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See these movies using Windows Media Player, not using Power Point. This is a movie of a Power Point Presentation.
Any problems seeing any movie call 416-214-4875 or 1-877-272-1721 or Contact us.

October 23, 2010.

It is recommended that you see one of the following windows media videos before attending a Daily Webinar Workshop.

March 2012. Members should now go to click on Log In Member Management click on Training Videos on the left. We recently spent six months converting all Windows Media Video files into YouTube format. Training is virtually the same for all one thousand members. We have recorded sessions for your convenience.

Movie 11 ICIWorld 101C (Commercial) More commercial real estate orientated.

Movie 10 ICIWorld 101R (Residential) More residential real estate orientated.

Others you can also see at your leisure:

Movie 9 More commercial real estate orientated. (Power Point ICIWorld 101C (Commercial)

Movie 7 More residential real estate orientated. Presentation and Sound starts after the 8 minute mark. Two major world networks, commercial and residential. Why it is inevitable everyone does business.

Movie 6 Understanding the Power of the Internet

Move 12 see RECORDED SESSION (120 minutes Jan. 2011 Live from a real estate office.)  There is a special to join at the end. During the 120 minutes you will learn how the Internet can make you money from someone who has studied the Internet for fifteen years for real estate brokers and salespeople.  You should put your thinking cap on, stay to listen to this whole message, then you will have the concepts to work smarter not harder.  Your thoughts are most appreciated.

Webinars up until now have been live. However due to the repetition we have recorded the first part, a Power Point Presentation.

It is now required that you listen and view a complete Power Point Presentation BEFORE attending a live webinar where we actually work on web sites, searching, placing listings, and answering and addressing every single concern of every single member.

The above movies will teach you how to understand more fully the services provided, resources available day and night, how to eliminate material defects in a membership, how to customize things, how to place information, and much more. Once per month other Webinars teach how to increase traffic to your web site making it inevitable that you will do business when things are properly set up.

Movie 1 120 minutes. Understanding and How To Use the Powers of the Internet. Seminar provided at a Re/Max real estate office. Tools that help you make money in real estate. Have a pad of paper and pencil handy to take notes and web site addresses to be followed up on later. How to make world wide phone calls free or next to nothing. Are you a secret agent? Internet problems everyone should be aware of.  Much much more.

  • Some movies may start displaying to you immediately while downloading while some of you may have to download the movie first in order to see it. It depends on your version of Windows Media Player. 
  • Many will do this at night and let it run at night all night long so that in the morning it is downloaded.
  • Sound varies. Learn how to control it.
  • Learn how to make the video full screen.  How to pause it, etc.
  • Learn how to control the audio. 1. using your computer volume 2. using the volume control of Windows Media Player
  • The above are recorded with no editing.

Understanding and How To Use the Powers of the Internet.

This is ICIWorld's Official Presentation Seminar - a movie  Windows Media Video player on your computer required. Or . . . order a DVD. (3 hours)

This is a official filmed version by a TV photographer of a "live" seminar given at a real estate board technology conference where 120 real estate salespeople attended 2010.

As of January 2012 One major change since then is we now embrace Social Media.

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Suggest an account for business separate from a personal family account in each case.

Available on CD or DVD media. Or click here and stream it, or download it overnight and watch it the next day. 3 hours long. This is all education about learning the powers of the Internet, the do's and don'ts and doing real estate for both residential and commercial real estate brokers and salespeople.

It is a comprehensive Internet education of what is going on, on the Internet to benefit all real estate brokers and salespeople in the world.

Three hours. We recommend you hookup your laptop and show it on your TV. Use a video or high definition cable. Ask a technician at Future Shop how to do it or call us anytime 1-877-272-1721 North America 416-214-4875 direct.

Other Product Training for Executive Members only located at click on Log In Member Management, click on Training Videos on the left.

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