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(You should print this out and instruct your web site designer to place the button and links.  Or just email this page or link to this page to him/her.)

Integrate Your Web Site

Also see ICIWorld Search Matix
Databases you can place on YOUR home page.

Banner Logo on your Home Page to indicate you are a member of ICIWorld.  It can help you obtain listings!  

It can help demonstrate you are well connected with International Exposure.

It is a Powerful Listing Tool.

Include it on Your Links Page!

Would you like a home page . . . free?

Would you like to do it yourself free or have someone design it for you?

If you have a home page, do you find it hard to keep your listings up to date?

The True Power of the Internet is in Linking.  It is a simple one line command!  Would you like to learn how to link to an electronic  brochure that may have cost $25,000 to build to help sell the location . . . and you can link to it free?

Would you like to have clients and prospects click on a link on your home page that says "Commercial" and have your listings come up on their screen within 4.9 seconds access time!

Domain names are being taken up at the rate of one every five seconds.  Don't you think you should  get one now or someone else could be taking your name in a domain name?

Do you realize all this information is actually now on TV and will be quite prevalent on TV in the next few years. 


Free Web Hosting for Your Home Page

Free Web Hosting for Your Home Page

ICIWorld can host your home page absolutely free, included in your membership.  Here are some choices:

  • you supply the page already made;
  • you supply the page in Microsoft Word Format and we work with you to convert it to html format, suitable for the Internet (small charge applies to the design only) Send it to us by EMail and we work with you until you are absolutely happy with it. 
  • We help you design a one pager in html.
  • All links are included.

Web Hosting with your own Domain Name

  • $75 setup fee
  • $40 per month Non Members
  • $20 per month Members

Design of Home Pages

  1. FREE - You can go to our Resource Center and learn to do it free.
  2. $150 - One page $150 to help you with your design.  You supply the information that you would like in a Microsoft Word document and we work with you to convert it to html.
  3. $599 - A really nice design with three frames, several pages - $599  Sample
  4. Other corporate designs $3,000 and more.

Domain Names

  • Domain Name - if you require a domain name, then there is an extra charge for this of $240 per year for us to host it, not counting your domain name registration fees.  There is a one time fee to program this into effect.  You will have your own domain name and full access to your site to place photos, make changes, etc. yourself.

 For details, contact us.

One broker plans on advertising in newspaper publications, advertising 20 listings in a quarter page ad, and stating "See our Web Site for details on any of these properties."


Integrate Your Web Site by providing a Button with a link on Your Home Page that pulls your listings, off of ICIWorld and displays them on the screen of the viewer.  People visiting YOUR HOME PAGE click on your link that says "Commercial" and YOUR LISTINGS are displayed on the screen of the viewer within an average time of 4.9 seconds!  You never have to change your home page to add listings!  It is a great solution for real estate brokers and salespeople to add, modify and delete listings all year long . . . yourself!

It is the easiest, fastest and quickest way to update your inventory of Haves and Wants on YOUR HOME PAGE by adding modifying them on ICI World . . . all included in your membership!  And all the while, your listings are only one click away from any of over a quarter of a million hits per month!  It is the best solution today for the commercial real estate professional.  For large offices category searches coming soon for your home pages.

This can be done for your personal individual listings.

This can be done for your company listings.

This can be done for your organizations or groups listings.

See About ICI World in the left frame, Place ICI World Banners and Links On Your Home Page Members should contact their web site designers by EMail now to institute these links or if you are doing this yourself call us now and we will help.

Individual Database Link

Here are a few examples of ICI World members and their sites and how they use the link to display their listings.  

Your listings are displayed on the screen of the viewer in an average of 4.9 seconds:

PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS A NEW LINK FOR ALL MEMBER PAGES CREATED BEFORE NOVEMBER 5, 2001 You must send this to your programmer or whoever designs your web page.  It should be changed now!


  • This is a sample link.  A member simply substitutes his or her member identifier for gbrunet THIS IS NEW AS OF NOVEMBER 5, 2001
    If you are a member, try copying and pasting this link in your browser with your member identifier rather than gbrunet!  It is this link that you should place on your home page call it commercial.  You can also place it in EMail to other people!

  • When you arrive at John's Home Page it immediately says Please Check my: Commercial Database and he also has a button that says Database that also brings up listings within his home page.  So not only do you have a database on your home page, but those listings are on ICIWorld which is receiving over a quarter of a million hits from the public from over 70 countries of the world, tens of thousands of unique viewers.  Members are reporting 1-2 deals per day!  And it is all free with your membership.  Every broker in the world should have this!  These are just some of the information tools in the business to market and network information in the world of commercial real estate to provide the very best service for your clients and prospects. 

  • Here is a very attractive web site again with a link that pulls up Ambrose's listings within 4.9 seconds average access time.

  •  We actually created this page for Tony for $150.  All members can place a one page home page on ICI World for free.  In our training program we can show you how to do design a page like this . . .  for free.  An easy, fast and quick professional solution for a great home page presence.  Look for Click here to check my listings at the bottom and you will see the link that pulls up Tony's personal listings.  It's your own personal database on the internet!

  • You can see both the logo and the link to Bill's Listings.  Bill adds, modifies and deletes his listings on ICIWorld and they are instantly available from his home page.  This way you can keep all your listings on your web site and up to date. We do not remove listings and there is no time limit.  You manage your own inventory.

