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Features and Benefits of an Executive Membership

Each item has been carefully thought out, designed with the input from other real estate brokers and salespeople over the years, and we bring the latest for your consideration here . . . now.

Each one of the following in our opinion is worth ten times the price of admission. ie: 10x319=$3,190. Ask those who have made 4,5,6 and 7 figure incomes.

All techniques, real estate concepts, information tools, have been tried proven and tested by hundreds of real estate professional members and the public we all serve. The information tools, concepts and strategies unique on ICIWorld are working smoothly in the real estate business today. The growth is unlimited.

Get someone to join and get them to mention your name as a sponsor and you can receive a credit on renewal and they can join for $240 for one year. See Sponsorship Program.

  1. With one click reach the world market for all your listings, Haves and Wants all year long, commercial and residential. Statistics show readership of over 1.5 million hits per month from people in 138 countries.

    There are 3.5 billion people using the Internet and ICIWorld has been on the Internet since 1994 penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet with over 18,000 pages displaying information of members so they can do business.

    Today with new ICIWorld Widgets there are over 1,000+ brokers and salespeople displaying the database of listings, Haves and Wants on their website that can trigger leads the moment they are installed.

    75% of the information is exclusive on ICIWorld.

    Results within 60 seconds on your phone People can then click on your phone number in the listing, or visit your website or the link to the listing, or call or EMail you to see a property, get more information.

    People world wide can use the ICIWorld Apps for iPhones and Androids, Blackberries, Windows. People are only one click away from seeing your information. There are 50-150 new listings daily and the default is Active Status Listings, less than 90 days old. It is up to date information with the ability to use older listings for networking purposes.

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: Get all your listings, Haves and Wants onto ICIWorld to maximize your opportunities to connect with others. Build your own network from people you meet on this network. Network information not just listings. See 50 pages of testimonials of brokers doing deals from learning how. This is cutting edge technology and concepts in real estate learned from working in the industry for 40+ years and the wonderful collaboration with other professionals in the industry. Invite to do a seminar in your office, or webinar over the Internet.

  2. Our Pledge: Everyone makes connections to do business or call us. It has been proven time and time again, that anyone not making connections to do business has probably simply been too busy to place an ad, keep it current, or even place the widgets on their own website. That is why Our Pledge works. See the checklist in Our Pledge. If you are computer challenged, call us. We have unlimited patience and enjoy working with you. The widgets are inevitable to generate leads because a) it is like having classified ads on your website from an industry; b) the ads are do not show the contact information, people have to call you. If you do not receive calls it is not the listings fault, it is because you may have little or no traffic to your website. We help with that if you allow us to help you. It only takes a 30 minute Webinar Workshop Session or two to fix any issues.

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: If you are not doing a deal every 90 days or at the very least developing good business relationships that you feel will lead to doing a deal, call us. 416-214-4875 and get into a 30 minute workshop.

  3. Let ICIWorld do the work industry wide, world wide for you keeping your information working 24/7 even while you are sleeping. Your Listings, Haves and Wants are maintained and actively displayed and working to generate leads in an Internet searchable world real estate database started in 1994 and working smoothly to this day with your contact information available to the public as long as you are a member. In one respect similar to classifed ads in a newspaper.

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: Get all your listings, Haves and Wants onto ICIWorld to maximize your opportunities to connect with others locally and globally.

  4. See testimonials of deals being done. This is proof positive that in addition to advertising real estate board listings to make money, that working exclusive information opens up opportunities to do business for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople world wide not available on real estate boards. Having exclusive information available to the public triggers leads. This gives the public more opportunities to do business. This gives real estate brokers and salespeople opportunities to expand their business to serve the public and make money. Real estate professionals are no longer restricted to making money just with a real estate board listing. Now you can do both. You just need exposure. And you need to identify exclusive information that can make you money and how to work it. We show you how. This service started from talking about Haves and Wants in CCIM marketing sessions and has grown now to serve the world.

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: Get all your listings, Haves and Wants onto ICIWorld to maximize your opportunities to connect with others. Learn how to work exclusive information. Every member should have a minimum of fifteen opportunities because you can work information not just listings on a real estate board.

