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It can help you learn how to connect with members and others to do real estate business and both you and they can benefit.


Ii can be as little as fifteen minutes to show you the power of the Internet, the power of a network of real estate brokers and salespeople, to help you achieve your goals in your everyday business affairs.

Listen to a recorded seminar.

At least hear about how these people are doing business not on real estate boards! And they are members of real estate boards and associations.  Now you can do both!!!

Also use this page for any questions, suggestions, enhancements, problems etc. you may have.

Demonstrations show how quickly the Internet can work for you.

It is the what you have to know, how, when, where, why and what information is making money and how to work it and how to make it work automatically 24/7 for you.

There are over 3 billion people using the Internet and over 7 billion mobile phones. May we show you how easy it can be to participate in this Internet mobile revolution.

Free . . . no obligation to join.

In just 15 minutes you can learn how thousands of others are making connections to do real estate business. See testimonials.

This demo will take into account your location, type of real estate you do no matter where in the world you are located, and the kind of business you are presently doing.

This demo can be for individuals, companies, organizations, real estate boards and associations and more.

This can benefit you just to learn how the service works.  It benefits our members too because perhaps you will start learning how to deal with them.  This is a win win situation.

If you are a licensed real estate professional you will have the option to join for added advantages. But there is absolutely no obligation to join. Every licensed real estate professional is best positioned in the market place to hear about buying and selling opportunities and learning how to work this information as an industry is very beneficial and time saving feature for the world public.

If you are a buyer or seller you will learn the power of networking in ICIWorld through networks of people. This gives you greater marketing exposure for the opportunity to find a buyer who appreciates what you have.  An opportunity for the highest best price and terms because you have included important, relevant, competent marketing choices out there today.  Keep in mind almost all our members use traditional real estate methods which they can include on your behalf that can benefit you. Of course with your approval.  But in addition they include this world service that has been penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet and marketing on the Internet world wide since 1994.

Within 30 minutes learn how:

  • Demonstrations teach how quickly the Internet can work to make all in real estate money.
  • within 2 minutes you can reach a world audience of 40,000+/- people with your Have and Want information
  • if you are challenged or new to computers we can help you keystroke by keystroke and if you are an advanced user you will appreciate some even more advanced features.
  • leads are being generated and business being done by real estate Have and Want information that is not on real estate boards
  • licensed real estate brokers and salespeople place information in Database 1 with contact information so the public can call them directly
  • the public can place information free in Database 2 but only the members have access to the contact information
  • to search Database 2 and see the subject line of content placed by the public
  • how your information will appear in a world searchable database so that thousands of others in the world can search to find your information quickly in under 30 seconds . . . from anywhere in the world,
  • to place widgets on your website that make it absolutely inevitable for you to generate leads. Widgets are ICIWorld IDX Links of real estate Haves and Wants and Listings advertised by other broker members who have agreed to allow them to be on your website
  • to work exclusive real estate information in compliance with your licensing body in your state or province that is making members a lot of money, providing great service to the public and you can do it very very easily.
  • to receive the latest commercial or residential real estate Haves and Wants and listings daily by EMail for a competitive edge in your marketplace, absolutely free.
  • to search within 30 seconds and get a list of real estate buyers or sellers complete with contact names and phone numbers
  • to place information in a world searchable real estate database within 2 minutes and reach 40,000+/- people interested in real estate, This generates leads.
  • to deliver by EMail, your information, instantly to 20,000+/- people interested in real estate. They can contact you directly. This generates leads.
  • links in the Haves and Wants drive traffic to your website, make the phone ring, trigger EMail enquiries.
  • One lead from any ad or call off your website from an ICIWorld widget and you do referrals or show the property yourself and make enough money to pay for 50 memberships in ICIWorld for a lifetime.
  • to measure your results every 90 days and if you are not getting results what to do about it.
  • how your information can be working 24/7 while you are doing other things to “plant the seeds of success.”
  • to search real estate and business opportunities by key word at to make connections
  • to find buyers and/or sellers within 60 seconds and provide a list with contact names and phone numbers to make connections
  • to install an App on your mobile phone to have information and phone numbers for contacts for buyers and sellers, Haves and Wants,
  • to have our member directory at your fingertips to make connections to do business
  • to promote your website. What good is a website if you have no traffic. One lead makes a lot of money for you.
  • this service can dramatically increase revenue for a member and for all members in a brokerage office. There are unique services here not available elsewhere.
  • some websites trigger leads more than others and the reasons why. Learning this can be like a light switch.  All of a sudden you may start triggering leads.

