For Residential Brokers and Salespeople

Web sites within 10 minutes

Content that generates "Leads For A Lifetime."

Residential network through Point2agent web site.

Point 2 is a company that has helped set up over 54,000 home pages in North America for real estate brokers and salespeople.

ICIWorld has become an official distributor of the POINT2 agent web sites. 

We include a web site in each membership of ICIWorld.

See Web sites within 10 minutes.

The advantages of joining ICIWorld for residential real estate brokers and salespeople are:

  • Web site in ten minutes;

  • Residential networking through the web site with links to MLS listings;

  • Advertise your homes and with pictures, etc.;

  • Many other features.


  • content from ICIWorld that helps your web site make money for you by generating leads;

  • as a licensed real estate salesperson you can work referrals.  Referrals average $8,000 each and take five minutes to do;

  • you could be a member on ICIWorld for ten years and pay $2,400 (10 x $240/yr.) and do as many referrals as you can. You will have 16,000 real estate ads to generate interest;

  • Apartment buildings is a big category on ICIWorld. Triplexes, and up;

  • the private FSBO area, Database 2 has residential haves and wants;

  • and more.

All not bad for $240/year and a one time signup.

Limited time offer and may be withdrawn at any time.

Join today.


Ongoing training and support and special competitive documents and training "How To Promote My Web Site." See conference calls.

See sample web sites.

Web sites are designed for residential or commercial or a combination of both.  We totally set up you first one and then you can make changes and you have complete control. We have staff specifically dedicated to get you fully up and running.

There are over 180,000,000 people on the Internet in North America alone, reach them and provide great exposure for your prospects and clients, and have them reach you.