ICIWorld – How to have a free membership . . . after you join.

Designed for Brokers Globally for International Networking, Unlimited Classified Real Estate Advertising of listings and real estate Have and Want opportunities.

ICIWorld society of real estate brokers and salespeople becomes free after you join, effective as of May 30, 2018 and it is global advertising for listings, all your Haves and Wants all year long internationally and here is how:

  1. a) Use your VIP Corporate Card as a member and receive $100’s in discounts through out the year. Samples $220 US savings to rent a car, $200 off a Lenovo Laptop, savings on Entertainment, Food, Travel, Sports, Hotels, Car Rentals, and more. Savings can easily add up to more than the price of membership. This was introduced at TREB Realtor Quest May 30, 2018. This VIP Card is mailed to you on your first appointment.
  2. b) Referral program, refer first one $79 off, get 4 to join and get 3 months for each one, a year free. Help us line up a seminar and/or refer new members from time to time in order to benefit. Started 2017.
  3. c) Do referrals – trigger leads off your website with the ICIWorld Widgets of listings on your Website. One broker has done fifteen referrals and made $45,000. Re/Max agent in Peterborough. ICIWorld can also be used to do just referrals to serve the public and make you money. See www.referralbrokers.com and www.retiredbrokers.com
  4. d) Sell real estate. – too numerous to list here but see Testimonials.

Built for brokers as a classified real estate ad and networking service on the Internet to advertise to the public similar in one respect to classified ads in a newspaper. Technology services for brokers and salespeople to serve the public.

ICIWorld at 319 per year for ten years would be $3,190. One deal, one referral, can pay for 10 times and more for a membership, This service looking to become a standard information tool for every broker and salespersons information toolbox.

Here are the returns on investment of some members.

“Nothing else like it in the world and I have been a broker for 45 years. Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS that can help you make so much for so little and now . . . basically free if you use the discount card, do the odd sponsorship of a new member, do the odd referral that makes you $3,000 to $10,000 and when you do a deal . . . absolutely wonderful.”