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Here’s a few ways you can get the Free Real Estate App today:

  • Go to the App or Play store and search for iciworld and install it.  It is FREE. If it asks for a credit card, that is your account with Google or Apple, not for ICIWorld. ICIWorld is free for all mobile devices worldwide to search.
  • Visit the Google Play store or iTunes on your smart device, search ICIWorld and install it!
  • Visit either link below and choose install

ICIWorld App

Click on the logo above to view the ICIWorld app in iTunes

It is free and available for your iPhone and iPad

ICIWorld App

Click on the logo above to view the ICIWorld app in the Google play store

It is free and available for all of your Android devices

For Blackberry’s, Windows tablets, and all devices you can use the html 5 version of the ICIWorld App.

To access the html 5 mobilized version of the ICIWorld app click here!

It is information at your fingertips.

These links are tools for a brokers information tool box.  Find the one that suits you and your devices. 

ICIWorld Mobile Websites for All Mobile Devices World Wide including Blackberry’s, iPhones, Androids, Windows Devices, etc.


Open google chrome or safari on your device:

This is one mobile website:


New Mobile App (2018) www.nreils.com

National Real Estate Information Listing Service . com nreils.com for short.

Make each one a simple shortcut on your phone. It uses up zero resources because it is a shortcut to a website only. 


  1. One second to click on the ICIWorld or NREILS icon on your phone.
  2. One second to make a choice for commercial, or business opportunities, or residential or Database 2 FSBO’s
  3. One second to click on Search Database at the bottom of the form. 

Displays the latest listings on ICIWorld.

Make choices for Business Area, Business Category, Key Word, How far back you wish to search (age), Haves or Wants.

Make choices to display sorted by Age, Price, Square Foot.

Everyone should find what they want literally within 60 seconds or ask for help. Find the search tool that works for you on mobile devices or a computer. 

worldfingertipIt is 30,000+ contacts for real estate opportunities and information . . . at your fingertips. Complete with contact names and numbers, EMail and links to members websites. 

75% of the listings, Haves and Wants are not on real estate boards, unique on ICIWorld, displayed in Database 1 and Database 2 FSBO Area.

There are 50-150 new listings, Haves and Wants added daily.

ICIWorld simply displays connections for you to do business. 

Trades in real estate  contribute to the economic prosperity of a nation. 

Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS