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Letter to The Market ICI Network
May 1, 1997
From Ian Spraggon
Ian Spraggon Real Estate & Business Broker,
St. Catharines, Ontario

Dear Sir:

Just thought that you should know.

My product has been on the Net in five different sites for much of the past three or four years, including yours.

As a small "boutique" type broker operating in a niche market, I use my scarce advertising funds where I can be assured of the "Best Bang for the Buck" and this requires tracking the source of enquiries.

Your site is the only site to have produced results, the others have registered a great big zero. I will continue, as I have for over seven years, to subscribe to the ICI World Network.

Yours truly,

Ian Spraggon.

Steve Evans, Associate Broker, Century 21 Armour Real Estate Inc. "I just wanted to inform you that your system has enhanced my ability to seure Listings. When I show my clients that I have all these purchaser's waiting to buy their property, they are quick to list their property or business with me. The fact that the Network has major players in the ICI Industry give the Network credibility. The bonus is to the public as they can also access the information. Glad to be aboard!"

Arnold Sandler, P. Eng. A.A. Sandler Business Broker. "I am happy to inform you that a response to a fellow broker's Have resulted in a "nice sale" of a manufacturing business. The business had already been on the market for more than a year and we worked on it together for many months. Not only was there a substantial commission, but I have a new colleague and friend. The business is profitable and the new owners are an excellent fit."

Tom Wall, Associate Broker, Peter O. Wall Real Estate "I would like to report that because of the networking opportunities offered by this system, I was able to share a six figure commission on the sale of a golf course with another member. What makes this story interesting is the fact that initial contact was made on an unrelated listing on the service. The advantages of being able to network with professionals in our field, with this type of system, is not only cost effective, but it also provides an opportunity to meet some really great people that would otherwise be terribly difficult to connect with."

David Sohal, Broker, Torham Realty Ltd. "I am pleased to report that I have successfully sold two shopping malls as a result of the ICI Network that generated in excess of $80,000 commissions. I highly recommend this service to all my fellow agents."[editors note: David has now sold seven shopping centres as a result of our services]

Carl Watson, Broker/Owner, AARC Realty Corp. "I have found considerable benefits to the ICI Network, even though I am traditionally not a modern Internet professional student, but I have had successful dealings in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Linte, Denmark, Cantabury, New Zealand, and I am presently negotiation in 2 other off-shore countries, I credit the ICI Network with a large part of positive movement in these particular cases. We have also completed a factory sale just under $1,000,000 directly related to the network."

Garry Dunsby, President, Hospitality Appraisal Services Inc. "Within 24 hours of advertising a horse farm property north of Toronto, there was Email on my desk from an interested party in Nashville, Tennessee. I am convinced that this sort of electronic data exchange is the way of the future. The ease of accessibility and the ability to pinpoint relevant information quickly are two features well handled by the ICI World Network. I regularly download the database and use the keyword search routine to find what I'm after."

Jerry Platt, Sales Representative, Re/Max Real Estate Center Inc. "As I watch the membership roster grow in numbers and miles I recognize new opportunities for business and contacts beyond traditional real estate boundaries. Gary, has created an advertising forum complete with on-line training and simple formatting of information that eliminates the need for extensive computer experience or expensive equipment to use."

"The World ICI Network is a very interesting venture which really does not yeild me any money at this time." "Yes it has been worthwhile in that I did meet some interesting people during the CCIM breakfast. Always interesting to see how the other side of the world operates." "Costs of some other broker services are somewhat prohibitive" "That is why I am a supporter of your World ICI Network."

From a broker who has sold three properties as a result of introductions from the service. "If you want to make your phone ring, there is no better (or more economical) use of your advertising dollar than The Market ICI World Network. Every call, without exception, which I have received off the Internet, has been from this source."

Phil Nanavati, SIOR, Manager, Terry Martel Real Estate Ltd. "I have had at least one positive response from my two current listings. The reason I subscribe is that I feel there needs to be a quick access product/client network if realtors are to be successful in this new electronic age. I compliment you in ensuring the system stays up-to-date. I look forward to doing my first deal and I am sure it is just a matter of time before this comes about."

John Markou, Office Manager, JC Group Inc. "We have received 4-5 calls from the United States (Arizona, California, Florida, New York) since you have listed our properties on the Internet Service. Within a week we are in negotiations to sell one of our plazas in the U.S.A."

