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There are literally too many sales to document here.  However we have mentioned a few to show you that no matter where you are, no matter what kind of commercial real estate you deal in, and no matter how you do business, there is now a way to increase your opportunities.  In a Training and Orientation Program that we provide all new members, we will show you how to "mine" information that can make you money.  The first in areas are reporting big results.

The ICI World Network believes that real estate brokers and salespeople make sales . . . not the internet.  Unlike which sells books on the internet, real estate is sold by people to people.  It is very much a relationship business and one should build relationships to do business. 

A good example was Sales Representative with Coldwell Banker.  Someone called on his one listing on ICIWorld.  It did not suit him.  They discussed that prospects situation and ended up that he sold that prospects property and collected $150,000 in commissions on February 8, 2001!

It is not the listings that are important, it is the people!

The internet and information services help provide the connection and introduction in a timely fashion.   This vital link has helped the following brokers do what they do best . . . serve their clients.

More sales that we heard about recently: An independent broker at Coldwell Banker looked for a member.  He found one who subsequently had a tenant for a building that he had and they leased it.   Thousands of dollars in one phone call.  In that sense it is another referral network.

An independent broker, was sitting at home, cruising on ICIWorld, did a key word search for power (for power of sales) found one.  He got together with a Re/Max agent and sold it within 3 days of finding it.  It was a 25 unit power of sale.

$239,000 in commissions with a Sutton Group Sales
Representative 2 apartment buildings (closed money collected)

Another was a successful lead for an auction that netted a broker 5 figures

A Re/Max broker double ended a $1.2M motel.   Has now sold 2 more to buyers from Europe.

One of the largest sales on the internet presently being worked on now is $80M and it is going through various approvals in California.

There are many more sales but these are some of them. 

One of the more powerful features is the ability to print out a list of buyers.  This is very effective when used in a listing presentation.  It is the power of an industry to help you in your individual affairs. One broker attributes 7 deals to the powerful listing presentation. Printing out statistics in color shows 70 countries of the world.  In a listing presentation this is very powerful.  Where there are a lot of buyers, print them out.  It too is a powerful listing tool that can be the difference between getting a listing and not getting a listing . . . between making money and not making money.

And this is all . . . the beginning!

One independent broker had a $1,000,000 property on the service.  He received an email from Geneva Switzerland and after a while of going back and forth with email and eventually showing the property, sold it.  The accountant customer had received the golden handshake from his firm and was returning to his home country.  Not only did the broker sell the property that was on ICI World but he later he sold the family a home for $500,000.  

The Market ICI World Commercial Real Estate World Network
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Gary Nusca, CCIM

Contacts make . . . contracts!

Training Program

Until you start doing what we call "The Ultimate in Marketing on the Internet" you really have not arrived on the internet.  Every new member receives a ten point training program to ensure they know how to best market your property. It literally is the difference between doing deals . . . and not doing deals.  We are able to demonstrate this during the training session!

One independent broker competed successfully against a major large broker to obtain a listing that he subsequently sold.  The seller was having trouble deciding who to list with and when the member of this service presented the ICI World service they listed with him.

Powerful Listing Tools

Powerful Selling Tools


Brokers today are making more money from their information than they have in the past compared to just  their real estate board listings.   This means extra opportunities to successfully serve their  clients.  You can benefit too! 

Sale of a 50 unit mobile home park by a CB Commercial salesperson.

An industrial lease in by a Martel salesperson.

$520,000 sale of a
resort property to a buyer from Malaysia by two independent real estate brokers.

$1,000,000 apartment building sold by an independent broker on the service.

Over $1,000,000 in sales by a HomeLife broker
(referral and a hotel deal).

$75,000 commission
Coldwell Banker Sales Representative sale of a golf course.

Sale of apartment buildings in Western Canada.

Sale of a recreational property sold by Coldwell Banker.

7 listings obtained because of ICI World and sold.

Sale of six plex in Guelph. $9,000 commission by a Sutton Group broker in Mississauga.

A referral by broker in Collingwood to broker in Parry Sound and much more!

Brokers report calls within minutes of placing information!

A Century 21 Armour broker double ended a sandwich business for $15,000 commission.

A Sommerfeld Commercial Broker obtained a client and sold an apartment building with a Re/Max CCIM.

An independent broker placed a $695,000 plaza on the service. Within 3 days he had 7 calls, two offers, and sold it with a backup offer.  He received 7 more calls over the next four days.

A HomeLife salesperson sold two plazas one for   $4,000,000 and another of $1,800,000 with two other brokers . . . All members of the service and all based on information!   And all wanting to do more business with you!

And many more!

And in addition to all of this the Statistics continue to grow in terms of unique viewers, number of hits, number of countries accessing information, and growth of members and number of deals.

The Statistics printed in color for one month is a powerful listing tool!  It shows your reach, your exposure for a sellers property, around the world.




200,000+ hits month! 65% from the USA and the rest of the world!

Your information can be only one click away from any one of over 200,000 hits per month and growing!


The Ultimate Local and World Wide Exposure

A business broker has sold 3 businesses from $750,000 to $3,000,000.


Advertise listings coming for sale! One salesperson made over a quarter million dollars doing this.

We will show you how in your Training Program that is included at this time.

Open and exclusive listing opportunities!

Brokers and salespeople report calls within the hour of placing information. 

Brokers report placing acquisition criteria of buyers and tenants looking for space resulting in receiving calls from owners.