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Everyone please note change of pages (as of Aug 30, 2012)
Our news page used to be the security page

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Everyone please note change of pages

This page will become strictly a real estate news page or news that can affect real estate.

ICIWorld News Page

Real Estate News & Economic News (as of Aug. 30, 2012)

ICIWorld Newspaper

Article BBC News: Economic instability in the eurozone has affected the lives of millions of people on the continent. As uncertainty continues, and the wounds threaten to get deeper for the single currency, the pain will be felt in the UK too. (Editors note: Most would agree also in North America and around the world)

How will that affect you? What does it mean for your chances of getting a job, a mortgage or a decent pension?

Eurozone Crisis

Newspapers of the World

This following section Date Aug 27, 2012

Our whole web site is always a work in progress and there is just so much time to build things.

This section has not been checked for a while.

The reason that it remains here is because many of the links may lead to relevant information that can still benefit you.

Real Estate News

No more cold-calling for U.S. REALTORS

New York Times Commercial Real Estate
Do Big Firms Have A Sales Gap?
Apartment Markets Out of Kilter

Thousands of newspapers on the Net Links to more than 5000 newspapers on the Internet.

Gateway to Your Local Newspaper

Since New Year's Day 2000, Americans' stock portfolios have lost nearly $4 trillion, but their home equity has grown by $1.2 trillion. 

Real estate . . . still the best investment!

CCIM Magazine   Globe St.
Economics for Decision Makers
The Conference Board
How Many Online? Who is Using the Internet?

Canada's Online Commercial Real Estate News

Real Estate Council of Ontario

Place Your Haves/Wants Free USA Market

Place Your Haves/Wants Free Canadian Market

Alta Vista Commercial Real Estate News

Commercial Real Estate Direct

Real Estate Marketing Magazine Article (ICIWorld)

Canada News Wire

Best country to do business next five years. Tops in broadband use.

Realty Times

Broker Agent News Sports
Coldwell Banker Commercial Royal Lepage Press Releases Colliers International Global Research Database
  CB Richard Ellis Research  
 Royal LePage News Releases TREB Commercial Lycos News
The Technology 'To-Do' List for Real Estate Pros - 2004
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Real Estate Journal
The Wall Street Journal Guide to Property

Globe & Mail

News Canada News Europe
News Toronto News Montreal News Vancouver
Florida Chicago California
Real Estate Predictions
Fortune 500 News
Single Best Source of Facts on the Internet
Should Banks Sell Real Estate - article
Real Estate Articles

News for your area? Click on any link that starts with News above.  When you get to Yahoo news, in the search news box, type in your state or province or city and the words real estate news and search.  

For example type in Denver real estate news or Atlanta real estate news.

To show the continued growth and expected use of the internet here are some interesting figures to demonstrate.  The Internet and related services continue to grow!

Total online retail revenue in Asia-Pacific for 1999 was $2.8 billion, compared to $3.5 billion in Europe and $36.6 billion in the United States.  But the region is projected to grow to more than $7 billion this year.  The major countries are Japan, Korea and Australia.

Europe's consumer Internet industry is growing faster than ever before.  The 25 million Western European households with Internet access will grow to 64 million by 2004.  By the end of 2000, 18% of Spanish households and 40% of Swedish households will have PC-based Internet access.

More than 86% of the 1 billion Web pages are in English.

Teens do not access the Internet as much as adults: 38% of teenage Internet users access the Web more than once a day, compared with 52% of adult Internet users.

Canada must do a much better job of explaining itself to a U.S. audience that extends beyond politicians and diplomats. An insistent reminder is required that Canadians fought and died in Afghanistan, that Canadian ships are protecting U.S. ships attacking Iraq, that trade is two-way and worth nearly $2 billion a day.

Economist: No letup in '06 for commercial real estate

Commercial real estate Haves and Wants for the World.

If your company or organization has a news page, we may be happy to place a link here. Contact us.

"The technology revolution has barely begun," according to Microsoft Canada president Frank Clegg.  "Many pundits have confused the end of the first stage of the technology revolution with the end of the revolution itself."  "I firmly believe we're in the early stages of a technological revolution just as significant as that of electricity."  (source: Toronto Star Jan 29/2002)

Point/Counterpoint (Broker/Agent News)

Internet Traffic Report

Harris Poll Library

TREB News Reports

ICIWorld News

Jan/2003. New records are set regularly by members on ICIWorld. There are now over $1 Trillion of Buyers, over $6 Billion of property sale and lease opportunities. There are over 8,000 pages on the Internet that link to Haves and Wants on ICIWorld.

There are now over 10,000 EMails delivering Haves and Wants daily to the industry world wide.

Sept./2002 ICIWorld has now developed and operates its own ICIWorld EMail List Servers. Yahoo reported there were too many listings (messages) within a twenty minute period and arbritrarily cut off the 3 largest ICIWorld services and left 38 of ICIWorlds smaller servers operating.

ICIWorld now does the EMailing itself. ICIWorld distributes over 10,000 EMails per day to selected EMail services around the world of listings added to the service. It does this instantly and automatically for member Haves and Wants. It is free for the public to subscribe.

Members report liking it better because there are no pop up ads. You can subscribe free to receive Haves and Wants for your location. You make contact and do deals right from the EMails. ICIWorld EMail List Servers.

Financial Forum Article Gary Nusca, CCIM
ICIWorld speaks at major financial events attracting investors to network Have and Want real estate information with members.

Dealer helps find locations

Restaurant News. A restaurant dealer is not only selling equipment, but also helping operators where they can find a place to use it.

Arctic Refrigeration and Equipment has entered what it says is "an exclusive strategic alliance" with ICIWorld Commercial Real Estate Network.

"This gives Arctic the capability to offer its new and existing restaurant operators immediate access to hundreds of commercial real estate professionals nationwide," says the release.

Arctic customers can use the network to find sites for new openings or relocations says Arctic manager Cameron Stewart.

For ICIWorld this provides leads for member brokers and salespeople to find and lease and sell space.

A recent article in Fortune Magazine stated "97 out of every 100 self made millionaires made it all through real estate investments!"




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