Comments from others on the Internet about CAPITAL LETTERS:

First, please accept that this message is meant as constructive criticism-not a put-down or insult. I hope you receive it in the spirit in which it is offered.

E-mail etiquette dictates that one not write anything in CAPITAL LETTERS unless he or she is trying to give the impression that she is shouting, angry, frustrated etc. Otherwise, it is considered rude. Sending an e-mail in all caps that is also in 48 (or so)pt. is doubly so.

I'm sure you are a very nice person and perhaps you are trying, in doing the above, to address the need of all of us over-50's for reading glasses...with a font this large and bold they might not be necessary for quite a large  number of readers who would otherwise need them. Still, for those of us who can still make out normal typeface in a size 10pt. -14pt., the avenue you choose here is a bit much. Your message actually hurt my eyes.

May I suggest in the future that you skip the CAPS and send your messages in a bit smaller font? You can always use bold, italic or underlined typeface to make a point.