Want, U.S.A.,SouthEast (AL GA FL NC SC VA), Residential estates, single family homes, condos, cottages, vacation homes

427359Wanted Lake County Florida, 10+ acres with min 3000 sq ft home, $500K - $1M, preapproved ready to act quickly
427358Wanted Lake County Florida, Lakefront Home, $500K - $1M, qualified approved already
426901Wanted: Broward, Single Family, 400K-1M, rehab OK, no HOA. Cash Buyer.
426309Wanted: Hillsboro, Pinellas, Pasco Orange Counties, Florida, Single-family or multifamily, $300,000- $500,000, cash buyer, Rehab up to 80k, no HOA.
426000Wanted Florida from Miramar to Coral Springs Prefer Pembroke Pines Single Family Home $450K - $700K, Pre Approved
425999Wanted Miami Single Family Home, $350K - $450K, Pre Approved
425763Wanted Florida, West Palm Beach to Miramar, West to I95, Broward and Palm Beach County, Single Family Home, $295K - $350K, Qualified.
421065Wanted: Florida, Multifamily, $250K - $2M, Serious qualified cash buyer, Realtor is the buyer, Can act quickly, 2 week to 6 month closing, commission negotiable
377113Wanted: Well-funded investor group seeking portfolio of affordable central FL rental homes. Builder inventory. Off-market. Various stages of completion.