Mortgage Broker's Program

ICIWorld continues to build a community of people interested in real estate.

There are 24,000+ real estate buyers and sellers posting Haves and Wants.

Almost every transaction requires financing in one way shape or form.

This is an opportunity for you to learn how to reach them, and . . . to have them want to reach you.

Readership is over 1,800,000 hits per month from over 50,000 people per month. 

There are over 10,000 EMails delivering Have and Want information daily to the public.

Mortgage brokers can join ICIWorld but with special arrangements.

Membership is $750 per year + an originators fee.

If you were successful in placing a $4,000,000 loan as a result of a contact generated through ICIWorld, would you consider paying a finders fee as a consideration of making that contact as a result of your membership in ICIWorld?

We work with mortgage brokers throughout the world.

However the right to renewal each year is not automatic. 

We reserve the right to not renew your membership for various reasons.

  • One reason for instance is that our exit strategy may be to sell our service to a major lending institution who may want an exclusive to market financing.
  • Our arrangement depends on your integrity because we do not track the leads.
  • The amount of business that is done or not done.
  • Other reasons.

We have a limited number of mortgage brokers who are members at this time who we feel comfortable with, who afre making great connections to do deals and with whom we are generating revenue.

We propose that you place messages on the service of the various financing products that you might specialize in.

We work with you to place these messages until you feel comfortable placing them yourself.

You have full access to the service including the private FSBO listings.

You work the enquiries directly when people contact you.

When any deal is consummated you agree to send a referral fee.

Contact us for details.

It is a win win situation and we look forward to working with you.

You can place a link now on your web site in your resource center to or without joining our service. When people see something they like hopefully they call you to enquire about financing it. Details.

Gary Nusca, CCIM
Contact us is an advertising networking service much like classified ads in a newspaper, free to the public and supported by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople throughout the world.

The latest service provides the ability for members to place the real estate ads on their own home page in a way that they get the calls.  See "Leads For A Lifetime." I believe it can be one of the most significant new developments in technology for the real estate industry world wide.  This is because absolutely everyone who gets it can benefit.

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