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There is a little set up, orientation and learning in the beginning. However once set up it all works automatically. For example the web site updates itself 50 to 100 listings and you do not have to do a thing except promote your own web site. Add or modify your listings once per month. Handle the showings. After that do not spend more than 5-8 minutes if you are stuck on anything at all. Just be in front of your computer and call us. There are solutions for everything. We will help you achieve the ultimate in marketing on the Internet.

Difference between Non Member and Member Services

If you could advertise in your favorite newspaper all year long absolutely free, would you?  Then you should be advertising on ICIWorld. It is a small annual membership fee for unlimited Haves and Wants and to a market of over 1.6 billion people.

For licensed real estate brokers and salespeople, one piece of information in commercial real estate can benefit one of your clients and/or prospects to make you a lot of money.  Tens of thousands of people from the public read the information placed on this service. Many of the member brokers report contacts within hours of placing information. Join today and take advantage of cutting edge technology to help you connect to do your next transaction.

Executive Members are mainly Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople except where we do not have a member, the public may join for a minimum term of one year. Their information is placed in a searchable database (number 1) that is being read with over 1,000,000 hits per month and circulation to the industry by way of EMail List Distribution services.

Free FSBO Area, Database 2.  It is free for the public to place information in the free fsbo area.  There is a world wide exposure but only the licensed real estate members of the service can read the contact information and deal directly.  However there is a limited view back to the public of all information in this area. 

Executive Members


Non Members

Help for everyone to connect to do deals. Four ways to connect.
Unlimited Haves and Wants. It is like pre paid free advertising.  
Instant exposure to the world wide public for all your Haves and Wants, all year long, with contact names and numbers so the public contacts you directly. People can call you within minutes of placement.  
Over 1,000,000 hits per month for your information. The public is only one click away from contacting you directly.  Principals contact you directly.  
Circulation of your Haves and Wants to the real estate industry and the public. Over 10,000 EMails deliver selected EMails daily with your contact information. People can call you within minutes.  
Subscribe to receive Haves and Wants by EMail free, of the information placed by Executive Members, in Database 1. This is a free public service to the industry. Subscribe now.
Subscribe to Receive Haves and Wants by EMail free, of the information placed by principals in Database 2 the FREE FSBO Area. This includes the contact information of the principals. Deal direct with principals in real time.  
Add 12,000 listings to your own home page structured in such a way that people have to contact you.  See Details. The very next person who visits your home page can see a listing and call you for more information. Do a referral or show the property yourself and make money. This makes it inevitable for every member to do business.  
Search Free all the active Haves/Wants with contact names and numbers of information placed by Executive Members, Database 1.
Search Free all the expired and inactive Haves/Wants with contact names and numbers of information placed by Executive Members, Database 1. Great for networking.  
Search the FSBO Area with contact names and numbers of information placed by the public, Database 2. These are active buyers and sellers looking to do business.  
Free FSBO Area. Everyone in the world can Add Haves and Wants absolutely Free.  There are over 5,000 Haves and Wants placed by the public.
Database 2 Free FSBO Area. Everyone can read a Limited View. You must contact an Executive Member for more details.
Database 2 Free FSBO Area. Search Haves and Wants and read the contact names and numbers and contact principals directly or work referrals.  
Assistance, video training and telephone technical support no charge.
Receive an official training program in your office over the phone while you are on the Internet!  Ten Concepts that are the difference between doing deals and not doing deals.  Developed over ten years helping brokers make money by serving their clients better.  
Proprietary videos such as How To Promote Your Web Site. Can be the difference of the Internet working for you or not.  
Search Engine Optimization Can be the difference of the Internet working for you or not. You can have a great web site but without traffic what good is it.  
Receive a Demonstration in your office over the phone while you are on the Internet!   Developed over ten years helping brokers make money by serving their clients better.
Discussion of why some brokers make money using the Internet and others do not. Includes an explanation of material defects in a persons membership, web site, use of the Internet.  
World Wide Directory People find you searching by company, location, specialty, market area, and more.  
Resource Center - Ten years of compiling links that can benefit you.  All brokers say it itself is worth more than the price of membership. We usually let members discover this on their own.  
Confidentiality and discretion where required.
Home Page Design - Totally set up by us.  And totally customizable by you. With training and support.  
Home Page Hosting (free for three months then $19.95/mo.)  
Link to A Database of YOUR listings on ICIWorld.  When people visit your home page, they click on a link that says "My Listings" and your listings are produced on the screen of the viewer within an average access time of  4.9 seconds.  
Add $1 Trillion of Buyers to YOUR HOME PAGE with one button!  One message to your programmer and its done! Start receiving calls anytime. Over 12,000 Have and Want opportunities . . . all from your home page structured in such a way that people have to contact you!  
Link to ICIWorld from your home page allowing the public to click on listings. Place the ICIWorld Logo indicating this is a major resource from your home page in one of the worlds largest commercial real estate information services. The public will be able to click on any listing and get the names of the listing brokers.
Cities, Economic Development Agencies, etc. Advertise the listings in your community on YOUR community Web Site.  State ICIWorld results for "name of your community." It is a great way to promote product, industrial, in your community! Contact us for a further explanation.
For commercial groups: place a link on your web site to your members listings who have listings on ICIWorld.  If some of your members are advertising on ICIWorld, then we can supply a Search Matrix specifically for your group that produces your groups haves and wants on ICIWorld onto the screen of the viewer within an average of 4.9 seconds!
Powerful Listing Presentation Tools Print out a list of 300 buyers of apartment buildings or shopping centers, etc. It demonstrates how well connected you are in the market place of real estate.  
Personal Marketing and Information Assistant available to you. Specializing in helping you take full advantage of the Internet. We have studied the Internet since 1994 of the things that work to help you benefit you and your clients and prospects.  
Virtual Consulting in your office over the phone on how this service can help you. Call to chat anytime 416-214-4875, Gary.

The technology is here, you just have to learn how to use it, and we can be the best help on the Internet to help you learn.  We specialize in helping brokers make money, not only using technology but applying concepts that help you work information in an effective manner, compatible with how you do business.

Join now and take advantage of technology. We will personally help you.  Details and proceed signup.

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Gary Nusca, CCIM