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"I just had to let you know, I placed a want for a marina/resort and got several responses and sold one listed by Ron Rocchio within 2 days, guess you earned my renewal, which I just paid, thanks."

Brad Bailey Realtor HomeLife / Kempenfelt-Kelly Realty Ltd.



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Visit our new websites as of August, 2020):
 www.iciworld.com,  www.wreils.com,  www.nreils.com  www.ils.realestatewww.rehaw.com There are more coming.

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under construction This website was built in 2000. We have temporarily stopped updating it (2020/Sept) in favour of newer websites. iciworld.com wreils.com nreils.com ils.realestate rehaw.com the latest one September/2020 We maintain it however because it continues to generate leads for members. We will rebuild this website but first we are adding two new servers to serve the world. 6 month project including over 200 email list servers. Thousands of dollars are at stake for one connection. Thousands of jobs are created from sales that brokers do.  If you have suggestions please make them. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. feedback @ iciworld.com

The ICIWorld Real Estate Database has been operating since 1994 helping people connect to do deals all over the world since 1994. 17,000 acres in Peru sold, 13 shopping centres in California sold, industrial buidings across Canada sold. Simply sales all over the world.

As of 2020, August, this website will not be deleted. It still generates traffic. However not all links are in good working order. That is why we gave you several of our new websites at the top to visit. Plans for this website upgrade are for 2021. Make an appointment with us when you have questions and you should ask questions.

Readership 1,000,000 hits per month from over 100 countries.

30,000+ Haves and Wants for Industrial, Commercial and Investment Real Estate in two world databases. 50-100 new listings daily.

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Over 15,000 Haves and Wants placed by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople. About 5,000 with contact names and numbers. Full access for Executive Members.

Click on the map for other states. Hawaii | Vermont | New Hampshire | Maine | Massachussetts | New York | Rhode Island | Connecticut | New Jersey | Delaware | Maryland | Washington, DC

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Search Database 2 FSBO Area

Place your have and want ads FREE Database 2.

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Database 2 Details Over 14,000 Haves and Wants placed by the public free. 

Contact any Executive Member for information on any listing anywhere in the world. Search members by language spoken, professional designation, area, specialties, and more.

For all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the world including residential and commercial. 

We have one of the busiest booths at real estate trade shows because we make a statement that "you could have a $30,000 web site and would not be as powerful as the one supplied by ICIWorld for $199 per year." Allow us to show you in a live presentation and then you be the judge. 

Real estate provides the highest return of investment of any industry on the Internet.

Web sites pay for themselves and earn revenue. We will try to explain it here for you.

Visit: www.realestatebrokersandsalespeople.com

Welcome to ICIWorld.us for the United States

ICIWorld is a world registry of real estate Have and Want information.

It is free to the public and supported by real estate brokers and salespeople world wide.

Readership is from people in over 120 countries. 

It is free to the public and is supported by commercial and residential real estate brokers and salespeople world wide. Training provided. It has become one of the most productive (see Testimonials) and highest traffic sites (see Statistics) in the world with over 1,000,000 hits per month and over 10,000 Emails that deliver information daily to the public. Get excited. You will make connections. More >>

US Commercial | Canada | United Kingdom | Portugal | Germany | US Educational | Netherlands | Mexico | Israel | Australia | United States | Japan | Brazil | France | US Government | Cayman Islands | Romania | Spain | Austria | New Zealand (Aotearoa) | South Africa | Trinidad and Tobago | Singapore | United Arab Emirates | Sweden | Costa Rica | Hungary | Poland | Saudi Arabia | Zimbabwe | Indonesia | Italy | Taiwan | Argentina | Denmark | Russian Federation | Greece | Hong Kong | Pakistan | Turkey | Egypt | Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) | Peru | Dominican Republic | Belgium | Belize | Czech Republic | Yugoslavia | Bermuda | Finland | Botswana | Liechtenstein | Malaysia | Switzerland | Tuvalu | Guatemala | Colombia | Croatia (Hrvatska) | India | International (int) | Bulgaria | Cyprus | Malta | Nigeria | Norway |

This is a Commercial Real Estate Information Service Bureau . . . for the world . . . that provides database collection and Email distribution methods that are among the largest, fastest and most powerful in the world. ICIWorld penetrates the farthest reaches of the Internet with over 18,000 pages on the Internet, that link to this service.

Take a tour of our data center in San Jose, California.

The world stock market lost over half of its value and it has taken retirement accounts with it. People worldwide have been stunned by the performance of the last two years and they are now going back to the vehicle that has produced all modern day wealth…real estate.

Invest in the United States of America

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"One of the busiest sites on the Internet for commercial real estate information and number of transactions completed."

See Statistics and Testimonials.

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1 a) Search Database 1

World Database 1

Over 10,000 Haves and Wants placed by Broker and Salesperson Executive Members complete with contact information!

The ICIWorld Search Matrix

Advanced with Contact Names and Numbers

Advanced (Includes Inactive, Expired's)

This link is to the quick view of the world backups
updated once per day at 6am in the morning. Today's listings will appear tomorrow. You can add this link to your home page in a way that you get the calls, once you are a member, only $240/yr see summary of what is included.. Generate "Leads for a Lifetime." Do one referral in the first month and make $2,000 to $10,000! We have one Re/Max salesperson who has done 15 in the last three months! See testimonials.

Search World Database 1

1 b) Search Database 2

World Database 2

Over 14,000 Haves Wants placed by the Public. Limited View. Free FSBO Area. For more information contact an Executive Member of ICIWorld or contact us.

Search World Database 2

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2. Add Haves  Wants Free

Add your Haves and Wants to Database 2, over 7,000 Haves and Wants placed by the public Free Listing. World Wide Display. Distribution by Email to Executive Members within the hour. Limited View. Reach an industry.

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4. Search for an Executive Member

Search for an Executive Member

If we do not have a licensed real estate broker member in your area, the the public may join. Who can join?

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Key Word Searches of Subject Line Database 1

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Bed & Breakfast
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NNN Triple Net Leased Properties
Trailer Parks
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Virtual Tour

Search Related Professionals and Service Providers to the Real Estate Industry

Assessment Appeals
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Life Insurance
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USA Wants - By Business Category Database 1

Apartment Buildings
Shopping Centers Commercial Buildings/Hotels/Motels
Office and Medical Buildings
Industrial Buildings For Sale
Business Opportunities
Sites Commercial and Industrial

Subdivision Potential/Condo Sites/Townhouse Sites
Recreational Sites/Senior Lifestyle Sites/Golf Courses/Resorts/Trailer Parks
Farm or Ranch Land
Related Professionals and Service Providers to the ICI Industry

USA Haves - By Business Category - Sort On Field - Price ($) Database 1

Apartment Buildings
Shopping Centers
Commercial Buildings/Hotels/Motels
Office and Medical Buildings
Industrial Buildings For Sale
Business Opportunities
Sites Commercial and Industrial
Subdivision Potential/Condo Sites/Townhouse Sites

Recreational Sites/Senior Lifestyle Sites/Golf Courses/Resorts/
Trailer Parks

Farm or Ranch Land
Financing Mortgages Private Funds Venture Capital
Related Professionals and Service Providers to the ICI Industry

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