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Database 1 Over 17,000 Haves and Wants placed by brokers and salespeople.

Database 2 Over 14,000 Haves and Wants placed by the public free.

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ICIWorld is one of the highest traffic sites on the Internet for real estate.  However if you miss doing one of the following you can easily miss doing a deal and not realize it. This is from our experience on the Internet since 1994 of seeing business being done and not done. For instance see testimonials.

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Four ways for everyone in the world to make a connection for your next deal:

  1. Search Database 1 and Database 2

    Search World Database 1 over 12,000 Haves and Wants placed by brokers and salespeople.  There is a full page of information on most Haves and Wants.  This includes contact names and numbers. Contact a member or our office on the ones that are expired or sold or have your personal broker join the service for full access.

    Search World Database 2 over 12,000 Haves and Wants placed by the public free.  There is a limited view only of the subject line available to the public. In order to obtain information on these listings you must either: a) contact a member for further information on any of these or b) request info from our office or c) have your personal broker join the service for full access.

  2. Add Have and/or Wants Free to Database 2 FSBO Area There is a limited view of the subject line available to the public.  There is a lot of business being done. Forty million portfolios have been sold out of this area. Licensed real estate brokers and salespeople who are members of ICIWorld, have access to this information, receive and can read all the contact information. The contact information is not made available to the public.

    You can search Database 2 to see the subject line of Haves and Wants placed by the public. Contact information is not permitted in the subject line on any information on ICIWorld.

    You must contact a member of ICIWorld or our office to follow up on any Haves and/or Wants in Database 2.

    Harness the power of the real estate industry.  Real estate salespeople are the eyes and ears world wide for opportunities on your behalf and in many cases find out about opportunities before anyone else. Let them know about your opportunities and ask them to place it on ICIWorld for you.

  3. Subscribe to Receive Haves and Wants Database 1 by EMail . . . free . . . for your area from Database 1, information placed by member brokers and salespeople.

    The EMail of new sellers and buyers (Haves and Wants) includes the contact information so you can follow up and make arrangements to see property.

    We suggest you choose the DIGEST method for your  state, province or area to start, All Categories.  You will receive only one EMail once per day with new listings in it if there are new listings. You can unsubscribe directly from the EMail anytime. You are dealing directly with a computer, not a person. 

    It is easy to get bounced off this service if EMail does not go through to you for some reason.  It is up to you to re subscribe yourself. 

    Many deals are started right from an EMail. It gives you a jump on the market place. It is a great service for your blackberry or handheld device. They contain contact names and numbers. You will be informed about property almost the moment it becomes available. This is a free service to the industry supported by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople. Only members of ICIWorld receive information by EMail from principals from Database 2 the For Sale By Owner area.

  4. Place your information with an Executive Member of ICIWorld for maximum exposure. Members are licensed in their state or province and are professional real estate brokers and salespeople*. (*except where we do not have a broker member then the public may join until such time as brokers in the area join.)

    Only by placing your information with a member do you achieve maximum exposure for your Have and/or Wants.

    Your information goes into a database receiving over 1,500,000 hits per month from people in over 100 countries AND your information is EMailed to the industry world wide with over 10,000 EMails delivering Have and Want information daily to the public.

    You do not get this particular distribution with the free service. You can easily be missing doing deals and not even realize it.

  5. If you are a licensed commercial and/or residential real estate broker or salesperson in USA, Canada or the United Kingdom, and not a member, you can join the service. 

    All people in the rest of the world may join and advertise directly until your country has organized real estate in place or a real estate company has purchased an exclusive territory from us.

    The Internet has a lot of power to help you connect with others to do business. ICIWorld has specialized in tapping into the potential of the Internet in special ways for brokers and salespeople to serve the public.

    Do not remain a secret agent.  Get your information on to ICIWorld.  Think in terms of the public, would they rather you get their information on to ICIWorld or not? 

    See summary of services. It is unlimited networking to a world wide audience.

    Also see how you can have the most powerful web site on the planet for only $240 per year included in your membership.


    Provide unlimited network potential for yourself and the people in the market that you serve. It is one information tool that every salesperson in the world should include in their marketing plans.

    Here are reasons why all brokers and salespeople in the world should have this service for the rest of their lives.

    See the success stories. It is amongst the most deals in the world started on the Internet.

    Get excited.

    1-877-272-1721 anytime or 416-831-1620 or Contact us or send us an EMail and/or we can call you back no matter where in the world you are located.

Four ways for everyone in the world to make a connection for your next deal; otherwise you can easily be missing doing deals and . . . not realize it.

It is a high tech yet low cost  services that previously only "Fortune 500" companies could afford. Only $240/yr.

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.67 cents per day. You could do one referral in the first month and make $8,000. See Leads For A Lifetime.
It is similar to classified ads in a newspaper but to a market of over one billion people.

Since 1994

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