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There are over 2 Billion people using the Internet. 

The Market ICIWorld Real Estate Network is a community of people with a like minded interest in real estate. 

It is people networking with each other and includes:

  • Buyers of real estate

  • Sellers of real estate

  • Property owners

  • Real estate brokers and salespeople

  • Landlords looking to lease space

  • Tenants looking to lease space

  • Business, retail, office, industrial users of space

  • Real estate developers and assistants

  • Planners

  • Appraisers

  • Resort owners

  • Property managers

  • Executives in charge of acquisition and disposition of real estate

  • Real estate education service providers

  • Real estate associations, groups, organizations, companies, associations

  • Pension Funds

  • Real estate salespeople with mandates

  • Homebuilders

  • Principals

  • Condo developers

  • Buyers of all products and services for real estate

  • Mortgage brokers and companies

  • Real estate lawyers

  • Construction companies and renovators

  • Resort developers and assistants

  • Large and small developers

  • Large and small owners

  • Retail, office and industrial tenants

  • Business people

  • Lawyers

  • Accountants

  • Land owners

  • Farmers


  • Large and small investors

  • And more!

ICIWorld Internet Advertising

1,000,000 hits per month

20,000 to 30,000 unique visitors per month

28,000+ Haves and Wants

50-100 new ones daily

High Profile Banners - Strategic high traffic locations and extensive distribution

It is like exhibiting at a real estate convention of people . . . all year long!

If you have a relevant product or service for people in the real estate industry, now is the time to reach them.

Why advertise?

  • reach thousands of people economically

  • using the powers of the Internet

Who should advertise?

  • if you have a product, service, or message to any of the above people this is your market

What kinds of products and services?

  • this includes any and all services of the above listed community of people as well as phones and phone services, PDA devices, computers, software, gadgets, real estate related services, mortgages, financing, inspections, environmental services, graphics, business cards, designations, management, storage, answering services, engraving, lawyers, employee programs, advertising, motivational, consulting services, signs, government, industry associations, calendars, trade publications, various real estate associations and educational service providers, commercial real estate groups, and more.

Business Area

  • USA any and all states

  • Canada any and all provinces

  • continents

  • countries

  • all can be targeted individually as well


  • link to your web site

  • 100 x 100 pixels

  • jpeg, gif, png

  • can be changing in one spot

  • variations depending on promotion

  • these are linked to YOUR web site

  • various high traffic areas. ie: top left corner at (rotating)

  • various high profile locations at and on the provinces, states and/or other pages.

  • right side at and states such as on the Florida and/or other pages.

  • other countries.

  • continents

Industry Wide EMail List Servers

  • promotions conducted in daily emails to the real estate industry

  • monthly promotions world wide

  • individual promotions targeting states or provinces

  • 10,000+ verified and working EMails to selected EMail List Servers daily

  • 60,000+ in Canada

  • placement in the Daily EMail List Servers of Haves and Wants on a selective basis

Our goal is to help people become aware of your products and services by driving traffic to your web sites and triggering a call personally to you or by order for you.

We pledge to work closely with you to monitor results.

Call to discuss anytime.

Your suggestions and feedback are appreciated.

Call Gary Nusca, CCIM 416-214-4875 or Cecil 416-628-4313.

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