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Our Pledge

  1. No member should go longer than 90 days without doing business, a deal, or at the very minimum developing a good business relationship with someone they feel they will be doing business with someday otherwise you call us!

  2. If you are stuck longer than 5-8 minutes trying to do anything with your Executive Membership, call us.  Time is money.

It is inevitable that every ICIWorld Executive Member do business no matter where in the world you are located unless:

  1. you have a material defect in your membership or

  2. no traffic going to your web site(s).

Solution for no traffic going to your web site? Until you are generating leads every month from your web site, attend the Webinar every month "How To Promote Your Web Site." This webinar is also recorded and there is a printout. Go to click on Log In Member Management click on Training Videos on the left.

This is a pledge not a guarantee. This is because there is a responsibility on your part to look after your information, be available to show a property, to close on an appointment, on a sale, etc. If you do not do your part, or you ignore things or do nothing, how can anything work? If you have a car outside, it can not go without the keys and you driving it.

This pledge is now supported by way of Daily Webinar Workshops. One on one workshops, by appointment, starting as early as 6am Eastern Time, to 8pm, selected times on weekends, no matter where in the world you are located.

Solution for finding material defects in your membership? See Material Defects. Attend a Daily Webinar Workshop.  A material defect once fixed can be like a light switch turning on, all of a sudden you can start getting calls. Virtually all members have some form of material defects in their membership and only by spending just a little time in our Daily Webinar Workshops can they be fixed.

To start you should see an educational video then get into a Webinar. Click here for educational video. go to click on Log In Member Management, review the Welcome Instruction Page, see the Training Videos on the left, and see You Tube videos on the left.

We work on the premise that they squeaky wheel gets the oil. If you do not call us how can we know to help you?

We appreciate the opportunity to help you.

If you take part in our Daily Webinar Workshop the following long explanation is not needed.

There are over 2 billion people using the Internet.

90% of people who search for real estate use the Internet!

96% of people who are searching the Internet for real estate are searching for listings.

ICIWorld has a way to supply thousands of listings for your web site so that when people see any one of the listings, they have to call you.

ICIWorld has two major world components, listings for both commercial AND residential.

ICIWorld provides commercial real estate networking databases for the world and has listings and thousands of them in two world databases.  These listings are made available to Executive Members for their web sites in a way that generates leads for them. We provide unlimited networking for members and it is free to the public.

It becomes absolutely inevitable that everyone generate leads unless a member has a material defect in their membership OR no traffic going to their web sites.  We have solution for both of these problems . . . if we know you have a problem.  In other words you must call us.

The web sites that we distribute to Executive Members provide thousands of residential listings as well as commercial real estate listings with color photos, slide show displays to the public. ICIWorld provides special support and links for these residential and commercial real estate web sites including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and more.

This generates Internet leads for you and helps you make money through referrals and/or direct business.

It provides great services for the public because it helps them find real estate opportunities they would have missed.

ICIWorld ALSO supplies specialized links for ALL salespeople in the world to add to their own web sites to these listings.

This generates Internet leads for you and helps you make money through referrals and/or direct business. It provides great services for the public because it helps them find real estate opportunities they would have missed.

ICIWorld supplies powerful web sites for members with links to these databases of listings.

These web sites work for you 24 hours per day 7 days a week, updating themselves automatically with 50-100 news listings per day.

This generates Internet leads for you and helps you make money through referrals and/or direct business. It provides great services for the public because it helps them find real estate opportunities they would have missed.

This provides one of the best exposures and marketing opportunities that the world has ever seen and results in among the most deals being done started on the Internet.

It provides great services for the public because it helps them find real estate opportunities they would have missed.

All this to provide the public with an easy way to connect with others to do business.

The ICIWorld market is a world market of people with a like minded interested in real estate and business opportunities. 

It is a world wide real estate broker network providing a way for the public to post ads free and real estate brokers and salespeople to post unlimited ads all year long with for a low fee. It is a great exchange of real estate and business opportunities of buyers and sellers doing business. 

Everyone can do business.  If not you call me!

No member should go longer than 90 days without doing business, a deal, or developing a business relationship with someone they feel they will be doing business with someday otherwise you call us.

I get very few calls of this nature but when I do I always find there is something in a persons membership that needs to be fixed. Every day we are helping members become more expert in their handling of information and the Internet services they provide.

If you are not doing business it is because of something you are not doing, or something wrong, or something missing, etc.  

Now with our windows media videos and printouts and web site manual all members can be educated to maximize their opportunities to do business.

