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This private area is a collection of commercial real estate resources, contacts that can benefit you in the commercial real estate industry.  It is by no means the definitive source but rather a jumping off point, signposts leading you to the highway of information that you may wish to acquire.

It is a collection in my travels on the internet since 1995 when there were only 25 commercial real estate sites on the internet.  This service provides a window to the world for you.

For instance, you will find all the sites on the Internet that do commercial real estate. If you go off and eventually do a deal with someone, then it was this service that helped you do that deal.

There will also be individual links to FSBO's. This area also is collects private information directly from principals. Names, addresses, and/or phone numbers. It is intended to help identify opportunities to do business directly with the owners, buyers, tenants, etc.

It is also intended to help you find very helpful and beneficial links, programs that help you, ideas that help, tips and tricks, and much more to help you take advantage of information technology.

There public sites and resources that can provide you with business information not only for commercial real estate world wide and locally but also for personal use.

Do not expect to go through this list in one hour, one day or one week.  You could actually spend a lifetime depending on your interests.  But develop the skill necessary to find what you want in just a few minutes.  The following will help you do that the rest of your life.

We will continually update resources here.  It is our pledge to help you benefit from information technology.  If you can benefit from one tip, one contact or one piece of information through any of these resources, then we hope you will credit The Market ICI Network with helping you find that information.  We hope to always earn your continued patronage through this and the other value added services that we provide.

I would also like to thank all those who have contributed information for the benefit of the industry.  If you have programs and sites that would be helpful, please do forward your ideas to EMail

If and when this Resource Center is a benefit to you in any way shape or form would you kindly let me know?  I always like hearing about the nature of how these benefits help people.

Gary Nusca, CCIM


ICI World is not just about ICI World, it is about you benefiting the ICI Professional in many other ways that can help.  In that sense we are a marketing, information and education assistant,  keeping you up to date and plugged in on the benefits of technology.  Those without it will spin their wheels and not be as productive.

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Links provided to Executive Members

Members have access by membership to the Resource Center.  The following is what is contained in the Resource Center.  The difference is that the links are provided in the Resource Center to members, not here.  Many members say this service alone was worth the price of subscribing.  Your thoughts appreciated.  It has taken a lot of time and effort to accumulate these links over the years and we hope you appreciate that.  They are yours when you become a member.

People have asked me "what is covered in the Resource Center?"  The following is a table of contents so to speak.

All Commercial Real Estate Sites on the Internet

Accounting Packages

This is available in most computer stores under $100.  It can do invoicing and handle your business.  It interfaces with your bank so that you can download your bank account from your bank and do your reconciliation. Our bank account is on the screen in Netscape!  When someone makes a deposit I can within a few seconds see their deposit instantly all day long.  You could open more than one window of netscape and keep your bank account open in one window while doing other things in other windows of netscape all day long.  (tip: do two and three searches simultaneously on the internet for anything by opening two or three windows of netscape at the same time. Flip back and forth between windows.  While waiting for one search go start another, etc.  This way you will be accomplishing two to three times as much as everyone else on the internet!)

Apartment Owner Site

Auto Insurance Comparison Chart for the Toronto Area


Providing information on the monetary policy, the weekly financial statistics and the current currency rate.

Do all your banking on the internet.  With it you can check your account within a minute.  With a  program you can transfer your banking accounts to your computer and have a complete accounting program.  Of course other banks also have programs as well. You can pay bills directly from your computer on the internet.  Since it keeps a record and since you can set up expense accounts all you have to do is supply this to your accountant at the end of the year and your tax return is done.  No need to fill out cheques to pay bills, lick envelopes, paste stamps, go to the mailbox, bills can be set up to be paid automatically if you want as well.


Real estate suggested reading books.

Building Owners

Business Netiquette

"The Digital Estate: Strategies for Competing, Surviving, and Thriving In an Internetworked World."
The business community must respect that, for all its vast commercial potential, the Net is also a personal place--home,     neighborhood, or city, for millions. "The rules of business Netiquette" is an attempt to provide general guidelines for keeping
the relationship between consumers and businesses a healthy, happy one. The potential that makes the Net such an attractive and fertile area for commercial cultivation carries with it a responsibility. Companies would do well to remember that, on the Net, the individual user is always in control and always has choices.

Business Sites

Business Builders are a series of 42 comprehensive, self-paced  training modules that will walk you through the step-by-step procedures of marketing, managing, promoting and growing  your business. All the links, news, facts and information you need to run your business! Search over 100 international, U.S. and regional news and financial resources on a pay-as-you-go basis.   The best small business links on the Internet.  Top industry experts share advice.  A searchable database containing 5,000 documents and book chapters all geared to small business.  Interact with other small business owners. Keep ahead of what's happening in small business.

Business Financing Resources On The Net

A Program in Technology and Entrepreneur ship fostering relationships between entrepreneurs and the resources they need for success, include venture capital, pr/advertising, legal, and accounting  firms.

Loan Programs For Small Businesses

"Insider" information on 500  US venture capital firms - how to "get in" with them and secure financing. Advice from those who've already done it.

Commercial Finance Online - providing commercial finance education, resources, and sources in banking, leasing,  financing, factoring.

An advertising resource and introduction service for small and growing companies seeking equity capital, private investors (Business Angels) and consultants.

Free Venture Capital Database Download. Plus free financing feasibility search, 75 business financing alternatives, information on the SEC's new IPO for small businesses, financing "how to" articles and financing links.

Canadian Sites


Buy your next car online
It makes purchasing a new vehicle simpler -- maybe even cheaper
New York - If you need a new car but hate dealing with car dealers, it may be time to log on to the Internet. With this company, you can buy a car online without ever stepping foot into a dealership. This USA-based web site works with dealers to give car buyers easy access to new and used car listings in their neighborhoods.