  5. Results within 60 seconds on everyone's phone with add it to your home screen on your phone. As long as your information is placed and less than 90 days old you will make connections to do business. ICIWorld Apps and the website display, Haves and Wants on mobile devices world wide. Try selecting your city and click on search database. Try selecting a key word or type of property and click on search database. Anything more than 60 seconds and you are doing something wrong. Learn how to sort on price or industrial buildings by square feet, etc. Learn how to select a from date or age of listing such as 1 month, 3 months, etc. This is because we do not delete listings for five years. They are used for networking purposes. Set your own date how far back you wish to search.

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: Practise search the latest listings for your city, the latest type of property, practise sorting them by price, by geographic area. Any longer than 60 seconds call us. We will help you get it all working.

  6. We promote your listings in many ways. The recent campaign is called Results in 60 seconds on your phone. Add to your home screen. This ad marketing campaign is underway now with brochures and front page advertising in trade publications and much more! People took 5,000 brochures from the seminar by Tony Robbins, 1,000's at the Franchise Expo Show, and thousands more distributed. We are promoting to 50,000+ If you do not have your opportunities on ICIWorld they do not show up, and most agree you can easily be missing doing a deal and not realize it. This is all in addition to what is going on on the Internet.

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: Make sure your listings are less than 90 days old or they do not show up on the ICIWorld Apps.

  7. Listings, Haves and Wants are instantly also displayed on 1,000+ other brokers websites penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet. Every member also advertises their website extensively. This means a lot of money is spent on advertising to bring attention to listings on their websites. People can find your listings on their websites through the ICIWorld Widgets that are installed on members websites. This triggers leads that lead to referral opportunities for you on your own listings.

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: At the bottom of each listing there is a question, will you allow your listings to be on other brokers websites. Would you work with another broker if they brought you in an offer? Then answer yes because what is better, to have your listing on one website or on 1,000+ websites.

  8. See Samples. Add ICIWorld Widgets of listings, Haves and Wants to your website. This trigger leads for all real estate professional websites. It is absolutely inevitable! This is lead generation from your website. It is a simple EMail instruction from us to you to forward to your website designer.

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: Order the Widgets. Forward the EMail of instructions to your website designer. Call us after they are installed so we can check and make sure they are working properly. Have your website designer call us to help if needed.

  9. We advertise in major real estate industry trade publications. Then when people visit they see your listings, Haves and Wants and call you. This is lead generation for your listings and links to your website. We are like a major salesperson for you, working 24/7 to promote your listing opportunities.

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: We like feedback on when you make connections and deals. This inspires us to do more for you.

  10. ICIWorld drives traffic to your website. Everyone agrees they can use more traffic to their own website. These leads also happen from ICIWorld attendance at trade shows, conferences, expos, with thousands of people walking by the ICIWorld booth, receiving website brochures, people search ICIWorld, see your listings, click on links to YOUR website. This triggers leads for you. This is lead generation. 

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: Make sure your website is listed in your Member Record on ICIWorld.

  11. Save time. There are really only two things you will be doing on ICIWorld once you are setup and understand how to work exclusive information. 1. Search from time to time. 2. Place an ad and with one click reach 40,000+/- people. Update your information every 30-60 days and never let your listings, Haves and Wants go longer than 90 days old or they do not show up on the ICIWorld Mobile Apps being rolled out to the industry and the public.

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: Learn how to work exclusive information, learn how to search within 60 seconds, learn how to place an ad with one click. Update listings once every 30-60 days. Then work the results, show property and make money. Minimum time on website, log in a minimum of once per month.

  12. Personal training and assistance one on one available. Valuable because you get started fast. Once you know how to place listings, keep them up to date once a month, and search, you will have the tools to make connections. You will be dealing directly with the public. By placing your ads, you make your information available to others 24 hours a day while you are doing other things. ICIWorld does the work maintaining a working searchable database for the world to access.

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: Do not hesitate to call us. If you are stuck on anything longer than five minutes, give us a call.

