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ICIWorld has two major world networking databases


Database 1

Information placed by members
Database 2 (FSBO's)

For Sale By Owner
  1. We call it the ultimate in world wide exposure. See testimonials. (pdf file)
  2. It is $240 per year + a one time signup fee of $79 to place ads.
  3. 15,000 + Haves and Wants
  4. 7,000+ are active and can be fully seen by the public with contact information. The public contacts the member directly.
  5. Contact information is displayed to the public.
  6. In the USA and Canada, only licensed real estate broker and salespeople can join ICIWorld and are allowed to post information in Database 1.
  7. Public readership 20,000 to 30,000 per month. The public can pick up the phone and contact the member for more information and to see the property.
  8. In all counties of the world except the USA and Canada membership on ICIWorld is open to the public, developers, sellers of all kinds in the rest of the world until such time as real estate salespeople organize themselves and join this service.
  9. Information placed by Executive Members of ICIWorld are all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople.
  10. Cost - $240 per year plus a one time signup of $79
  11. The public can read the ads and call members directly.
  12. EMail List Servers deliver daily Haves and Wants to the public daily. 10,000 to 20,000 EMails distribute information daily to the real estate industry WITH contact information. It is free to subscribe.
  13. Members can place unlimited Have and Want ads and can add, modify and delete ads.
  14. World wide.
  15. The world public can see a members information and call them.
  16. Assistance for members to place ads and use the service.
  17. We recommend members contact principals in Database 2 to market their Haves and Wants.
  18. Members have full access to all listings in Database 1 and Database 2 including sold, expired listings - all for networking purposes.
  19. Web sites and assistance provided for all your web sites.

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  1. Limited exposure although can be very successful.
  2. It is free to place information for the public.
  3. 14,000 + Haves and Wants
  4. Only licensed real estate Executive Members of ICIWorld can see your contact information and can call you directly.
  5. Your contact information is not displayed to the public.
  6. 0 listings can be seen by the public with contact information.
  7. Information placed by the public.
  8. Cost - Free
  9. The public does not have access to the contact information.
  10. The public must contact a member of ICIWorld to follow up on any ad in Database 2.
  11. Haves and Wants are delivered by EMail to Executive Members of ICIWorld ONLY.
  12. To modify and/or delete an ad you must call ICIWorld or send us an email.
  13. The advantage here is that it reaches a membership of licensed real estate salepeople.
  14. Only Executive Members receive the Haves and Wants delivered to them daily by special FSBO EMail List Services.
  15. The public can post as many Haves and Wants as they wish.
  16. World wide.
  17. Message to all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople who place information in Database 2 and who are not members of ICIWorld.

  18. The difference between Non Member services and Member Services Our members care about helping people do business enough to join the service and provide Internet technology to achieve the ultimate in Internet Marketing.

  19. Assistance for the public to place ads and use the service.

  20. We recommend all buyers and sellers also place their information with a member in Database 1 for the ultimate in world wide exposure.

  21. Reach an industry of licensed real estate salespeople who are working with buyers and sellers daily.

  22. Developers make your space available here and link to your web site of space.

  23. Web sites and assistance for web sites not provided.

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Doing it this way provides:

  • more information available to the public for a wider selection for buyers

  • wider exposure achieves a higher price and terms for sellers

  • networking of exclusive real estate information that is not available on real estate boards

  • more opportunities for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople

  • an opportunity for people to market their office buildings, shopping centers, apartment buildings, business opportunities in a confidential and exclusive manner while providing the ultimate in world wide exposure

  • a better result because licensed real estate people qualify and weed out the tire kickers, time wasters, information gatherers, fraud artists

  • the most inexpensive way in the world to network information without advertising constantly popping up on the screen making you read it before seeing results

  • a protection for licensed real estate people to get paid for all their efforts and a site built to network more and more information that attracts buyers and sellers because of information that industry professionals place that can benefit the public without the public cutting them out for assembling all this information that has taken years to build and is strategically setup to collect more exclusive information not available on real estate boards or other real estate board type services and make it all available to the public. It is a win win situation.

  • jobs are created by the sales that take place because when builders buy land they build houses and buildings, when people buy property the new buyers in many cases invest in fixing them up thereby upgrading the housing and commercial real estate stock.

  • income for members, creation of wealth for investors, buyers and sellers alike and taxes for governments on income created.

See some of the deals being done to get an idea of what we mean.

ICIWorld is unique in this respect.

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