  • You will see the ICIWorld Banner and click on one of his buttons that says My ICIWorld Listings.  You will see his listings on ICIWorld come up quickly from his home page.

  •  You will see the ICIWorld Banner and click on one of his buttons that says Commercial.  You will see his listings on ICIWorld come up quickly from his home page. 

  • Click on the button that says Commercial on his home page and all Phil's listings come up.. 

  • Here is an interesting way that Paul's programmer set up links.  Click on Commercial on his home page and scroll to the bottom and see ICI Links.

  • Look for "Commercial Listings" under Buyers and Sellers.  Many other helpful links.

  • This is an interactive informative site and user friendly.  He has made this a fun site, not sterile or intimidating, and easy to use.  This was created entirely by the broker himself.  He has sold properties through ICI World, has had responses all over the world, and this month has 14 ends that he has worked on.  You will see the My Listings link again plus a membership statement designed to encourage people to work with him.

  • Has a button "Properties" and reference to ICIWorld.  Helpful in listing presentations.

  • Steve has a button "Commercial Property" that pops up his listings from ICIWorld.

  • You will see on Murrays page how he has listings come up framed within his site.

  • Steve has a simple link that says Steve Fries' I.C.I. World Haves & Wants

  • John has a link that says John Hoffman's ICI World Have's & Want's

  • Mike has link that says Park Capital Inc. is a Member of the following Real Estate Organizations: with a link to Market ICI World Network


  • Link says Commerical Properties for Sale Gilles has been successful in listing and selling as a result.

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Association, Organization, Franchise Professional Link

Have a look at this search page.  It is not the design of the page that is important it is the links and the results.  They can all be tailored for your group, association, real  estate board, company, etc.

Sample Searches for a Company

This can also be done for organizations, and professional designations.  These links can be placed on your organizations home page.  Samples of the listing links are as follow:

Listings of CCIM Member's

Listings of SIOR Member's

Listings of FRI Member's

Listings of CPM Member's

Listings of CRA Member's

Listings of AACI Member's

Listings of ALC Member's

You can even place these links in EMail including signature files to other people.  Say if you wish to see my listings, click here and provide the link.

For companies, organizations, associations, ICI Councils, groups of any kind that have a large volume of listings with ICIWorld, there are links that can provide search functions in a thousand different ways right from your home page.  Cost? Zero!!!  The person just has to be a member of ICIWorld.

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Message Number Link

Here is another link that members have found useful.  
It produces an individual listing on the screen of the viewer.  
You can include it in an email to the industry.  
Ray Yenkana sent this one in an email to me:
Log Home In North East British Columbia, Canada.
Click on the link below for more info and Photo
Now this link may not work once Ray updates his listing.  
Just insert the number of your listing however.
You can copy and paste these links.

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Companies Link

Here is a search page for companies.  The search page itself is not important, it is the links and the ideas of how you would want your company search page to appear and how you would like searches to appear. Once you have a page made, you do not have to change your home pages. Your salespeople simply add/modify/delete their listings, and they are updated so that the next person visiting YOUR HOME PAGE and clicking on any link, automatically has the updated information.  This way you don't have to change your home page to add listings!

A simple link that brings up all listings of every agent in one office:

A real estate franchise with a number of offices can set up a complete commercial search page using:
Why? Because all Re/Max offices will come up with this.

This is a company web page with choices:

Virtually any way a database can be searched and sorted can be set up.

For a sample of your companys' listing's and how they appear and for the link to and click on Companies with Individual Members.  Put your mouse over top of the word listings.  Do not click it. Look at the bottom left corner of your browser and you will see the address. 

It is that address that you can place on your home page to produce all the commercial listings of all the people in your office who are members of ICIWorld. 

Complete search screens can be made up to provide a companies listings sorted by price, or square footage, or location, and more!

All companies who have individual members in ICIWorld can place this link for their sales staff on the companies home page.

It is connections through these and other links that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars being made through the contacts that result!

Home Pages?  We can show you how to do them free!

Banner Logo on your Home Page to indicate you are a member of ICIWorld.  It can help you obtain listings!  

  A major tool for all people who deal in ICI Real Estate, for your "networking information tool box." 

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World Wide Domain Name Hosting 

Domain Name Hosting and Sites now available. If you can appreciate what it took to provide an average response time of 4.9seconds on this service, then you will appreciate having your site hosted on one of our servers. In other words, once you have, a link on your home page should be able to pull up your listings in an average time of 4.9seconds. This can be fully integrated into your image of your web site. Choose your designer or one of ours.  To choose a domain name go to where names are registered and check out the availability, click here.  Contact me once you have a name that you want.  Reasonable industry standard rates and personalized service.  Sincerely Gary Nusca, CCIM

Free for Members 

FSBO Database 
For Executive Members only

Place one of the following FSBO Database Links on your home page
Make a statement to the effect that here is a Private Database of Haves and Wants. Put your mouse over top one of the following links but do not click on it. Look at the bottom left hand corner of your screen above the word Start on your task bar.  There will be a link there starting with . . . etc.  That is the link you can place on YOUR HOME PAGE as an Executive Member.



Western Canada


Make another statement:
If there is any information here that interests you, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email with your request for more information.

This is a way to have a database of thousands of listings on YOUR home page where people are adding information and it constantly changes.  

Whatever link you would like to have on your home page, we may be able to provide a link that does it!  

Do not hesitate to contact us when you have questions.


The Market ICIWorld Commercial Real Estate Network

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