Ont plex Res income properrty for established investor/management company from $2M to $7M
392393Wanted London to Toronto to Kingston, North to Sudbury, Niagara Region, Residential Investment, $300,000-$650,000 Properties that needs renovation Fixer Uppers
392383Want: Ottawa 6plex, 8 plex or apt building $500K to $30Million
392202WANTED Condos and Homes still under construction. For Sale by Assignments. We have Buyers interested in taking over Agreement. WE CAN BE PAID BY THE BUYERS.
391985Wanted Ontario Power of Sales Distressed Properties Residential Retail Stores and Businesses $50,000 - $800,000 verified and certified Buyer ready to buy
391828Wanted Development Site(s) or Potential Development Site(s) Have Several Buyers Unlimited $$$ Toronto Or 1.5 Hours From Toronto.
391738Wanted - Windsor to Kitchener to Niagara, Southwestern Ontario- Apartment Buildings over 10 Units. $500k - $30M. My Buyers are Corporate/Institution and REITs
391679Wanted - Multi Family & Apartment Building - Any Price - I have Qualified Buyers/Investors
391376Wanted Ontario ready to purchase RV Mobile Home park year round $1.5M-$4M, prefer in town on services, will look at all available up to $4 Mill.
391345WANTED,solid buyers w/ fund ready, $5M-$30M 1) Plaza within 1 hr from GTA w/ AA tenants 2) Hotel in Niagara Region 3) Apartment building in 1 hr from GTA
391338Wanted London to Toronto to Kingston, N. to Barrie, Niagara Region, multi unit residential commercial, $500K-$3M, very good qualified clients.
390978Wanted - Multi Family - Apartment Building - 5M to 100M - Any Price - I have Qualified Buyers for your property.
390929wanted Res Plex ,15-20 units anywhere in Ont , by established, funded buyer prefer 6 [plus return
390837Wanted: Richmond Hill, Markham, North York, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, or Oakville; 1 ac. land, $2-$4M to build 4 - 6 storey long term care home.
390703Wanted* Apartment Buildings Up To $100Mill in Ontario
390702WANTED>>>My client is looking for 100% free hold serviced lots with a minimum of 100 lots. Max radius from Toronto should be 40 min to drive.
390701WANTED>>>My client is looking for 100% free hold serviced lots with a minimum of 100 lots. Max radius from Toronto should be 40 min to drive.
390645Wanted: Kitchener-Waterloo, Halton, Niagara, Hamilton Regions Acres of Land to Build Multi Residential Buildings, $1M-$15M, draft plan, ready to go, 3-10 years
390644Wanted: Multi-res Apartment Buildings, 12+ Units, anywhere in Ontario, Must Have Great Cap Rate, Qualified Buyer
390319WANT* ON., Apartment Buildings $5-200 Mill
390209Wanted, Toronto, $1M-6M, Multi Family
390208Wanted, Hamilton, $1M-6M, Multi Family
390149WANT Development Site/ Land Needed to Take to Site Plan Approval in Beamsville/Stoney Creek Area
390120WANT Residential/Multi-Residential Development Land in GTA
390049Wanted Ontario Apartment Buildings, Shopping Centres, Retail Plazas. No opportunity too Large. $1M - $100M Very Motivated Buyer. Broker can be paid by buyer.
389996WANT: London to Kingston, Niagara to Gravenhurst, Investment properties, $500K up to $6M, Cap rate 6%+; Several investor clients
389721Wanted. Toronto. Parkdale Area. Apartment building with minimum 10 units. No Rooming Houses. Qualified buyer. Ready to act quickly.
389256Wanted Kitchener to Toronto to Oshawa, Niagara Region, University towns, $750K-$1.5M, residential to rent to students, 4-6-8 plex, etc.
388950Wanted - Multi Unit Residential Building (Condo) Up to $6,000,000
388942 WANTED tORONTO TO bARRIE TO mILTON TO S MISSISAUGA 4 sites for senior homes , up to 800 beds, 2-8 acres up to 400 beds, for eatablished biyer, in town plan
388740Want: GTA Area Income Properties:Plaza, Medical Building & Gas Station.Price Around $10M or Below.
388620Wanted, Most of Ontario, will buy environmentally contaminated land with or without building,$120,000 up to $20,000,000
388619Wanted, Most of Ontario, will buy environmentally contaminated land with or without building,$120,000 up to $20,000,000
388553Wanted: Commercial, residential and mix-use income properties up to $5m in GTA.
388192Want Commercial or Investment property from Toronto to Niagara Falls between 5 Million to 7 Million with a cap rate 5 % and over. Qualified buyer.

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