  13. Access to the FSBO (For Sale By Owner Area) listings, Haves and Wants placed by the public free in Database 2 and exclusive listings from brokers who are not members of the service. Deal direct with buyers and sellers. And . . . some brokers who are not members we allow them to place their exclusive listings in Database 2. This gives members opportunities never before possible. If you can make $30,000 with one of these other brokers then that is a benefit to you. We are not giving anything away because the public can not click on these listings. And . . . these listings are on your website and can trigger leads for you! 

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: When you call someone in Database 2 FSBO Area, have something for them to consider if they are a buyer, you could use the three special questions used to work exclusive information.

  14. Learn how to work exclusive opportunities. Expand your opportunities to do business. You can advertise these opportunities to the public!!! They trigger leads. Many members sell directly to the public. See testimonials. Real estate boards limit you to having a signed listing. Now expand your opportunities with ICIWorld, networking exclusive information. We show you how. 5-6-7 figure incomes are being generated by members working exclusive information in addition to real estate board listings. This is for commercial AND residential real estate.

    MEMBER RECOMMENDATION: Learn the three special questions that can help you network exclusive information in a competent fashion and in compliance with RECO or your real estate licensing body.

  15. All your exclusive opportunities are advertised to the public. These trigger leads just like real estate board listings do. There is no other service in the world doing this that we know of. This is unique from ICIWorld. This expands your opportunities to do business that you do not have now.

    MEMBER RECOMMENDATION: Learn the three special questions that can help you network exclusive information in a competent fashion and in compliance with RECO or your real estate licensing body.

  16. Lead Generation. Links are provided in every listing, Have and Want that you place, on ICIWorld and available to the public. The public can click on links to your website to colour photos, slide show displays, EMail, Website, phone numbers and more. You get the calls directly from the public as an active member.

    MEMBER RECOMMENDATION: Let us help you place one ad. Then you will know how these links work to your website and how you can link directly to the colour photos on your website.

  17. Smart marketing. Market the location of your properties not just throw properties on the Internet. We say that 90% of the brokers are missing the boat on the Internet. There are people from 138 countries. Do they know how wonderful your location is? Take advantage of ICIWorld's unique way to help sell the location of all your properties. Don't miss the three important words in real estate. Location location location. We show you how to provide links that help sell the location of your properties to the people.

    MEMBER RECOMMENDATION: Let us help you place one ad. Then you will know how these links work to your website and how you can link directly to the colour photos on your website and how you can link to sites that help sell the location of your properties. We will actually do it for you to be helpful.

  18. Invest in your self. Your return should be sales every year. Cost to works out to less than 1/10th of 1 cent per line per day to an audience that is world wide, all year long for all your listings, Haves and Wants. This is an investment not a cost because you should be doing deals. One transaction, one referral pays for a lifetime of services from ICIWorld. You should be doing business every 3 months or call us.

    MEMBER RECOMMENDATION: The Internet is the most amazing medium known to man. People from around the world are all connected. Learn with us how to make it all work.

  19. Listings are distributed to 20,000+/- subscribers by EMail daily for all your listings all year long, to the public and the real estate industry. Links in this EMail include your phone, EMail, Website. That is why some of the best responses happen within 24 to 48 hours. One developer has purchased three properties, all of which came to him through EMail from ICIWorld. He does not even visit the website.

    MEMBER RECOMMENDATION: Learn how new listings get sent out to the industry by EMail. How listings modified after thirty days get emailed out, but listings modified within 30 days do not get EMailed out.

  20. Mobile Websites - The New Internet Revolution - Happening Now. See samples. Totally setup and designed while you watch and provide direction. Free for 30 days then $199/year ($16.50) if you want to keep it. Includes ICIWorld Widgets that are absolutely inevitable to generate leads. Training and support.

    MEMBER RECOMMENDATION: As an assistant for you, we can get this set up very quickly in a Webinar Workshop. Website are like billboads, you can have more than one. As long as they are all making money then why not! Any issues call us.

  21. How To Promote Your Website - a monthly Webinar from ICIWorld. One idea that triggers a person to go to your website and ask you about a listing can make you a lot of money. We suggest taking this every single month until you are producing leads from your website. What good is a website if you have no traffic? This is Lead Generation. One lead and you make enough for a lifetime of services. One key is to have listings from ICIWorld on your website so that when you do promotion you will get leads since the listings from ICIWorld do not allow people to click on them, they have to call you.

