705 King Suite 1413 is unique in a class by itself in one of the most special cities in the world . . . Toronto.

It is a rare 2 bedroom unit that has two master bedrooms with their own private closets and private four piece bathrooms, each with a solarium.

Other condos may some of the features of Suite 1413 but not all.

We challenge you to find a condo that has all, repeat all, the ingredients that Suite 1413 has. Some condos have some of the following ingredients, but not all.

What is so good about living at 705 King?

  1. Security and safety.

    Busy street corner. The security and safety is not just at the property itself but on the street as well. The corner of King and Bathurst is a busy vibrant intersection with people coming and going 24 hours per day. This is different from a location that is deserted at night and one feels afraid to come home because of the darkness and empty surroundings. 

    24 hour security and concierge. Only the 705 facility has the 24 hour security guards right at the front desk of the beautiful lobby. Some places only have cameras. 

    One requires keys to go through the building.

    They also patrol the underground parking area and grounds. They are located on premises!

    The building is well constructed with concrete walls, floors and ceilings. A unit could actually have a fire and the next door neighbor would not know it.  Other condos built with wood would not be so lucky.

    Many of the new units today, one can hear their neighbors in the next unit.  705 is very well constructed compared to many of the new ones.

    When someone rings your unit you can see them on the television in your unit.
  2. Location of the condo both within the complex and in Toronto.

    View. There are several advantages about the location one should know about that when all combined make it a unique value to unit 1413. Some of these advantages are:

    It overlooks the courtyard, pool area in a much like a vacation resort type setting. From May 24th on, people gather in the park like area and sun tan on lawn chairs, read books under the shade of the trees, bar-b-que in the several bar-b-que's provided. Being able to see people gathering in the courtyard from your condo provides an atmosphere almost like being at a resort. If you do not see the courtyard, you do not see people gathering to sun and you completely miss the ambience of what is happening. No where else in the downtown City of Toronto has this for this price.

    View of the Lake.  There is something special about overlooking the city and seeing Lake Ontario.  The unit is high enough to see the Lake, the CN Tower from the dining room.  There are no major construction projects within a few hundred feet that will block your view.

    You can see Ontario Place, and the CNE.  You will have ring side seats such as the Symphony of Fire spectacular fireworks display on July 1, and air shows at the CNE. You experience first hand the action in Toronto from the comfort of your own condo.

    Southern exposure means sun.  Unlike some units which if they face east are in the dark or shade from 11 am on, this unit experiences and gets to see the wonderful sunny weather which is quite inspiring.

    If one were to put a value on an identical condo facing north versus one facing south, it can be anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000. Spectacular views with sun are the best and you will have it.  Without the sun it is like living in the dark.

    Gardiner expressway. I like the benefit of seeing the hustle and bustle of the city and how busy things are outside from the warm comfy advantage in our condo. 

    14th floor is quiet.  Lower floors or ones on king st itself can be noisy.

    Being able to have one of the best stocked convenience stores in town right in the building is very convenient, especially when wintry weather is outside and you do not feel like going to a major store to get something.

    Restaurants.  They say that Toronto has more restaurants per capita that other major cities in the world.  You can never see them all if you ate out every single day of the year.  We know. We tried.  It was great. Many of them are within walking distance.

    Walk to the Lakefront, CNE, Ontario Place, the boardwalk, Queen St. shopping, King St. Entertainment District. Short streetcar to subways, Eatons Shopping Center, and much more.  There is always something to do, to see, to go to.  Theatres, events, happenings almost every weekend.  Always check the Toronto Star for events, whether it is Winterlicious in the winter, or Walk around Toronto in the summer.  Caribana, Molson Indy, parades, all conceivable sports events, operas, plays, art shows, and more.  Every single week there is something to do or see.

    Of all the risers in all of the complex, the 13 series riser it known to be the most prestigious.

    It is always a little cooler in the hot summer compared to the rest of Toronto and area because of the lake effect.

    If you do a search for 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 pools in downtown Toronto they are rare. Two pools indicate and extensive array of amenities that smaller complexes simply can not afford to have.

    The condo fee is $477 per month. Because of the size of this complex the benefits can be shared by many at a more economical rate.
  3. Never call for cab.  Just go outside and hail one! Location on king west is a steady stream of cabs returning empty to downtown.
  4. 20 minutes to Pearson International airport.  And now there is now an airport on the island!
  5. People of 705 are friendly and hospitable.
  6. The condo corporation is in great shape and appears to have as one of its goals to "enhance value" in all of their decision making.  Grounds are well maintained and landscaped. Entrance ways and lobbies are cleaned daily!  If you have questions, just call the management office and they are eager to please.
  7. Bicycle racks are underground.  Nothing like a bicycle ride on center island.
  8. You can rent little boats, ski doo boats and small craft for cruising the harbour.  You can cruise all around center island and through the inland waterways.
  9. There are clubs and dancing galore of every vintage, nationality, and persuasion.
  10. There are movie festivals where the stars of the world frequent restaurants and hotels.  There are book reviews where you can meet the people righting the books of the world.
  11. Of course there is lots of shopping.
  12. Fitness facilities are available. There are daily programs of pilati, yoga, step dancing and more.  There are several squash, racquet ball courts. Indoor AND outdoor pool.  Billiards table, ping pong and more.  Whirlpool, sauna and more.
  13. There is a small theatre with daily movies.
  14. For the people who appreciate it, this is the best place in Toronto to live!
  15. Toronto itself is a world class city, many people say it is undervalued on the world scene.

Potential Areas of Improvement

  1. Appliances.  Suggestion: There is a special on at Home Depot, 3 stainless steel appliances for $2,300 and $39 delivery. You get to choose your appliances and you will have a five year warranty.
  2. Hardwood floors.  Suggestion: Home Depot has a special on now.  $3.99 per sq. ft. of engineered hardwood. The center living has about 300 sq.ft. that would look nice.  That is about $1,200 for materials and about $900 for labor.  One phone call to Home Depot, they measure the job, give you the price and install it.  Just call for the date and time.