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For professionals in the commercial real estate industry.

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Private Financing for the GTA and Ontario
Starter Home Page Site for the commercial real estate industry and for any product or service
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Spreadsheet Software

Before and After Tax Analysis of Income Producing Real Estate and more!

Investit Software

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Commercial Pro Software

Exclusively available through ICIWorld

Legal Documents, Power Point Presentation for your company, Before and After Tax Analysis of Income Producing Real Estate

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Analysis Package

Documents Package

  • Agent Information
  • Brochures
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Client Representation
  • Commission Agreements
  • Confidentiality Documents
  • Credit Information Forms
  • Listing Agreements
  • Broker Mailouts
  • Marketing Packages
  • Offer Information Clauses
  • Offers to Lease
  • Office use documents
  • Presentations
  • Proposals
  • Property Study Reports
  • Real Estate Forms


The Commercial Pro Suite - combining the Documents package, and the Analysis package, and Presentations - has all the resources essential to success in the commercial real estate industry are right here in one leading edge software package.

The commercial real estate industry encompasses and wide variety of people.  These include commercial real estate professionals, people in charge of acquisition and disposition of property, developers, builders, owners, managers, bankers, mortgage brokers, buyers and sellers, investors, business people, real estate brokers and salespeople, and much more.

Services to this industry encompass everything from people who sell computers, software, spreadsheet programs, office furniture, cars, telephones and everything needed to run a successful office and conduct business.

With the explosion of what is happening on the Internet, there are new things that many of us are not aware of that we probably should have, in order to save us time and money and make our jobs a little bit easier.

With that in mind anyone who has a product or service of any kind that could benefit business people in this profession should make arrangements with ICI World to present their services and/or products here.

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