Development Notes From Gary Nusca, CCIM

The following are ideas, concepts, dreams for the real estate industry worldwide.

  1. There is no other service in the world like this one.
  2. It is unique
  3. It is similar to other services in some respects.
  4. We think it is important to have a broker centric service for the world.
  5. Dealing with a qualified licensed real estate broker or salesperson is better than having to navigate through the forty major important things that have to be done to market and sell a property.
  6. Being protected by an industry with a code of ethics and conduct helps the safe sale of real estate.
  7. It is good to have a source, a database source, of information that you can go to anytime you need a buyer or seller. In a matter of seconds find a list of buyers or sellers for any type of property, anywhere in the world.
  8. If you have a buyer you can post it to a searchable database.
  9. If you know of a property for sale, you can post it to a searchable database.
  10. If you have a property coming for sale you can post it to a searchable database.
  11. If you have someone who says I want to sell my property but I do not want to give you a listing at this time but I will pay you a commission, you can post it to a searchable database.
  12. This means all listings, all opportunities that every single salesperson has as an opportunity can be posted to this searchable database.
  13. There is a skill level and understanding that all must have to get the best out of the service.
  14. Those with a closed mind will not benefit.
  15. Those with an open mind to a new kind of information service that is not perfect such as a real estate board type listing service will benefit immensely.
  16. Those who have a few minutes to understand there are old and new listings and to understand the benefits of identifying the contact people behind the listings are many times more important than the old, expired, or new listing itself.
  17. Networking is the name of the game. Developing and building business relationships, a database for yourself, discussing other business not on the service. Identifying people with whom you can do business is important.
  18. Networking your information in a timely manner is important. Reach and industry literally immediately and within 24-48 hours can help you do a deal.
  19. There is much money to be made and people to serve.
  20. Special Age Fields allow you to search listings 30-60-90 days old and all listings.
  21. If a listing expires, it means the member many no longer be a member of ICIWorld but the property may still be available. So the information on that listing and the contact name and number are still available to existing members who can follow up and have the opportunity to do a deal. When a listing expires on a real estate board, it does not mean the listing is no longer available, it just means the listing is no longer listed with that particular agent at that time. The property itself can still be available.
  22. There is a status called Active.