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Search over 13,000 Have and Want ads placed by broker and salesperson Executive Members complete with contact information! Unlimited Haves and Wants for members. The public contacts you directly.

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Database 2

Search over 13,000 Have and Want ads placed by the public free. Limited View. Details. Only Executive Members have access to the contact Information. There is limited circulation to Executive Members only.

You have placed information on ICIWorld's Database 2 free FSBO area.

The following explains the differences between Database 1 and Database 2.

Welcome to ICIWorld.

Database 2 is a free service for the public to place Haves and Wants.

About 9,000 have been placed by the public, ie: buyers and sellers.   About 4000 have been placed by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople who are not members of ICIWorld.

You are one of them who has placed information.

You should know that Database 2:

  • has a limited circulation
  • only Executive Members of ICIWorld have access to Database 2;
  • only Executive Members receive the EMail of new Haves and Wants placed in this area;
  • principals if they do see the information must contact a member of ICIWorld;
  • principals can not contact you directly.

We allow licensed real estate salespeople to place information there for a number of reasons:

  • if one of our members can do a deal with you and make $30,000 then why not?
  • we are not giving anything away because the public can not click on any of your listings;
  • your listings can generate business from a principal but that principal has to ask a member of our service for more information;
  • our member can contact you;
  • there are ways that all listings in Database 2 generate business for members only.

There is limited circulation in Database 2.

Database 1 on the other hand is totally different.

  • When a HAVE OR WANT is placed in Database 1 it goes to the top of the database that has a readership of 50,000 people;
  • information in Database 1 includes the contact information, the business card information of broker salesperson member of ICIWorld.  That is why many members report doing double enders.;
  • there are over 18,000 pages on the Internet displaying various pages of information. The public can read the listing, contact the broker salesperson member of ICIWorld directly and do business;
  • the information is circulated to the public in the real estate industry by EMail.
  • the information emailed to the public includes the business card information of the salesperson member of ICIWorld. The public contacts them directly to do business;
  • there are 10,000 EMails delivering information from Database 1 to the public DAILY.  This is for all your information placed in Database 1, all year long.

We actually see the majority of deals that are being done, take place at the top half of Database 1.

You should also know, that most of the deals are not done at the bottom of the database because people seem to get so busy working the top half of the database they do not have time to get to the bottom.

We recommend modifying your listings every 30-60-90 days to bring your Have and Want listings back to the top of the database that has a readership of 50,000 people and also to have them sent out again to the industry by EMail with over 10,000 going out daily. 

New people are subscribing to receive these Have and Want listings by EMail.  When you modify a listing in Database 1, it gets sent out to the public to all the new people who have joined to receive these listings since the last time you placed information as a member.

Now it is only $240 per year to place your information all year long for as many Haves and Wants as you wish. See Membership Details.

If you could advertise in a newspaper all year long for free would you?  Then you definitely should be a member of ICIWorld because of the readership and it is only $240 per year.  It was specifically designed this way to remove the cost of advertising while providing the ultimate in marketing.

Go to type in the words commercial real estate for instance.

  • There are over 100,000,000 results.
  • The Market ICIWorld Real Estate Network is on the front page.
  • This means business for you because within 30 seconds of someone searching, they find ICIWorld, they click on your country, they click on your state or province and make a selection and if your information is there they call you, all within 30 seconds!

You can be a real estate agent, but if your information is not on ICIWorld, it is as if you are a secret agent.

There are 50-100 new listings coming in daily with a readership of 50,000 people from over 100 countries.

It is prepaid advertising specifically designed to help licensed real estate brokers and salespeople take full advantage of the power of the Internet and remove the barrier to networking real estate Haves and Wants.

Now if you have a piece of information that can make money for you in real estate, you do not have to think is it worth it to spend money to advertise it, because all your advertising is free once you are a member.

You must see the inspirational testimonials members who have made money.  Members continue to inspire us to grow the service.  This is literally among the most deals we have seen being reported on the Internet of deals started on the Internet.

With 1.7 Billion people using the Internet and our experience helping salespeople use the Internet successfully, we see those who apply the services make money. We now have a pledge this year that virtually everyone on the service does business or you call us. See Our Pledge.

We invite you to have a fresh look at with regards to becoming a lifelong member.

Literally every member is making connections to do business.  In fact if you do not do business within 90 days you call me. See our pledge.

See the action today and do business. World Commercial Canada Commercial USA Commercial

Connect with others to do business.

For residential and commercial real estate brokers and salespeople:

  • Powerful residential and commercial real estate web sites.  See why!
  • Have more than one!  See why!
  • They generate revenue.  See why!
  • Ready today with a domain name and specializing in residential or commercial real estate or both.
  • Search Engine Optimization techniques, training and assistance.
  • Your customers will love how you feature their properties! See why!

There are over 1 Billion people on the Internet.  Learn how to network information and use powerful tools to create the leads that make you money and serve your clients and customers well.

For a 3-5 minute demonstration to see the power of these services, be in front of your computer and call 416-628-4313!  It will surprise you. Prime time 9-3pm five days per week Eastern Time. Contact us from anywhere in the world.

Everyone makes money that uses these cutting edge technology tools especially designed for real estate brokers and salespeople!

re: Special information tools that helps every single real estate broker and salesperson in the world.

ICIWorld has been specializing in helping brokers and salespeople in the world since 1994. Please consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant.



One link to 20,000 real estate ads onto YOUR web site in a way that YOU get the calls.



When anyone on the Internet sees any listing on YOUR web site, they must contact you. You can either do direct business or referrals. One Re/Max salesperson has done 15 referrals.  That is 75 minutes of work and he made over $45,000 just doing referrals.

And . . . you are providing a great service to the public.

It is unlimited leads and content.

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Learn how every single member is using ICIWorld to make these powerful real estate marketing tools work for them.


No Web Site? No problem!

You can have a $10,000 looking web site by tomorrow.  We totally set it up for you.  You can totally change it any way you want.

You can see a few sample web sites:

Let us show you why two web sites that look exactly the same, one makes money and the other one does not. It is because of the special links that ICIWorld provides for you to thousands of commercial listings, thousands of residential listings, all structured in a way that YOU get the calls.

It becomes absolutely inevitable that everyone does business or you call us! See Our Pledge.

We totally set up and install the special links so that you generate leads from your web site for both residential and commercial real estate no matter where in the world you are located. Remember we are all on the Internet.

These are very powerful web sites because it has content. There are thousands of residential and commercial real estate ads that when the public sees them, they can not click on them, they have to contact you for more information.

Once you are a member, when anyone is interested in real estate, you should send them to your web site not to ICIWorld because all listings that are on ICIWorld will be on YOUR web site.

  • Instruct them to click on your state or province or the World to search for listings;
  • When they find something they call you and you do business;
  • instruct them to click on residential to have a choice of thousands of homes with color photos and slide show displays;
  • instruct them to subscribe to receive new listings that match their buying criteria;

All from YOUR web site and more.

Do not hesitate to contact us when you have questions or would like a short demonstration.

To see a summary of services, check to see if you are in our database and to get started if you wish:

We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.

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