HISTORY:   ICIWorld started as an online commercial investment bulletin board system (CIBBS) in 1992 by Gary Nusca, CCIM and broker since 1972. 

It has expanded and grows with the request and demand for market areas by real estate salespeople. The readership is for every area on the planet earth. See USA Market www.iciworld.us Canada www.iciworld.ca for the World www.iciworld.com.

It was the first real estate information service on the Internet in 1994.

There are about 1,000 Executive Members. 

The readership is about 50,000 people locally and from over 100 countries.

Over 10,000 EMails deliver Have and Want information daily to the public. Executive Members have placed over 13,000 Have and Want opportunities in Database 1 and the public has placed over 13,000 Have and Want opportunities in Database 2.

It is working as smooth as can be eliminating junk and spam with no annoying pop up ads. 

Executive Members manage information themselves with assistance available anytime.

It is positioned to handle Haves and Wants in the most sophisticated manner possible in the world today. You just have to speak up and your need can quickly be fulfilled.

The company operated as a sole proprietor since 1992 and is now incorporated since Feb. 2, 2009.

The company has zero long term debt, is operating with a profit, continues to grow and has unlimited growth potential. It is private enterprise at work, working in consultation with hundreds of real estate professionals across the planet earth and serving thousands world wide.

Executive Members continue to report among the most Internet started real estate deals being started as a result of connections with others made while networking on the Internet.

We say, networking is free.  You just have to know who to network with.  ICIWorld helps you identify people with whom you can network with.  This is done by way of you and others placing simple Haves and Wants, displaying and distributing them world wide with your contact information, web site, email address, etc. And it is done with information not just listings such as found on a real estate board.

Today there are about 28,000 Haves and Wants.  Only about 5,000 are on real estate boards. The rest are exclusive.

ICIWorld has developed to serve the residential market as well as commercial through the use of links for real estate web sites and through supplying residential and commercial real estate web sites which are like billboards. You can have more then one. It includes complete web site set up, knowledge to make them work including Search Engine Optimization, how to make a web site generate business, training, support, by telephone, videos and printouts second to none. We set things up so they essentially run on auto pilot.

Once you are an Executive Member, and have read our Welcome Instructions Page, and taken part in a Webinar Workshop, part of our pledge is that if you have trouble trying to do anything longer than 5-8 minutes, just call us. Within a minute or two most questions can be answered successfully. In the beginning there is some setup and learning but once set up most things run on auto pilot.

Please consider us a personal marketing and information assistant no matter where in the world you are located.  We help you take full advantage of Internet real estate marketing and networking, to benefit you, your clients and prospects no matter where in the world you are located.

See Our Pledge: Everyone does business or you call me.

Feel free to contact us anytime.