Dwight Holditch, Re/Max Erie Shores Realty "I have found this to be a great source of information. I obtained an industrial listing because the vendor could see that I had far more opportunity to contact buyers that his other agent had."

Lawrence Taylor, T.A.Connell Real Estate. "I have always felt good about this system and continue to believe in it the more I use it. If you are new to this computer mumbo-jumbo, you will greatly appreciate Gary's style of tutoring. It makes life livable again, and the learning a lot easier. Join as soon as you can because it is indeed a further extension of your professional expertise that will benefit you and subsequently your clients."

Bill Pyle, Associate Broker, Century 21 Carl Oake Realty Ltd. "It's great to see the membership growing at such a rapid rate. Now, with the number of properties being marketed through the network through so many commercial specialists I am receiving an increasing number of enquiries on my listings. Although this has not resulted in any deals as yet, I am confident it will. In any event my personal network grows each time I make contact with other I.C.I. agents."

Bill Anderson, Director of Economic Development, Corporation of the Borough of East York. "It is a great service."

Pat McNeil, CCIM, Royal LePage Commercial Inc. "at this stage I'm not sure if your service will provide leads or not but I know for sure it will help in closing listings. I was successful in obtaining an out of town listing on a full service 30 room hotel in Melville, Sask. The client wanted someone with ability to market on the net."

From an appraiser "Very informative service helpful in expanding our market awareness and knowledge."

Owen Rose, MCIP, RPP, Broker "I would reiterate what many others have said in the past in relation to the value represented by membership in the ICI Network and the potential for reaching the "right people" as a direct result of the networking capabilities inherent in the system. You are to be commended for your foresight and perseverance in making this system available to the ICI practioner. I would highly recommend membership for anyone serious in making a living by specializing in the ICI field, - - you cannot lose."

Commercial Real Estate Information

Although brokers advertise listings, they also deal in information that traditionally is NOT ON REAL ESTATE BOARDS. In the last two days, three brokers have told me about collecting commissions of $200,000, $40,000 and $50,000. These were not on real estate boards.

In that sense by helping to circulate this information, we are filling a small but important gap in the marketplace not filled by traditional real estate boards. This has never before been possible. Some of this information is called open and exclusive listings. Many brokers know about properties available but do not do anything with this information. Or they may be too busy to service buyers yet they have the information. I call it diamonds on the street. You may be walking by these diamonds and don't even know it. Brokers also know about users looking for space. Now "The Market" is the place for this kind of information that people locally and world wide can read and connect with you!

Principals should call us and we will supply three brokers to choose from who can help you.

By being independent, we can serve the interests of brokers as a board does and the public in a different way than non-profit boards. (Although we too were non-profit from 1990-1995, it was not by design.) Although listings are placed here it is "information" which can make you money.

In the overall scheme of things, it is a small market compared to residential. Perhaps 1,000-4,000+ brokers across Canada deal in commercial real estate out of 75,000 licensed in Canada. However it is an intergral and important segment of real estate and requires the proper handling of information.

For various reasons, the identity of properties are not revealed. Business owners may not want their customers to know as it might hurt business, etc. People may try to go direct, bypassing the broker who has a considerable investment in time and money assembling the information.

We do not track sales. Much like the classified advertising section of a newspaper, does the editor know what is selling? Our members and the principals who we serve like it that way. Indeed our service is built on the exchange of information so that one can go quietly on ones way to do business. However we do provide some comments from brokers and salespeople. There are hundreds more instances of benefits to members. We list a few below which will give you a flavour of what all our members feel.

I am not suggesting you stop all other forms of advertising and networking and just network here. Although it may become your prime source, there will always be people who are not on the internet. That is why we have eleven different other services that reach other people. However if you deal in commercial real estate or want to, you definately should be including this service in your brokers information tool box in your annual advertising budget. ($240/yr.)

Your computer is a tool to place and receive information here for the world to see!

Contacts...make contracts!

Do not hesitate to call anytime 24hrs per day.

Gary Nusca, CCIM

The Market ICI World Network
2 Bloor St. W., Suite 100-A
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5W 3E2.
Toronto Bus. (416) 777-2633
Email: garynusca@iciworld.com