CIPS Certified International Property Specialist special offer from ICIWorld Global Networking Service


ACTIVE AT THIS TIME:  July 10, 2018

This program offering a free membership for a period of time may be changed, stopped and restarted at any time. If we get too many we may have to stop it temporarily.

Special Free Introductory Program for CIPS Members Only Worldwide

PURPOSE: Worldwide Real Estate Networking on Mobile Devices and Computers

We have never provided a free option before but feel we are now strong enough to support this program.

WHO: Offered to only to new CIPS members who have never been an Executive Member, mostly by invitation or referral by another CIPS member.

HOW: For CIPS members only at this time.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Join
  3. Join but do not pay>
    (if you wish to pay in order to provide support for this service, there is a temporary special there for 18 months for $240. We will add 6 months onto your membership for a total of two years.)
  4. Make an appointment as directed. 10 minutes before your time go to and click on Webinar Workshops. 
  5. Print out the orientation pdf document. It contains full instructions to ensure you take full advantage of services.

We will upgrade you for three months free. Considered a provisional membership. VIP Corporate Card does not apply.

We think it can be a global broker networking service for the world of real estate professionals to the public 3.7 billion people using the Internet.
It is an exciting opportunity for every member to display their Have and Want real estate opportunities, no matter how big or how small to a world audience, a broker-salesperson service operating since 1994.

WHAT: is a global society of real estate brokers and salespeople networking exclusive real estate listings, advertising listings, using mobile devices and computers and websites, and reaching people in 138+ countries daily since 1994.
Think of the networking service as a global broker’s classified ad service to the public. There are technology tools for real estate brokers and salespeople to add the world listings to their own website, ways to network exclusive real estate information (do not place an address), placing Wants AND Haves, doing referrals and more.
Doing this in order to make it grow faster worldwide in my lifetime, Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS
You must make an appointment for an initial one-hour orientation session:
  • To upgrade your membership so you can have full access and be able to place your real estate opportunities,
  • Print out orientation pdf file a pilots checklist for a broker on this service to ensure success,
  • in order to understand the service,
  • to ensure you take full advantage to make money,
  • to be compatible with how you place information,
  • to learn how information is entered and when it should be updated and placed,
  • how to work exclusive real estate information worldwide,
  • knowing our pledge and how to measure results and what to do if not getting results
  • ordering and seeing the Demonstration of the ICIWorld Widgets of global listings for your website
  • knowing the training resources.
After three months you will have a choice to join for one year at $240/year one time special or $30/mo. no contract.
Yearly membership is $319 for all new and renewing members.
It is our goal to have every single member make connections to do business. This does take dollars to make it work. 
We have built this service in a special way with the lowest overhead possible while still taking full advantage of the Internet.
For instance, you do not call our office for assistance, instead, you make an appointment directly at the top at or 
Ten minutes before your appointment time click on Webinar Workshops at the top. We will connect through the Internet and help you connect with others to do real estate transactions and make money.
The goal
To have all CIPS members in the world networking real estate opportunities with each other and the world at International Real Estate Information Listing Service or any of our many websites, ICIWorld mobile apps, or mobile devices. 
It is a GLOBAL Brokers Internet classified ad service.
Any service in the world requires money to make it work there are two choices:
  1. Membership Fees – the goal is to have it as minimum as possible yet take full advantage of the Internet to help every broker make money. In many cases members enjoy a membership where the corporate card provides more discounts throughout the year offsetting membership, referral program to get others to join provides offsetting benefits, doing referrals off leads from ICIWorld Widgets on your website offsets membership fees and of course the best of all doing deals. See testimonials.
  2. Advertising. society of real estate brokers and salespeople chooses to not have advertising popping up in your face.
ICIWorld has added some programs that when a broker or salesperson joins there is a way to have it free for the rest of their life.
  1. VIP.ICIWORLD.COM Every new member receives an ICIWorld Executive Membership Corporate VIP Card. It is discounts not normally advertised to the public, for members only, with savings that can easily add up to more than the price of a yearly membership.
  2. SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM Refer a new member to join and receive $79 off on your yearly membership. Refer additional people and you receive four months bonus on your renewal date. Refer 4 and receive a year free.
  3. Do real estate referrals from the leads generated from members putting the ICIWorld World Commercial and Residential Widgets on your own website of listings that generate leads
  4. Doing deals from connections made by networking and advertising listings, Have and Want exclusive opportunities.
This service was started by an independent broker out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1994 as Fifty +/- brokers would meet at our Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) and conduct CCIM meetings, one part being a Have and Want marketing session.  I simply could not write down fast enough to track all the potential real estate buying and selling opportunities being presented.  Not only were there missed opportunities for the industry to do deals here, but imagine what it is like in every CCIM Chapter and networking session in every real estate office in the world.
Typically much of this information could not be placed on a real estate board.
This service is an answer for all brokers in the world to present their exclusive real estate opportunities in an exclusive manner as well as to advertise real estate board type listings.
Time it, how long does it take to bring up the ICIWorld App on your mobile device for iPhones and Androids, a second or two. Make a choice for your country, state, province, area, city, etc. and presto anyone in the world can access the information, it is that fast.
We started from the ground up one broker at a time.  We have been pulling out $50,000 per year to live, with the rest being invested to build the service for the world. We hope you appreciate the dedications, tremendous sacrifice to build this service. Would like to write a book someday about it. It would include articles from Bill Gates book @the speed of thought. Networking real estate opportunity thoughts to do deals actually contributes to the GDP of a nation because that is what real estate deals do for a nation.
If this for any reason is not a reasonable solution please let me know.
One other solution:
ICIWorld places your information in return for a referral fee. But you must still make an appointment with us.
CIPS a great certification for networking with peopel and working real estate internationally.
ICIWorld dedicated to helping brokers and salespeople network real estate opportunities internationally.
Keep in mind there are special services going forward that are very exciting that are being introduced along the way such as a  special search widget where only CIPS, CCIM or real estate board, chapter members listings appear. etc. Need your thinking too to help with what can help you in the industry.
We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.
Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS
USA 954-317-2327
Canada 416-777-2633
Cell. 416-214-4875
Add the ICIWorld App for iPhones and Androids

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