[Editors Note:

We suggest that every single real estate broker and salesperson in the business everywhere and anywhere in the world should now be a member.  It has taken us twelve years to get to this point where this information service has developed such that it can be effective now from everywhere in the world.

Every single person looking to buy or sell or lease should be working their Haves and Wants now.

Many have said we are light years ahead of the industry but we find the industry gradually starting to catch on to how these services can benefit everyone.

It should be the real estate industry brokers and salespeople taking the leadership to make these services work. We find however in some cases resistance when it takes a principal owner of a property to say to a broker, you either place it on ICIWorld or I am not listing with you. We have made new friends with the brokers who joined under these circumstances and they have now reported sales. 

But why was it so hard to get the broker to join in the first place? 

One reason I think is because everyone is just so busy they do not have the time to figure out the productive services from all the free stuff. I think free stuff can be way more expensive than this pay service because if you waste your time, that is one of the most precious commodities that you have . . . time! 

ICIWorld is only $240 for the whole year and it is the most advanced information service on the Internet for networking Haves and Wants of Industrial, Commercial and Investment Real Estate, Land, Farms, Business Opportunities, etc. and is demonstrating production.  That is it is helping people to connect to do deals! This helps every buyer, seller, tenant looking for space and developers to lease their space!

Another reason why many may not join, is they think they are getting all the can out of the services that they are presently on.  This could not be further from the truth.  Hard to swallow?  As time goes on you will see this service continue to gradually make its way into the mainstream of the commercial real estate industry world wide, not just in certain areas where it is already mainstream.

Give me a call, and if you will explain the nature of your business, within a few minutes I may be able to show you something that I call "Stepping Outside the Box" in the seminars that I do.  I have not been in this business for over thirty years as a real estate broker, applied myself to studying information technology for over ten years as it applies to our industry, almost 24 hours per day for nothing.  I have associated myself with some of the best real estate people in the world and you get the benefit of that the moment you subscribe. 

We continue to learn how to help you succeed in your every day real estate practice and we are getting better at helping brokers and salespeople be productive.

There are opportunities to make connections to make money that are simply unavailable to those who are not on ICIWorld and have not taken the training. Just being on the Internet is not enough.  The training is the key, you can have a Cadillac outside your door, but you are not going anywhere without the key.]

Part of this training is how to make the most effective use of your time to generate your next qualified person to do business with.

What time is needed once you are a member?

See Time.

Gary Nusca, CCIM