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How to Download a Compressed (zip) File and Uncompress It and Then Read It On Your Computer

It is the world of thousands of real estate Haves and Wants at your fingertips.

Listings include contact names and numbers.

The file is updated once daily by 6am in the morning.

The zip file is about 10 megabytes and unzips to about 70 megabytes of space.

It takes just a few minutes to download.

One needs to unzip it into its own folder we suggest you call iciworld

There will be an index.html file

Open it with Internet Explorer.

Make it a favourite or an icon on your desktop.

To make it an icon click here.

If you are on the Internet while looking at this file located on your computer, links on the Internet will work.  If you are in an airport and not connected to the Internet, all contact information is available but photo links, and other links will not work.  But the contact information will still be there.

To assist people who wish to download files from ICI World.

Configuring things and setting things up takes time, but using information handling tools will save time the rest of your life and make your life better. One such tool is the ability to compress a file and uncompress a file for transfer purposes. 

Sending files across the internet takes time and time is money.  So in order to save time it is a common practice to compress a file or files.  For instance the complete database of Executive Member's listings and information at ICI World comprises of over 400 files about 12 megs.  Computers automatically compile ICI World's have/want listings and information data into files at 6am daily. You can see them by clicking on Backups Canada or USA from   If you placed a listing today on ICI World, it will be in these backups files effective 6am the next day.  

It is common to compress all these files into one file for transfer purposes.  It is called and is about 10 megs which will expand to about 70 megs on your computer.

The address for this file to download is

However you will need a program to uncompress this file.  Normally this is built into the latest version of windows.  Fortunately programs are available on the internet to do this.  One such program is called winzip.  You can run this program on your computer, click on file, click on open, and open the file on your computer after you have downloaded it. You will have choices to extract All Files and simply make sure you open the files in a clean directory, that is with nothing else in the directory.  That way if you ever want to delete them it is easy to find them all in one spot.

If you download it again in the future, it will ask you "do you want to overwrite the files" and assuming everything is in order, you can say yes and you will get the latest files.

To find a free copy of winzip, go to, type in winzip, one choice will be Download WinZip.  You may already have a copy of this program on your computer.   Do a search for it on your computer.

To make your life even easier so that you do not have to find winzip every single time you want to open a zip file, you should associate that file type in windows explorer.   That way after you have downloaded a zip file, use windows explorer to find it, click on the zip file, and windows explorer launches winzip for you.    Call your computer technician or computer assistant to help set this up for you.

I have held off making this task simpler by providing a self extracting zip file, because an exe file can carry a virus and people would be afraid to trust the information.   I'll do some thinking and request help from my computer on this later to see what can be improved.

Make a directory on your computer called iciworld.

Download a specific file by business category and area.   Go to, Click on it and download it. Note the file name!  You will need it later to enter into windows explorer to find it.   Use windows explorer to find this file on your computer.

When you click on that zip file with windows explorer, winzip will read the file and show you what is in it before you extract the files.  Extract the files being careful to extract them to the iciworld directory not someplace else.

Now flip back to windows explorer and click on a file called index.html in that iciworld directory where you downloaded and unzipped all the files.

Windows explorer will launch your browser which will open the file and presto you have it on your screen.  Contact names and numbers, email addresses and other information.

It contains over $10 Billion of haves and wants with complete contact details for every have and want. 

Any questions or suggestions to make this file transfer easier please do not hesitate to contact me.


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