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EMail Multi Cast Services

ICIWorld has the capability to send out over 600,000 EMails in the USA and Canada.

This will be for articles deemed to be of value for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople.

There are a four things that anyone who wishes to utilize these kind of world wide EMail Multi Cast Services needs to know about any company's expertise and ability to deliver ROI.  If you don't, then you are taking shots in the dark.  These four factors are CRITICAL to a mass email campaign's effectiveness and ROI. 

They are:

1.  Quality Leads - ultimately, you want quality leads from these campaigns.  We give them to you in the form of the full contact info (including email address) of each person who has clicked a link in the email and how many times they've clicked it.  These are people who have expressed a definite interest in the product/service by clicking a link in the email.  Many do this multiple times, and this info is also tracked, and we filter out the clickers who have unsubscribed.  Our click through rates are usually around 1%, so on a blast to 500,000 they'd be getting 2500-5000 leads.  I doubt any supplier of a similar provider even offers this.

2.  True Database Size - Other providers may not be representing the actual current size of their US realtor database.  In the past two years tons of US realtors have left the business.  In fact, our US database originally had 1.2 million emails, but only about 600,000 of them exist today.  We only charge for emails successfully delivered to real email addresses.  What do other providers do?

3.  Beating Anti-Spam Technology - when you are sending campaigns to 100,000+ people, the company sending the emails must be very knowledgeable about how to send the emails so that emails are reaching inboxes, not getting put into spam folders or blocked at the mail server level.  If one does not know much about this, then a high % (70%+) of emails to major US email providers such as AOL and Hotmail will most likely get blocked (IE not even reaching the recipient) or put into spam folders.  Today's anti-spam technology is very sophisticated, so you have to know a lot about it when sending huge quantities of emails. There are sophisticated educational programs about this taught by the leaders on the Internet on this technology. 

4.  Email Open Rates - a major indication of how well a campaign has been delivered is the email open rate.  Mass emailers will often tell you a 1%-3% open rate is great.  It isn't.  Our client's open rates usually range from 5%-15%.  Sometimes even in the 20%-25% range.  When we email the people who opened the first email a second time a week or two later, the open rates are very high - anywhere from 30%-70%.  We suggest other providers do not even offer this data.

All in all there is some very sophisticated technology with a lot of experience, thought and expertise that goes into a successful campaign.

Campaigns in the 500,000 to 1,000,000 range .005 cents, $2,500 to $5,000.

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Gary Nusca, CCIM, Inc.