Company Web Site Links

This is for your company, organization, chapter, board, franchise, commercial group web site.

When the links on this page are installed on YOUR WEB SITE, then all members of your company or organization may take advantage of the corporate special.

Some companies have many sales representatives subscribing to the ICIWorld service bureau.

Your company can have various links to all the Haves and Wants of all your sales representative's sorted in various ways.

  • It helps your sales representatives do business!
  • When a Have or Want is added by your sales representative, it instantly appears on your home page.
  • Clients and prospects can immediately see action!
  • Traffic on your company home page benefits your sales representatives.
  • Sales representatives have more opportunities to do business than can be placed on a real estate board.
  • You can promote Wants to get more listings in the marketplace.
  • Fast and easy way to display your company inventory of Haves and Wants!
  • Place a form on your web site to have people fill out, send to your sales staff, to be placed on this service.
  • Every single Have and Want of every single sales staff should be listed here or your company is missing opportunities to do business and you do not even realize it.
  • There is no charge for this service.

Company Links to a database of your sales representatives Haves and Wants

Here is one example:

See Exit Realty Prestige

Then click on Exit Listings You will see:


Search By:






To have your company listings sorted in the same way with the same links, substitute exit+realty+prestige in the URL with your company name.

Advanced with contact names and numbers. Another way to display your company results.

Latest | Price | Type | Location | City

When you install any of these links on your main company web site, then every member of your organization may qualify for the corporate rate.

If you would like your listings sorted in any other way, contact us anytime.


Every company should also place a link to 16,000 real estate Have and Want ads.  It is structured in a way that your salespeople get the calls.

ICIWorld Instruction Page for Adding Links to a Web Site

Recommendation 1 is a link to 16,000 haves and wants structured in a way that the public can not click on the message numbers.  They have to contact your sales representatives for more information. Your sales representatives can work with the leads directly or do referrals.

Recommendation 2 is a link to an individual sales representative's listings. You could have a page displaying all your company's sales representatives and a link to their listings.

Recommendation 3 is a link to all the listings in the state or province you are located. This again is structured in a way that your salespeople receive the leads.

Example of Exit Realty Prestige Sales Representative Members
There are columns for Executive Member, Company Name, Market Area, Specialty, Home Page, Contact.  We could add a column for listings for instance if so requested.

In all cases on this page substitute your company name in the URL for exit+realty+prestige

For larger numbers of people and listings you may want to consider the ICIWorld Search Matrix for your company, group, organization.

The only cost is for individual memberships.

Contact us.