Learn why:

  • our booth at real estate trade shows is one of the busiest booths at the show. One reasons is because we make a statement that you could have a $30,000 website and it is not as powerful as the one supplied by ICIWorld for $199 per year. Learn about the content and why that makes it powerful. Every broker and salesperson has MLS but not exclusive, etc. and how it works.
  • the website is powerful, because of the thousandts of listings, MLS AND Exclusive, Residential AND Commercial, all are used to trigger leads to do REFERRALS as well as business in your local market area.
  • learn why the public likes this and will keep coming back to your website to see new listings daily
  • working real estate Have and Want information is absolutely important for every single licensed real estate professional in the business in the USA and Canada and the World if you want easy, extra sources of triggering income and providing extra services to the public so easily.
  • it is important to have a mobile website otherwise you are losing out big time.
  • our pledge is important as a way of measuring that you should be doing business every 90 days or call us.
  • In one sense ICIWorld is similar to classified advertising in a newspaper but to a world audience, in real time, with links to members websites, and more.

Learn what:

  • are the unique features of ICIWorld that are not provided by any other service in the world that give you a major competitive advantage
  • you need to do work information not just listings
  • you can do to generate business if you have no listings or just a few listings on a real estate board
  • responsibility to recognize important information that can make you money and to write down and then get it on the Internet so people can relate to it and call you for a showing so you make money and provide a great service
  • responsibility you have to look after your information
  • you can do to work smarter not harder
  • you should be doing daily to trigger people to go to your website who then see listings and call you to see a proper
  • you should do to follow up monthly to ensure the tools in place are working
  • you should to if you are not doing a deal every 90 days or at the very least generating leads that you feel will lead to doing business

See a video on this page how our demo works using gotomeeting works

There are ways to make connections to do business on ICIWorld by just knowing how to search, by key word, by city, by date. We are happy to share this with you because it helps all our members do business with you and others.

We will show you how in this short demo. It can work for you the rest of your life helping you do business.

There are ways to make connections by joining ICIWorld. Your ads can be seen by public who can now contact you directly for more information and to do business. Without a membership, the public can not call you. The ultimate in world wide exposure is possible only with an Executive Membership. Only then are your Haves and Wants and Listings marketed globally, instantly, on tens of thousands places throughout the Internet.

From our extensive experience we feel we can show all salespeople how one can easily be missing doing business and not realize it. May we show you. Absolutely no obligation to join.

Demonstrations are done in the form of a one on one webinar workshop. 

If there are any problems, just call 416-214-4875 at the appointed time and be in front of a computer. This applies no matter where on the planet earth you are located. Depending on long distance we will very quickly make it so that all presentations and/or demonstrations do no use long distance calling.

It is helpful if you can be on your computer 10 minutes before your appointed time, go to and click on Webinars and click on number 1, today’s workshop and get into the workshop.

We do this over the phone. In the future for training sessions, it can be very helpful if you have a USB Headset and Microphone.  This will give you almost AT&T, Bell, quality type sound talking through a computer. Otherwise sound is degraded, workable but degraded and not the highest quality.

If you are using a desktop and not using a USB headset we will talk with you using a telephone.

We can call you if you wish. 

If you have absolutely any issues simply call direct to 416-214-4875 ten minutes before your time.

You can invite colleagues, friends and others in your office to listen in and invite others to join in from their location.

Or ask us to send an invitation to them or to you so you can forward it with the instructions to get into the demonstration. As long as they are on a computer on the Internet we can all be together in the Webinar no matter where in the world anyone is located.

From 1 to 1,000 may attend. Many of our presentations are one on one. That way we go at your own pace and can answer all your questions. Our training, support and help sessions are conducted this way. Virtually every single person appreciates this quality one on one approach to assistance.

We suggest everyone have a pad of paper and pencil handy to take notes.

Have a cup of coffee with us and listen in.

Any problems at the appointed time call USA 1-954-317-2327 or Canada 1-416-840-6227 Toll Free 1-877-272-1721 or direct 416-214-4875.

Services work for every geographic area on the planet earth as long as you have the Internet.

We take it as a personal challenge and enjoyment to help everyone in the world to get connected and get real estate information working on the Internet for you and your prospects and clients.

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Bus. 416-840-6227
Cell  416-214-4875, Inc. (Since 1994)

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