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With over 8,000 pages linking to real estate information, penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet, ICIWorld provides members with what we call "the ultimate in exposure on the Internet." Consider us your personal marketing and information assistant.

ICIWorld is among the most productive and frequented sites in the world to network Have and Want Information of Industrial, Commercial, and Investment Real Estate. Click here to see why.

With hi tech servers in two locations, San Jose, California, and,  Virginia, ICIWorld contains one of the most sophisticated interactive databases of its kind.

Additional benefits to you as a member:

  • Over 150,000 people reached monthly by various marketing methods.
  • Readership from over 100 countries of the world for your have and want information.
  • Have your information delivered to the industry.
  • Over 10,000 emails deliver Haves and Wants daily to the public via Email List Services. 
  • Members can now add 14,000 real estate have and wants ads to their own web site. What is special about it this year over last year, is that this year, the public can not click on the message numbers.  They must contact you directly.  This results in leads.  Leads result in referrals.
  • Five-minute referrals average $5,000 to $15,000 and 5 minutes each to do.
  • Place unlimited haves and wants.
  • Gain access to over 7,000 listings placed by the public.
  • Subscription is free to receive Haves and Wants by EMail, click here. You must be a member to place your Haves and Wants to have them sent out world wide.
  • Support. 1-877-272-1721.
  • Seminars and other additional educational courses designed for the industry.
  • Free skill development for members once per year on renewal to keep up to date.

We pledge ourselves to help increase the skills of our members and to take advantage of the "Internet revolution." In doing so, you will benefit your clients and prospects and, at the same time, profit from doing e-commerce in our free enterprise system.

The President of Microsoft in Canada said that the next advent of the Internet will be even more exciting than the invention of electricity itself.  Members of ICIWorld should be well poised to take full advantage of the benefits of the Internet.

Buy an Executive Membership today for only $240 per year plus a one-time signup of $79. It will be money well spent. Does it work?  See over thirty-one pages of testimonials.

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