1. 15. Ten Haves and five Wants minimum.

    We have found that if you do not have this many one reason is that you are not working exclusive information. Learn the three special questions. Learn how to recognize important information that can make you money and then write it down on a Have or Want Sheet before you forget it.

    The advantage of a real estate board service is the network and the fact information is on the Internet.

    The advantage of an information service is there is a network, it is on the Internet
    AND you can work information as well as listings. ie: Your information can trigger leads just like listings on a real estate board trigger leads.

  2. 138.

    In 1998 I remember one company spent $50,000 on brochures marketing industrial buildings across Canada. They joined ICIWorld and had more results for $319 than the $50,000 they spent on marketing and brochures.

    Another example: One broker could not get anyone to even show an apartment building in his area. An offshore buyer investing in Canada was interested and he sold it. $4.5M

  3. Six.

    One world residential, one called My Listings, Four for commercial: Ontario Commercial, World Commercial, Business Opportunities, FSBO's. All of these can and will trigger leads for you from time to time.

    Widgets are links to listings that other broker members of the ICIWorld Society of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople have agreed to allow them to be on your website.

  4. 90.

    Listings older than 90 days old.