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Market research shows that over 89% of consumers are searching the Internet before contacting a Realtor. Learn how to work information effectively.

TORONTO: January 23 - 26 Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building
VANCOUVER: February 14 - 16 Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre Details
Over 20,000 people will be walking up and down the aisles over 4 days.  ICIWorld will have a booth at this show and will be compiling the database just before the show of the $6 Billion of Haves and $1 Trillion of Wants on this service. Join ICIWorld today to market your Have and Want investments on this CD. Market "Real Estate" as the best investment in the world.

There are paid seminars and many free seminars

Seminar Details, Gary Nusca, CCIM, Speaker, Financial Forum  The Financial Forum continues Sat and Sun 10-5pm. Gary will present for the third time on Sunday 2:00pm.

NOTE: Friday, January 24, Gary Nusca, CCIM was interviewed on Global TV on the 6:30pm News and Moneywise 11pm Prime TV.

They were reporting on the Financial Forum and wanted input from the Real Estate Sector.

Their clip included a statement from me that there were people here at the forum who invest in real estate.  (The forum is about people looking to create wealth and the people at this forum are very open minded.  I personally have met people with $10,000 to $50,000 with one who has over $1 million to invest, in mortgages or buying. (would like at 8.5%-9% return)

Many that I spoke to seem to have from $100,000 to $300,000 with the ability to have more people involved, ie: family members, etc.)

What they did not include was my statement to them that "There was over $7 Trillion lost in the stock market." This comes from "According to The New York Times, between March 24, 2000 and July 18, 2002 U.S. stock values fell from $17.25 trillion to $10.03 trillion -- a drop of more than $7 trillion. (See: The Incredible Shrinking Stock Market, July 21, 2002).

Real Estate has been responsible for creating all modern day wealth is one message that I am conveying. Another is that according to one article in Fortune Magazine that 97 out of every 100 self made millionaires, made it in real estate.

There are some real estate investments from other parts of the  world that are being presented at this conference as well. There is a solid interest in investing in real estate at this show.

Returns were of interest.  May I suggest to all our Executive Members, to use the field called Cap Rate and Yield on our forms.  People are interested in that!  One can search the GTA and SORT BY CAP RATE!

ICIWorld is developing new business for members. There are a lot of investors here and you will see over the next few days some wants that were placed at the ICIWorld booth.  They will be placed in the FREE FSBO Area. People at this show are very internet savvy! People have been interested in the leaflet with the web site address.

Our message is that ICIWorld has the investments and the people to help them get into these investments. 

ICIWorld is now approaching over 1,000,000 hits per month from the public as of January/2003! Place your information and develop relationships that lead to doing business.

There are four things everyone should do to maximize opportunities to connect to do business. Receive these suggestions by EMail free click here.

Investing in Industrial, Commercial and Investment Real Estate and how to find your next deal. is the Largest Commercial Real Estate "Have and Want Information Service" with over $6 Billion of Haves and $1 Trillion of Wants. It is not a listing service like a real estate board. It is free to the public to read, search, and place Haves and Wants. Invite us to speak at your seminar or conference. Details. Topics relevant to fit your audience.

Thursday. Jan. 23
Room 205B
Friday Jan. 24
3:15PM - 3:35PM
Room: 206D
Sunday Jan. 26
Room 205B

Gary will cover: