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Questionnaire for ICIWorld Executive Members

Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars and a few over one million dollars are made by members.

Here are some of the secrets of how they are doing it.

Every single member should be able to trigger leads and do deals so we can add you to this list.

Ultimately you are responsible for how you market your information.

One of the value added services that real estate professionals offer to the public, your clients and prospects, is your marketing and information handling capabilities and skill talents.

The questions below are designed to determine if you are maximizing your use of the Internet for Marketing and Information purposes.

Failing any one of these questions can literally be the difference between making money and not making money, between serving your clients successfully or . . . not at all. 

We know this to be true because we have seen successful members, some doing as many as twenty and more deals as a result of this service.

Are you ready?  Here goes!


  1. Do you have the ICIWorld Widgets of listings working on your personal website?

    Are they prominent so people can choose to see them right away?

    They are: World Residential Exclusives, World Commercial Real Estate Exclusives, Ontario Exclusives, FSBO Opportunities, Business Opportunities Mostly Exclusive and My Haves and Wants.

    Do you know why it is absolutely inevitable that you trigger leads? ie: why people have to call you for more information because they can not click on the listings.

    Order the Widgets.

    Do you know we support all websites in the world with these widgets?

    Do you know that when you add a listing, Have or Want opportunity that it can instantly appear on 1,500+ other brokers websites on the Internet and your information can work for you, triggering referral opportunities back to you?

    If for any reason you are not triggering leads every 90 days from your website is it because of the widgets listings or because you have little or no traffic going to your website?

    Do you know what to do about this?

    Register for How To Promote Your Website Webinar
    every month until you are producing leads.

  2. Do you have a mobile website not just a regular website?

    Can you bring it up your mobile website on your mobile device within 1-3 seconds?

    Do you know why this is so important?

    Most every broker we talk with agrees it would be advantageous for you and your real estate practice, to have every singel one of your customers and prospects to have your mobile website, as a shortcut on all your customers phones.

    That way whenever they think of real estate, they bring up your website on their mobile phone, search, and call you to go see property. When they show their friends how they can search MLS, Exclusive Opportunities not on other brokers websites, Commercial and Residential, Powers of Sale and much more, lists of buyers, properties coming for sale, they will come to appreciate the jump on the marketplace you have. |

    Do you know how to add a shortcut to a website on an iPhone or Android?

    Do you know why it can be very important to be able to show your customers how to do this?

    See the Race Is On.

    Do you know how powerful the mobilization of the real estate industry is becoming using mobile phones and why?

    Do you know why it may be important to explain to your customers why a shortcut to your website is not an App? ie: it uses up no resources, zero! Whereas if you have a lot of apps it can drain your phone by 2pm. That way they are more likely to keep your website as a resource for real estate on their mobile device. Can you see how every inquiry they make to you can make you money for the rest of the your life?

    Order a mobile website

  3. Have you placed every listing, Have and/or Want opportunity that you can think of on ICIWorld?

    If you mist placing these opportunities can you see how you could be missing triggering leads and miss making money and not even know it?

    Do you know the RECO rule for networking real estate opportunities that are not on real estate boards and how to work this information to trigger leads just like a real estate board listing can.

    Do you know how to work every single real estate buying and selling opportunity that you can not place on a real estate board?

    Do you know what to say when someone calls you on a property that may not be listed?

    Do you know the three special questions to ask when a FSBO says, "I do not want to give you a listing at this time?"

    Do you know what to do when someone calls you on a Have that you place on ICIWorld that is not listed at this time? 

    Our surveys show that most every real estate salesperson can come up with at least 10 real estate opportunities of properties for sale or for lease and at least five buyers within 90 days when challenged to do so.

    Are you working at least 15 to 20 opportunities to do business.  Do you know why this can be as valuable and more valuable that real estate board listings? ie: if you can not get a listing signed you can still work the opportunity to trigger leads, put an agreement in place first before divulging the address, show the property and make a sale just like a real estate board listing sale.

  4. Can you produce a Have or Want Sheet within 30 seconds? 

    Do you know why this can be very important if you do not write it down right away.

    Do you see how you can easily be missing working opportunities in the marketplace simply because you do not write it down to keep track of them.

    Want Sheet

    These sheets will help you keep organized. Keep track of every Want. Put the names and contact phone numbers on each along with geographic location, type of property, price range, and some sizzle (ie: why should anyone call you over the other buyers)

    Have Sheet

    These sheets will help you keep organized. Keep track of every Have opportunity. Put the names and contact phone numbers on each Have Sheet along with details on location, type of property, price and some sizzle. When you add the Have to ICIWorld, never put the address. Qualify people first.

    You should print out 10 have and want sheets and keep them in a legal size file folder in the top half of your briefcase. 

    One of the biggest responsibilities in my opinion of everyone in the business is to recognize important information that can make you money and then . . . write it down onto a Have or Want Sheet.  Your job is done!  It takes 14 seconds to write a Want. 

    Have real estate opportunities are any and all opportunities that are not on real estate boards at the moment.

    Fill them in while talking with people. If you talk to someone on Kijiji, write it down on aHave or Want Sheet. Every Have or Want could be worth $10,000 to $50,000 and more, couldn't it?  You can delegate them someone or yourself to place on ICIWorld to work on the Internet 24/7.

    The Have and Want Sheets are like a pilots checklist for a broker!  Use them in your initial counseling sessions with buyers and sellers.  Some brokers have done as many as twenty deals on this service!  Its the easiest way in the world to network information all year long . . . worldwide. 

    If you are not placing all your Have and Want opportunities can you be missing doing deals and not realize it?
  5. When people call you off an ad or a sign and for some reason they are not interested in your property, do you ask them if you found something that matches their acquisition criteria could you call them? 

    Do you write their criteria down onto a Have or Want Sheet and place it on ICIWorld so that your information can work 24/7 on the Internet to trigger a response from someone?
  6. Are all your listings up to date?  ie: do you modify them every 30-45 days?  WHY THIS QUESTION? 

    Do you know why fifty percent of the deals being done happen at the top half of the database and going forward they will need to be less than 90 days old? . 

    When you modify a listing, it goes to the top of the database receiving over a million hits per month, and then instantly and automatically your information is emailed out to the industry.  That is why many members get into transactions within a few days of modifying their information.  
  7. Do you know what does not happen if you renew your listing within 30 days?  WHY THIS QUESTION?  Some members modify their listings 2-3-4-5 times.  It would send duplicate, triplicate messages by email to the industry and drive everybody crazy.  If you have a major change that you need emailed to the industry simply place a brand new message.
  8. Do you provide links in your listings that help sell the location?  Including but not limited to Economic Development Agencies, Chamber of Commerce, State or Provincial Web Sites, country web sites, other sites that sell the location?  WHY THIS QUESTION?  I have a statement that I make to the industry that 90% of the brokers on the Internet have not really arrived because they are throwing properties on the internet with no due regard for the location.  And the three most important words in real estate are being missed.  We empower broker members to link to other sites . . . one of the true powers of the internet.  Instead of you building a $10,000 web site to sell the location of your listing, there already are web sites built that do that, you can link to them absolutely free.  This one training session alone empowers you how to do this and it is included in your membership.  Simply book an appointment now for training.
  9. Do you provide links to photos and place the word Photo in your subject line?  WHY THIS QUESTION?  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  To place a color picture in a local major newspaper could cost $400 to $800 and it may have a circulation of 1,000,000 people.  The internet has over 600,000,000 people as a market you can place pictures on the internet for free!  You can link to photos, virtual tours and more. This is all covered in a training session.
  10. What are the four ingredients that should be placed in the subject line!  WHY THIS QUESTION?  Everyone is overwhelmed with information, everyone is suffering from information overload.  You need to trigger a response, spark some interest within split seconds or you lose.  From our experience of over ten years in this information business, the subject line is one of the most important things we talk about to members.  It literally can be the difference between making money and not making money.  This is covered in a training session.
  11. Do all your listings have the four ingredients in them including sizzle?  WHY THIS QUESTION?  With the competition in the marketplace it is necessary to spark interest because their are so many demands on a persons time.  Give them a reason to call you.  Sizzle . . . why should anyone call on your property when there are many others out there in the same price range?  This is covered in a training session as well.
  12. Are all your listings in the right category, with the right price, etc.  WHY THIS QUESTION?  You are ultimately responsible for your information.  This is a bigger responsibility than you think.  We are not like a real estate board where people check your listings.  We have seen Wants placed in Haves.  People will not even find you!  Click on Latest World after you have placed your information to see how the public sees your information.  Make changes where necessary.
  13. Since many people search space for lease by square footage, is yours correct? When you have a large space that is divisible, do you place the separate modules in separate listings?
  14. Do you have the word Wanted in the subject line for your wants?
  15. Are your phone numbers and email and web site address correct in all your listings?
  16. Have you supplied us with a logo so when you do your printouts you can print information with your logo? 
  17. Have you updated your personal record for Market Area and Specialty and comments?  WHY THIS QUESTION?  Many people find an agent by searching for their specialty.  It works by key word.  If you have not placed your key word in your specialty you may have just missed someone calling you.
  18. Have you placed a link on YOUR HOME PAGE that says "My Listings" or "My Commercial Listings" that pulls all your listings off ICIWorld and displays them on the screen of the viewer?  WHY THIS QUESTION?  One problem every broker has, is adding, modify and deleting information on their home page.  You have a complete solution on ICIWorld . . . your own database.  This is covered in a training session.
  19. Have you placed the special ICIWorld banner on YOUR HOME PAGE?  This special banner is a link to 15,000 real estate ads, especially structured in a way that the public has to call YOU for more information. This generates "Leads For a Lifetime." Leads result in referrals.  Referrals average five minutes to do and ten thousand dollars. If you do not have it, you are simply missing doing deals and do not even know it.

