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There is a certain level of competence we suggest for licensed real estate people to package and market information.  We endeavor to bring all members up to that minimum. 

Have Want Commercial Real Estate Information Services.

Categories include everything except single family homes and cottages.


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Its a small world.

There are many ways to search and sort.


The service is paid for by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople and is free to the public.

Three Ways to Gather Have and Want information.

  1. Research Information Database.   Click on Search Haves and Wants at http://www.iciworld.net.  Search by the latest, by message number, by category, by key word, by member, etc. When you use key word or category, you should sort by price in descending order (gives highest price listings first) or location in ascending order (sorts by alphabetical order).  You can search the subject line gas for gas stations, in Mississauga for instance in location field. Anything for lease you should use the For Lease search. We suggest you sort by square footage in this case.
  2. Research Information Files and Downloadable Files.  We call them World Backups.  They are created daily by 6am each day.  They can be searched on line, or downloaded to your computer and read on or off-line.  Select Backups from the left frame at http://www.iciworld.net.  You literally can download the complete database and read it offline.  There is over $20 Billion worth of information.  The file size as of 2000 is about 17 megs.  It comes to you compressed in a zip file about 1 meg. We provide training to assist you. 
  3. EMail Mailing List Services - You can Subscribe and Unsubscribe Free.  Select the Mailing List Services at http://www.iciworld.net  You can customize the information that you wish to receive based on Area and Category.  Be informed by EMail within minutes of a have or want becoming available.  Categories and areas added on request.  We help real estate brokers and salespeople network have and want information throughout the commercial real estate industry in order to serve their clients and prospects better. When every have and want in the world and locally is placed here, one will have a truly efficient marketplace.
  4. There are 17 other ways we circulate information.

To Place Information

  1. Brokers place information that everyone in the world can read.
  2. Buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords place information in the FSBO area that reaches brokers and salespeople members of the service. There are over 600 members in Canada, the USA and the rest of the world.
  3. One must place information with a broker or salesperson Executive Member of the service to have maximum exposure of over a quarter of a million hits per month and local and world wide circulation in twenty major services.
  4. If we do not have representation in your area, you can for one term join until such time as we have a licensed real estate broker or salesperson in your area.


This is a service bureau to the commercial real estate industry and it includes some free training, and technical support.  There is a certain level of competence we suggest for licensed real estate people to package and market information.  We endeavor to bring all members up to that minimum.  One way is training in your office over the phone.  Have a legal size pad of paper ready.  If you can be on the internet on one line while you are speaking with us on the other line, we will take you through the ten concepts that are critical to your successful marketing, prospecting, and packaging of information, using today's computer and information tools.  You will be able to incorporate these ideas in your overall business plan.

Commercial Real Estate Information versus Traditional Listings on Real Estate Boards

Although you can advertise real estate board listings, there is much business being done with open and exclusive listings, properties coming for sale, etc. It does not mean that the members do not have agreements in place before showing and/or divulging  information to their prospects and/or clients.

There is no other similar information service that provides the connections, techniques, knowledge and training to help you maximize your opportunities for information not just listings in the real estate business. There are now hundreds of transactions.  We know this works.  It is making a lot of people a lot of money.  These were information generated transactions, not necessarily listings on a real estate board in the traditional sense of the word. 

We highly recommend that where ever possible a broker place his information on listings on real estate boards however there are many situations where this is not possible or desirable. 

Yes all members do place their listings on ICIWorld, but it is the information side of the business that we are excited about. This service is designed to handle information not just listings.  In our opinion there may be an equal or greater number of information opportunities in the marketplace in addition to listings on a real estate board.

Listings are normally identified as MLS or open, exclusive, buyers broker, etc.

This is very exciting for real estate brokers and salespeople since it provides opportunities to do business that has not been worked traditionally in the business in the past in a big way.

I believe it takes an independent profit minded company working in the best interests of brokers and the public, to provide this kind of service.  Real estate boards generally speaking are residential by nature and have more of a mandate to serve their members in a local marketplace. It is hard to be all things to everyone.  It is better to find the services you do best and do them well.  

Boards are made up of licensed real estate people and so are all the members of this service.  If anything boards, associations and councils should advertise their services and place announcements on this service to increase their membership and connectivity.  

To this end we provide a membership for real estate boards to assist their commercial real estate practitioners and ICI Councils in promoting commercial real estate activities and services such as attendance for attendance for meetings, local board activities, conventions, conferences, marketing sessions, and in that sense we are found to be quite compatible with the organized real estate industry.  We do not try to duplicate traditional listing services that provide details that brokers can write offers from but are more in the order of an electronic equivalent of classified ads in a newspaper, but more like 1/10th of 1 cent per line per day.  

We also can provide free links on real estate board home pages for members of those boards to have their listings pulled off ICI World and displayed on the screen of the viewer . . . all within an average access time of 4.9 seconds.  Complete search capabilities such as on ICI World can be reproduced to work from a real estate board's home page for their commercial real estate members who are registered as Executive Members of ICIWorld. 

Absolutely any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 416-214-4875 or 905-577-7764.

Gary Nusca, CCIM
The Market ICI World Commercial Real Estate Network
2 Bloor St. W., Suite 100-A
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4W 3E2
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