• We suggest that Executive Members Search Database 1 using Expert Advanced Features. Select a Business Area and be general at first, select a Business Category, and learn to Sort using different sort on field methods.

  • Search Help For instance we suggest using only 4-5 letters for a key word search in most cases. You do not use a key word search where we already have a business category.

  • Database 1 is high quality because it is placed by Executive Members who have had training sessions.
    Database 2 on the other hand is free for the public and not all fields are filled in. You might search for properties in your state but because a person did not select it, you could miss it, yet the information is still there for the USA for instance.

  • Remember this is Have and Want Opportunities, have and want information, not just listings such as on a real estate board.  Learn how to make it work for you and your clients and prospects.

  • Membership Details.

  • May we suggest to all who search: If you have a daily result that you like, there is a way to make it a shortcut on your desktop.

    That way you are only seconds away from your next connection for your next business transaction and you have the world at your fingertips.

    May we suggest you use a link from the Quick View of the World. These files are updated once per day by 6 am every morning.  You can click on your shortcut to see the latest listings. 

    If you want the Latest Haves in Florida, make that link a shortcut on your desktop. If you want the latest tenants looking for space, make that an icon on your desktop. 

    Then by simply clicking on your shortcut on your desktop you have the latest information!


  • Contact us anytime for assistance. Sometimes a quick phone call will provide you with an answer that gets you started on the road to making continued connections with others to serve your prospects and clients.