    Residential brokers can do referrals.  This link generates leads to do referrals. All brokers and salespeople in the world should have it.
  20. If you have the link to the 15,000 listings, people will be more likely to want to list with you, in order to plug in to this powerful network.  It will show how well plugged in your are to the buyers of the world.
  21. Do you have a Home Page? All members should have a home page.  It is free!  It will generate leads. If you don't have one, why not? It only takes 60 minutes. Do you know we help you in your office over the phone?
  22. Have you read the article "How To Promote Your Web Site?" This is a secret competitive report for members only.  It is our goal to have each and every member, number one in their market areas. This shows you how to do it.  Have you done it yet?  You are missing doing business. To do referrals you need leads.  To gain leads you need traffic. This article tells you how to build traffic.
  23. What is the maximum number of photos you can place in one ad?
  24. Do you use the Statistics of July/2004, printed out in color, in your listing presentations?  WHY THIS QUESTION? When you go on a listing presentation, other brokers will say they are on MLS you will say you are on MLS, they do local advertising, you do local advertising, they are on the internet, you are on the internet.  However the way you are on the internet is significantly different than the way they are on the internet and you can show them by printing out the statistics in color.  And this is for commercial real estate, not clouded by other stats.
  25. Have you ever used a list of Wants in your listing presentations to show a list of buyers for something you are trying to list?  WHY THIS QUESTION?  Go to www.iciworld.net, click on Backups World Database, search for the Wants in your area and business category.  This is a very powerful presentation when you can show a developer for instance who is thinking of selling his little shopping center for $1M, a list of 70 buyers of shopping centers!  It has helped members get listings from banks, power of sales, and much more.  You literally can pick up the phone and start making appointments to show your property.  It is that fast! Are you using this in your listing presentation? If not why not? It is a powerful listing tool that shows how well you are connected into buyers in the marketplace.
  26. Do you subscribe to receive the DIGEST of the latest listings in your area daily? WHY THIS QUESTION?  This is a free service to the whole industry.  If the right information can make you a lot of money, then why not receive it in the form of a DIGEST.   One email but with up to 25 listings in it.  Pick up the phone and make an appointment to show.  It is that fast. One developer gets a jump on the marketplace and has done three deals right from the DIGEST.
  27. Do you subscribe to receive the For Sale By Owner listings, literally within 1 hour after they have been placed?  WHY THIS QUESTION?  This is found business.  These are people motivated to do business and they are placing their Haves and Wants on the system for free, but the only people that can read that information are the broker members of the service.  There have been apartment buildings placed there, one doctor placed his 100,000 sq.ft. industrial building and thousands more.  HELP THEM!
  28. Have you ever tried to do business with people in the FSBO area?  If not, why not?
  29. When you place a Want, do you search for a list of all the Haves that match your criteria?
  30. When you place a Have, do you search for a list of Wants that match your criteria?
  31. Do you know the three ways to receive information? 1. Backups World Database, Subscribe to Free EMail Publications, Advanced?
  32. Have you ever used the Advanced Search Feature?
    1. Did you know you can select states and or provinces and sort in several ways?
    2. Did you know you can search industrial buildings and sort by square footage?
    3. Did you know you can search for a city and sort by Type Description, or by Price?
    4. Have you ever search Wants, by a business area, and sorted on the word Location?
  33. When you call someone and a property is sold, do you take the time to develop a relationship and discuss something else not on the service?  Do you ask them if they will share how much it sold for?
  34. Do you only place real estate board type listings?  Have you ever worked open and exclusive listings? 
  35. Have you ever worked properties "coming for sale?"
  36. Do you place addresses in your listings?  Do you know why we recommend not to place addresses?
