ICIWorld Exposure
Growth continues to break records.

As you read information on this page, please evaluate each item.  Is each item worth $319 for the first year and then $240 per year thereafter? If any one item is worth it, then you should be subscribing now. It is one amount out of your yearly advertising budget.

Think, if you were to hire someone internally in your office to do this, how much would it cost? Because with ICIWorld you do not have to pay for office space, desk, computers and software, telephone lines, wages, UCC, UI etc.

Think of us as your marketing and information assistant to you personally.  We will be doing many things for you, among them is exposure for your information.

The following does not cover all the things we do for you, but certainly some of the highlights. Again evaluate us doing it for you for basically $240 per year.

This is all to help you make a connection that can lead to your next deal. 

  1. If people have computers in your area, then they can have access to information on ICIWorld. And they will find ICIWorld for several reasons.

  2. Information attracts people.  Information is power. There is $6 Billion worth of information of Haves and over $1 Trillion of Wants. People do not have time to visit all the web sites on the Internet but they can go to major sources and source out quickly.  ICIWorld is one major source.

  3. When you place your information, it immediately goes to the top of a database that is receiving over 500,000 hits per month. Do you have this? It has taken us ten years to build. You get the benfit the moment you subscribe.

  4. When you place your information it is automatically and instantly EMailed out to the industry!  There are over 10,000 EMails delivering information daily to the industry world wide. It is free for people to subscribe to the Haves and Wants in their area.

  5. It takes time and money in order for ICIWorld to achieve a top status in all of the major search engines of the world.  A top status can be considered as in the top 10-20 or on the first few pages of results. In www.altavista.com for instance there are over 2,000,000 results, and ICIWorld is in the top ten. This is important because if your information is on ICIWorld then anyone in your area, searching for commercial real estate, will find ICIWorld and zero in very quickly on your information. The logarithms of searches are too complicated for us to tell you about here to search except that people will find you through ICIWorld when you have your information placed.

  6. Some search engines require a sites popularity to be based on links to the site. ICIWorld has some 8,000 pages that have been built since 1994, that link to ICIWorld's various web sites.  You get the immediate benefit the moment you join!  People in your area, who search, find ICIWorld and then your information is easy to find.

  7. If you hired a person for ten years to build databases to network your information to, that is exactly what we have been doing. Internally ICIWorld has been building databases for years. You get the benefit of these databases.

  8. One database is over 30,000 EMail addresses of people we have identified as dealing in some aspect of industrial, commercial or investment real estate, land, farms, business opportunities, financing and more. To build that database alone would be cost prohibitive. You get the benefit the moment you subscribe.

  9. There are over 5,000 faxes sent out regularly. We call it a fax multi fax and the industry receives it.  The long distance alone would cost way more than the $240 per year membership fee.

  10. Information is distributed to the industry within the hour.  You just have to add it.

  11. We exhibit at major commercial real estate trade shows where in some cases 15,000 to 20,000 people walk up and down the aisles. Our booth overflows with business cards in our fish bowl asking for more information. We send information once per month and this generates a tremendous response.  For you to be at this trade show would cost you $2,000 to $3,500 for three to four days.  We do it for you.

  12. Your information can be added within a few minutes and you receive an industry wide circulation. You do not have to worry about sending out emails, fixing email addresses that are returned, collecting and adding new email addresses industry wide.  This is all done for you.

  13. For those who do have extensive database collection and distribution techniques, this is another major way for you to reach a world market with one ad.

  14. We provide seminars to the industry.  It is like you having a representative provide seminars so that people could have an interest in your

  15. Comparison shopping, there is over a 600,000,000 people market on the Internet, compared to say a 1,000,000 people market for a newspaper. Compare the cost of one ad in a newspaper versus a one year subscription. It is rather incredible and we marvel at it today.  The power of the Internet is at work and growing.

  16. And our mission is to provide a service that helps you connect to do business. It includes not only the physical software and computers but the key is the training. There are concepts that are the difference between doing deals and not doing deals. Everyone who subscribes to place ads on this information service, receives copy of a nine page "Marketing Plan and Training Program." Every broker agrees that these concepts can be the difference between doing deals and not doing deals.

  17. These are some of the highlights.  We have not gone into how printing out a list of buyers can help you in a listing presentation, and much more. We have had brokers report they got listings because of the world wide exposure.

Our motto is Contacts . . . Make Contracts!

Timing is everything for the right deal at the right time.

This service was designed to be a world traffic center that everyone can connect to within five seconds average access time.

We invite you to start placing your information now, and learn how to market and network information in one of the best ways possible in the world today. Subscribe now.

Gary Nusca, CCIM

Contacts . . . Make Contracts!