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Message to all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople posting information in Database 2 FSBO Area

Database 2 has limited exposure to Executive Members of ICIWorld only who are mainly licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the USA and Canada.

Principals, ie: buyers and sellers can post their ads here free.   There are many reports of successful transactions. $25,000,000 of one $40,000,000 portfolio of properties was sold. A seven unit apartment building sold. In this case one member called a buyer who placed his want on ICIWorld, found the property on MLS and sold it. Another talked with an owner of church property, placed it in Database 1 and sold it - $2.4M and a $54,000 commission. Many more stories too numerous to mention here. See testimonials.

All licensed real estate salespeople in the world should be placing their information in Database 1 for the ultimate in world wide exposure or you are simply missing out.

Here are some advantages that members have:

  • Over 10,000 EMails deliver each listing to the real estate industry with your contact name, phone number and links to your email and web site to the public! One database in the USA charges $400 to send your property once to its database! We are doing it all year long for all your listings!
  • you will be in Database 1 which has a readership of 50,000 people over a 90 period. One broker placed a $4M shopping center on TREB and got four calls, on ICIWorld he got 30 calls and sold it.;
  • your information in Database 1 will have your contact information appearing to the public so that they can contact you directly.  You can quietly go about your own business. 
  • you will be able to modify your listings and up date them. It is quick and easy.
  • you will have unlimited listings all year long.
  • no need to type all your contact information in each listing.  It is automatically appended to each Have or Want that you place.
  • your information will be in a searchable database. ICIWorld has over 18,000 pages on the Internet that access this information. You will get the benefit.
  • consider ICIWorld similar to classified ads in a newspaper.  Would you like to advertise free in a newspaper all year long for free? Well you can advertise free all year long with a small yearly investment.  No one should longer than 90 days without generating a deal or generating leads you feel will lead to doing business. See Our Pledge.

You will also have special links for your web site to thousands of listings that you can place on all YOUR web sites.  These special links include:

  • a link to all your listings that will display all your listings on ICIWorld onto the screen of the viewer;
  • Ontario Commercial, Florida Commercial, State and Province links depending on where you are located - special links that display all the listings that other member brokers and salespeople have agreed to allow their listings to be displayed on the screen of other members. In other words you will have the listings that are on ICIWorld, they will be on YOUR web site.  What is special about these links is that the public can not click on the links.  This means the public has to call YOU for more information.  This is making money for every single member because it becomes inevitable that every member get these leads. Without it you are missing out!
  • World Commercial - a special link that displays listings world wide.  Again in a special way that you get the leads.

Keep in mind that 96% of people searching for real estate are searching for listings. Now you will have them. What web site will generate more enquiries, one with 20 listings or one with 20,000 listings? Once you join ICIWorld you will never send people to ICIWorld to look for listings.  You will only send people to your own web site! ICIWorld becomes a "back end" search database engine supplying your web site with up to the second Have and Want information. There are 50-100 new listings that will be added daily to your web site automatically and you do not have to do a thing.  In many cases it is these new listings that will draw people back to your web site to check for new listings.

All these leads are opportunities for you to:

  • do referrals.  For the enquiries that are out of your market area you will call the other broker and say "I have a lead for you, is a 25% referral fee okay with you."  That is a five minute phone call that is averaging $3,000 to $10,000. One Re/Max agent has done 15 of these over a six month period.  That is 75 minutes of his time and he made $45,000.  This is cutting edge technology and you can have it within minutes working for you.
  • do direct business. When you receive an enquiry simply call the other broker or salesperson and make an appointment to show the property. This generates showings!  Without a showing today you do not make money today. 

When you go on a listing appointment, you will be able to print out a list of buyers.  For instance, if you are listing a small residential income property, there are over 300 buyers and what they want that you can print out.  It demonstrates to the owner of a property how well connected you are in the market place.  This is a powerful listing tool.

Also you do not have to enter your contact information every time you add a listing.  You will have your inventory working 24 hours per day.  Your information can appear on over 18,000 places on the Internet instantly and automatically. You can modify, add and delete listings and mark them sold. Sold listings sometimes generate leads because people see how active you are in their area.

You will be able to represent ICIWorld in your listing presentations of your reach around the world.  Go to search three words investment real estate or industrial real estate or commercial real estate You will find ICIWorld on the front page out of 100,000,000 results.  This means business for you.  When someone searches they find ICIWorld, then they click on their country, then a province, then a city and bingo if your listing is their they call you!  It is that fast.  30 seconds five clicks knowing nothing about you and bingo you receive a call.

We have to personally go through and approve each and every listing when it is in Database 2. It is much easier for you to place it in Database 1.

You will also learn about placing "information" not just "listings" that is making members money.  But there is a special way to work open and exclusive information to protect your sources.

Please read the testimonials. This is among the most deals being reported as started on the Internet of any service we have seen.

If you could advertise in the Toronto Star all year long for free, would you?  Then you definitely should be a member of ICIWorld because it is only $240 per year and you have a market 50 times as large. In many cases it is the same people.  You will have no limit to the number of ads.

You will also be able to search Database 2 for principals.  You can and should deal direct with buyers and sellers posting information in Database 2.  You will have full access to all 26,000 listings on ICIWorld, not just about 5,000 in Database 1.

Other details about what is included:

Any questions please feel free to call.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, Inc.
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