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RE: Placing your listings in Database 2 Free FSBO Area

For the public: Information is circulated to members of ICIWorld. If and when they have a buyer or seller that can help you they will contact you.  You make your own arrangements for compensation. Many deals are done.  However the ultimate marketing is to place your information with an Executive Member so they can place it in Database 1 which receives the widest exposure.

For Realtors: A personal message and invitation from Gary Nusca, CCIM, AMP View Gary Nusca, CCIM's profile on LinkedIn operator.

Everyone should know that Database 2 has limited exposure. 

The only people that can see your contact information are the members of ICIWorld only who are all licensed real estate salespeople. (See Who Can Join)

Licensed real estate salespeople are invited to become a members.  See details.

Doing it this way by essentially only allowing licensed real estate salespeople to join, brings more information out of the woodwork so to speak all in one place to help provide greater choices to the public in order to serve the public better.

Our members enjoy helping principal buyers and sellers in Database 2 and indeed there was one $25M sale of a $40M portfolio, another buyer placed his Want for an income building and a CCIM member found it, called and showed and sold it.  See the deals being done and get excited. This should be your inspiration as it is ours to grow the service. This is cutting edge technology of networking information unlike any other service.

The differences of placing information in Database 1 versus Database 2 can be the difference of selling or not selling, or finding a property. May I explain:

  • Only members can place information in Database 1
  • Database 1 provides a) the contact name and number of the person placing the ad, b) an opportunity for someone to EMail the member and c) a link to their web site all publicly available.
  • Database 1 is receiving world wide exposure from over 50,000 on a regular basis, with listings appearing on over 1,000 other brokers web sites and over 10,000 EMails deliver Have and Want listings to the real estate industry and the public.
  • When you place information in Database 1 your information goes to the top of the database that is receiving world wide exposure and people can contact you personally.  It is like classified advertising in a newspaper but to a world market. People can call you by phone, send you an email, and visit your web site if you have one.
  • When you place information in Database 1 your information not only is placed in a database that is receiving world wide exposure but also your information is emailed out to the industry.  10,000 to 20,000 EMails deliver all Haves and Wants to the public within 24 hours. You can do this for all your listings all year long.
  • When you place information in Database 1, you have a choice to allow your listings to be advertised on other brokers web sites.  What is better exposure, to have your listing on one web site or on 1,000 other brokers web sites as well?
  • Your information will be available on over 18,000 pages on the Internet instantly and automatically and the public can contact you directly.

Additionally when you are a member:

  • we help you with your web site. By providing the listings on ICIWorld in a way that you get the calls.
  • we help you learn how to promote your web site because it is absolutely inevitable that you get calls from the links we supply unless you have no traffic to your web site. Our goal is to get the traffic on the Internet going to your web site. This is what is generating leads off the Internet for all members in addition to the listings.
  • we supply the most powerful web sites on the planet earth.  You could have a $30,000 web site and it would not be as powerful as the ones we supply from ICIworld for $199 per year. 
  • we recommend you have more than one web site because they are like billboards. We support all your web sites. If they all make you money then why not. You can link them together. You only need one business card because when people go to that one, they can see the link to the other one.
  • unless you have the links from ICIWorld to listings then you are missing opportunities to do business and do not realize it. This is because we supply you with thousands of listings that are not on real estate boards.  They are exclusive.  This gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace because other brokers and salespeople do not have these thousands of opportunities.
  • we are official distributors of the Point2 web site. We are official educators.  We are a first line of support when you get the web site from us. Over 200,000 real estate people have these web sites.  However most do not know how to maximize their opportunities. They are missing opportunities to do business and do not realize it.  It is like having an office building 3/4 built, the doors are missing and people are going in and out and you are not getting calls.  The rooms are empty because you are missing stocking it with listings in your area, condos, residential homes, commercial properties, businesses, and much more BOTH MLS AND EXCLUSIVE.  That is where ICIWorld steps in.   Not only to help set this all up while you watch us do it with your input, but to show you how you can customize it when finished.
  • This is your office building to the world.  A real office costs $3,000 to $80,000 per month to operate and more. A web site has the same function to attract new buyers and sellers and it is only $199 per year.  The Canadian Real Estate Association has just made an agreement with Point2 to put MLS listings on its system.
  • We know how to set it up, supply you with links, show you how to customize it, show you how to promote and it comes with a pledge.

Our Pledge is that every single member of ICIWorld either does a deal every 90 days or at the very least develops good business relationships with others they feel will lead to doing deals or you call us. You either are not doing something, or have a material defect in your membership, or no traffic to your web site.

We have solutions for all of this.

Started in 1994, ICIWorld has become preeminent on the Internet leading the way with new technology, concepts and ideas that are making money and generating leads for all members.

See the deals now taking place!  It is very exciting.  This should also be your inspiration to get excited about this service.

How you start is signup.  Then the work begins. Call us for a 30 minute workshop. You should get a USB headset and microphone. You can use a regular phone until you get one of these headsets.  Call 416-214-4875 and sit in front of your computer 10 minutes before your appointment time.  Appointments are conducted in 30 minute sessions daily in your business or home office over the phone while you are on the computer. The first 30 minutes is an orientation. Presto you will be able to add Haves and Wants for both commercial and residential opportunities.  You notice I said opportunities.  You can work FSBO listings as well as MLS and we will show you how in a special 12 minute video. In my professional opinion and I have been a broker since 1972 there is ten times the amount of business one can do that what you can do on a real estate board.  I should know.  I have served on MLS committees.

Over time you will learn how things work and you will make things work especially when you do your first deal or referral.  Yes referral.  There is one thing better than listing and selling real estate and it is referrals because they are only 5 minutes to do and make $3,000 to $10,000. Our best one that we know of is a Re/Max agent who has done 15 referrals over a 6 month period and he made $45,000.  The only reason real estate salespeople do not do referrals is . . . because they do not get the leads. Our goal is to help you generate leads off the Internet and do referrals AND direct business.

In my opinion of seeing thousands of deals over the years, real estate salespeople are simply missing opportunities to do business and do not realize it.

I personally invite you to call anytime to chat.

We appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, Inc.



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