    MEMBER RECOMMENDATION: Take this monthly course until your website is making you money.

  22. Powerful listing tools. Use in your listing presentations. Statistics showing how you reach people in 138 countries. Print out a list of buyers and use it in your listing presentation. If you can print out a list of 200 buyers of apartment buildings and your competitor can not, who is going to get the listing? Some say it is the most powerful listing tool on the market today. 

    MEMBER RECOMMENDATION: In your next listing presentation or when talking to an owner of property, show him a list of buyers (without contact information) This will demonstrate to him/her how well connected you are in the marketplace of real estate. It can help you get the listing or at the very least give you permission to find a buyer.

  23. Retired brokers program.  Have fun the rest of your life doing just referrals. The only reason why brokers do not do referrals is because you do not get the leads. Now you will; Would you mind doing the odd five minute referral that makes you $3,000 to $10,000 and more?

    MEMBER RECOMMENDATION: Never give up your licence. Have fun doing the odd five minute referral. Collect checks for doing the odd referral. Have fun with us setting this up.

  24. Referral Brokers Program If you are a registered real estate salesperson you can do this. Work from home or part time. One broker did looking after his baby while his wife an accountant worked. He made $45,000 doing 15 referrals. A $16.50/mo. website and ICIWorld Widgets $40/mo. is all that is needed to get started. Someone calls you with a message number off your website. Look it up, call the other broker and say "I have a lead for you, is a 25% referral fee okay with you!" Learn How To Promote Your Website.

    MEMBER RECOMMENDATION: We see many part timers in the business who are actually missing doing referrals and do not realize it. Referrals are five minutes to do! They average $3,000 to $10,000 and more. All that is needed is the ICIWorld Widgets on a website! They trigger leads.

  25. Resource Center. We let every member discover it upon joining. Access to personal and business information compiled over 15 years ideas, concepts, tips, tools that will benefit you the rest of your life. Spreadsheet analysis programs and more Members who see it say it alone is worth the price of joining.

    MEMBER RECOMMENDATION: Explore this area when you have a chance.

  26. Security On the Internet. What you learn here can save you a lot of grief, aggravation and heartache. There are many common things that regular computer users know but others do not. And even for regular computer users there are things that will surprise you. Learn a better password, what phishing is, etc. If you do not, you are cruis'in for a brus'in.

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: Learn this page. In fact everyone on the Internet should learn items on this page. The whole family should take time together to learn.

  27. See deals being done.

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: Read these testimonials to see how deals were done. People called on one thing, and the broker thought it was a buyer when in fact it was another seller comparing properties. He ended up selling that property from the caller and made money. It is all about networking and exploring opportunities where you can be of service.

  28. Our Pledge

    MEMBERS RECOMMENDATION: If you are not doing business call us. There are solutions for everything. Do not go longer than 90 days without doing business or call us.

Moving Forward. There is continued progress being made with the concept of using new technology to benefit the real estate industry. We are all real estate brokers and salespeople trying to make all these new information tools work for the industry to serve well.

We are not a real estate board type service but rather more like classified ads in a newspaper, a real estate broker information listing service, with links to the full page of information on a brokers website or send the full pdf file or links to the full information on a property after you have identified who is interested.

In terms of membership it is similar to a real estate board in that we only allow licensed real estate brokers and salespeople to join the service. (*see who can join) In my opinion this makes it very compatible to have this service adopted by a real estate board on behalf of their members. One search widget can display all the exclusive listings of their members only is one suggestion. This is so new to the industry we invite inquiries to make a presentation.

The basics are established in terms of this service being a real estate broker and salesperson information listing service to serve the public.

We drive traffic to websites of members. We drive traffic to the Haves and Wants of members to help them serve the public. With one click place an ad and reach the world. Search on your phone or computer and within 60 seconds make a connection to do your next deal. Trigger leads from your website to do busines and/or referrals.

It is organized real estate serving the industry creating many benefits in the economy.

Help us help you with these information tools to make them compatible with how you do business.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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