There are many

We will do a checkup and examine your membership:

  1. your Have and Want information;
  2. how it is placed;
  3. the frequency of updating;
  4. do you have fifteen opportunities;
  5. the links in your information;
  6. the specifics of your information;
  7. are you missing selecting the appropriate business areas;
  8. are you missing selecting the appropriate business categories;
  9. the accuracy;
  10. what you should and should not place in it, etc.;
  11. the number of Have opportunities you are posting;
  12. the number of Want opportunities you are posting;
  13. everyone should have a minimum of fifteen listings. If not we will show you how;
  14. the opportunities you are missing;
  15. are you placing all the Have and Want opportunities that you can;
  16. are you having trouble entering information;
  17. are you have trouble finding information;
  18. your web site for material defects;
  19. on your web site do you have a great selection of residential listings for the public to see;
  20. one defect is all it takes for you NOT to receive calls and we find there are several obvious ones that are being overlooked by people not doing business;
  21. have you promoted your web site.  There are 40 different ways;
  22. are the meta tags optimized and up to date;
  23. is relevant SEO optimization done;
  24. are number of listings maximized so people visiting your web site have good selection;
  25. do you have the proper residential and commercial links to listings;
  26. are you doing referrals on the enquiries that are out of your area or area of expertise;
  27. do you have a proper "ICIWorld recommended domain name";
  28. are you promoting your web site. Have your seen the video on Domain Names, How To Promote My Web Site?;
  29. are you doing all four things? Four ways for everyone in the world to make a connection to do real estate business . . . otherwise "you can easily be missing doing deals and not realize it."
  30. are you talking with people, making contact, and networking, exploring possible business or just looking up listings?;
  31. many members know about listings not on the service, are you investigating these opportunities;
  32. are you handing out your business cards with your web site and telling prospects about the thousands of listings on your web site with color photos, and slide show displays?;
ICIWorld has a special revenue producing link for real estate brokers and salespeople that can be places on YOUR home page to all these listings in a special way that YOU receive the calls. In other words, you provide this service from YOUR web site and receive the calls. 

Do referrals and business.

See and

If you are not doing business, call us now. We will help you fix the problem!  It is simply a matter of getting connected properly.

The great news is that once set up it works automatically for you.  Updating itself 50-100 new listings daily and you do not have to do a thing. This is a "live" web site.

Learning the Internet, computers and technology can be like climbing a mountain.  How do you climb a mountain? One step at a time.  We help you every step of the way!  We help you get to the top!

We do this with printouts immediately upon joining:

  • Welcome Instruction print out the moment you join;
  • Startup Checklist leaving nothing to chance;
  • How To Enter Information and network with the world;
  • Marketing Plan full of real estate concepts and ideas on how to apply technology with the real estate industry;
  • Windows Media Videos.  Seventeen videos many are proprietary for members only.  For instance Search Engine Optimization on how to drive traffic to your web site, and more. These videos explain answers to questions you have not thought to ask;
  • A manual on how to work your web site. You can search on line for help with every aspect with your new web site
  • A web site manual in pdf format you can download and review offline;
  • Free telephone support world wide!

The education you will learn here can help you in all your marketing plans on all the other services you also use.

Olympic athletes train to get ahead and achieve results. 

What we suggest is a simple phone call to us and let us look over your membership and work with you to get results.

The following is our inspiration that we know all these tools work for every single person who joins our service. Here are over forty pages of testimonials. These are real people doing real business. This means you will also do business when you give yourself a chance.

Show a property today and you have a chance to make money.  If you do not have a showing today you do not make a penny.  There is nothing in between. This is a connection center to help you explore and develop business relationships that lead to doing business.

Look at how they did business.  Sometimes it was not the listing on ICIWorld that sold but the listing triggered a call, they started to develop a business relationship, discussed something else not on ICIWorld and went off and did a deal.

It is all about people networking with other people and the listings help you identify people with whom you can do business with.

The power of the Internet is at work here. The power of programming, software, computers and technology formerly reserved for the Fortune 1000 companies is at work here. 

We serve all people on the planet earth. The cost of newspaper advertising would be horrendous to achieve that.

One should include all ways feasible to achieve the highest and best price and to have the greatest selection.

We simply hope you appreciate the yearly membership is a reasonable consideration for the work we do for you to bring you the power of the Internet for marketing and networking.

We are not satisfied until you do business!

Don't go ninety days without doing a deal or at the very least make connections and/or developing business relationships that you feel will lead to doing a deal otherwise you call me personally.

Although we totally set things up to get started there is a little investment of your time in the beginning to understand how it all works.  Most of everything works automatically for you after that.  If it is just a few ads to place that is only a matter of a few minutes.

It's like a world newspaper classified advertising service.

If you could advertise free in all your favourite newspapers all year long for free . . . would you?  If the answer is yes, then you definitely should be advertising here because the same people who read the newspaper also use the Internet.

ICIWorld works out to 1/10th of 1 cent per line per day with local AND world wide readership! It is prepaid advertising for the year with an economical yearly membership.

Join Now and get the Internet working for you and your clients and prospects

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Call anytime.


Gary Nusca, CCIM

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