  37. Are you maximizing all the opportunities to do business that you think you can?
  38. Are you putting agreements in place before divulging or showing open and exclusive listings?
  39. Have you ever been in the Resource Center?
  40. Have you every read through the Training Program?
  41. Have you ever read "How to Link to Photos .... etc." 
  42. One of the True Powers of the Internet in Marketing is the Power of Linking.  Do you know how to do it and do it effectively?
  43. Do you know how big your global audience is?  How many and where are they?  Do you structure your ads accordingly, knowing your potential audience?
  44. Are you aware you can spend as little as a several minutes to 30 minutes a month actually on the computer yet still maximize your opportunities to make six figure incomes?
  45. Do you know what filtering is and why it is important for every business person to learn it?
  46. Do you know how to send out EMail to groups of people?  
  47. Did you know you can send out an email with one link that produces your listings when people click on it? 
  48. Did you know you can send an EMail with a link to just one of your listings?
  49. Do you ask questions of potential buyers and sellers as much as you can?  Do you ask questions of people in spheres of influence such as lawyers if they have any clients or prospects who want to buy or sell?
  50. Do you scan the newspaper classifieds, make contact, ask the three important questions? Will they pay a commission? Will they cover a showing with an agreement?  Is it okay to place it on ICIWorld without an address?
  51. Do you know how to place an icon on your desktop that produces ICIWorld on the screen?  
  52. Do you know how to place an icon to the most important information you like to review daily?
  53. Searching:
    1. Do you know how to search your Business Area and sort by price?
    2. Can you print out a list of apartment buildings and sort by price or city?
    3. Do you know how to print out a list of industrial buildings for lease and sort by square footage?
    4. Can you print out a list of properties in a city and sort by price, or type description?
    5. Do you know how to search by Business Area and sort by location?
    6. Can you search a list of businesses and sort by type description?
    7. Can you print our a list of industrial buildings from 20,000 sq. ft. to 40,000 sq.ft.? 
    8. Can you search a list of buyers and sort by location?
    9. Can you search a list of shopping centers and sort by price?
    10. Have you tried to use the Advanced Search Feature?
  54. Have you explored the Resource Center for all the other services in the world that could be benefiting you?  Do you know there are connections for principals of hotels, shopping centers, space for lease throughout the USA and more?  
  55. Have you ever sent out the latest listings that are published on ICIWorld to your sphere of influence? Have you ever considered developing a monthly or quarterly fax multicast or email multi cast yourself to all people within your sphere of influence? Do you realize this can all be free and can generate great responses?
  56. What is more important than the listings on the service?
  57. Do you have any questions that you think should be on this list?
  58. Do you have suggestions of items that should be added to this list?

Well?  How did you do?  

If you miss any one of the above, you are easily missing opportunities to make money.

If there is any one item that you do not see the benefit, call us and we can explain.

Get excited and start implementing a marketing plan.  Call us anytime to discuss all or any part of this plan.

There is a reason for every single question.  Please feel free to contact me now for an explanation.

The good news is that you can book a training update session any time.  It is by appointment.  It is free at this time, but there will be a charge in the future because as the service grows, trainers will be required and they will have to be paid.

Many members have done more than one deal they can attribute as a result of a contact through this service.  It does not happen by accident or throwing the odd property on the internet.  There is an Internet Strategy, a Marketing Plan, a comprehensive way to ensure you are maximizing your opportunities to serve your clients successfully and make money in the process.  You have the Ultimate Responsibility to manage your information.  Are you doing the best job you can?  

Do not hesitate to contact me for an upgrade training session anytime.


Gary Nusca, CCIM
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