It's free for the user, who simply inputs his or her make and model preference, along with other options requirements.  It  then will do research, a competitive analysis and price comparison based on your request, according to the company's president.  "We'll route them to a dealer that subscribes to the program." Business is booming. It's responsible for $500 million in vehicle sales per month.

Other related car sites.

CCIM Resources


Boy Scouts of Canada Being involved in Beavers and Cubs with my son has been one of the most rewarding times in my life. Camping trips, studying the stars at night, showing the boys how to use a saw to make a planter box, hikes, story telling, bicycle and canoe trips, camp fires and songs, learning the compass, appreciating life, social interaction skills with other boys, fun and learning, and much more.
Kid's World Kids' World offers links to web pages for children of all ages. Originally created for children with disabilities, now has resources for children. This launching pad is dedicated to children of all ages.....

Classified Ads

Help principals. They are placing commercial real estate in classified ads in the newspaper.  They need assistance to sell their property.  This can be a great source of business for all members of The ICI World Network.  Contact the principal and at the very least if you do not get an exclusive agreement to sell, obtain the information and ask them if it is okay to place it on ICI World.  Ask them if they would agree to sign a 48 hour exclusive listing if you happen to find someone interested.  Make your own arrangement for compensation.  You should be able to place 20 listings on this service within the first month!   One showing, one sale and you make a lot of money.  Members have done this and properties have sold!
  Free classified ads for personal.  Same deal as above. 


Frequently asked Questions.


Contact the FSBO resorts, trailer parks, campgrounds, etc.  Place them on ICI World.


Try the future of shipping. Do just about anything regarding your shipment from this site.

Currency Conversions


It will take you to market overviews for over 140 US cities.

It allows agents to get detailed reports on any property in the United States ( yes, commercial properties, too) right on-line. These reports give details on the PAST APPRECIATION HISTORY of the property, as well as a prediction of the FUTURE APPRECIATION POTENTIAL of the property. The report also includes terrific demographics, and much, much more. The best part it is, the report is generated with your name and contact information on it. You can print it, or even fax it right to your buyers from the site.

Here is the REALLY IMPORTANT PART of this message SAVE THIS MESSAGE If you want to join the site , DO NOT FILL OUT THE ORDER FORM AT THE SITE If you do it will cost you the regular subscription price. This form will save you a ton of $$$$$. This convention special is being extended to select mail list groups that were unable to attend the convention. You will NOT find any mention of this special on the "regular" web site. The word is that this special pricing is only available for a very limited time so check it out today.

95% of the Brokers on the Internet are missing the boat in my opinion.  They throw properties on the internet with no due regard to the location.  We will show you how to market the location using the most powerful feature on the internet. (In the Training Program all members receive on joining!)  You have not arrived on the internet until you start doing this.

If your mail was returned due to a potentially misspelled AOL e-mail address, we may be able to assist you in finding the correct address. Point your WWW browser here and you will find instructions and a simple form to help you locate the email address you are looking for!

Education Educational Networks. Focus is on bringing educators, students, and family together - to encourage use of technology in the classroom. Very valuable if you are relocating with children, or even to find out local information to help to stay updated on your own area. Links that will take you to business and commerce and many places you would never guess. Varied subject matter, and even a chat line.


I have a 1 hour presentation seminar on EMail.  Available for a small fee to groups, organizations, etc. Send a request for what is covered and I will send it to you.EMail

Yet another survey has been performed that proves what many of us already know: Commercial Web sites often generate leads, only to have those leads ignored by the company's salespeople.


Something for each family member
          The #1 most incredibly useful site on the Web, says Yahoo Internet Life. Everything from helping children
          learn to brush their teeth, parents learning how to diaper a new-born, to help in writing a speech, and how
          to get rid of the hiccups. No wonder Yahoo gave it a thumbs up rating.


discover the finest mortgage calculators on the net combined with mortgage news, mortgage rates, world currencies, and trends in the lending industry. The Learning Centre is where to find answers to questions you may have ... at your own pace, on your own time. A national on-line mortgage shopping system.

"Instantly submit your deal to over 500 lenders!"

Just fill in your loan needs. Our wonderful computer will search this Databank of 700+ commercial mortgage lenders based on your loan amount, property type and location. Then we'll hand you a totally free print-out of several dozen commercial lenders, each of whom is a perfect fit for your deal. The current rates (pretty close) of each lender are included, and you'll find the cheapest lenders at the top. Prepare to be "wowed!"

This site publishes nightly averages based on its survey of nearly 3,000 banks in 50 states.  You can subscribe by email to rate alerts.  It is not just mortgage rates but CD alerts, bank rates, and more.


A gargantuan database of recipes for just about any imaginable type of food, from the sublime to the weird. Its search mechanism will help you find what you're looking for in a flash.


RESIDENTIAL  --  COMMERCIAL  --  LAND  --  INDUSTRIAL  Locate Foreclosures in your area from over 3,000 Banks, Lending Institutions, Government Agencies and Consumer Finance Organizations. Contact the institutions and make arrangements to place information on ICI World.


Send an EMail to someone.
You can order flowers on the Net


Everyone must read http://www.iciworld.net/news.htm This page will help you identify problems, provide solutions, and help you become aware of the problems so that you and your clients do not get hurt.


Lots of neat freebies including screensavers.

FSBO Opportunities

You will find hotels for sale and the contact names and numbers for the principals.   Choose an area and click on properties. You should obtain and place their information on iciworld.net. Generate a showing and make some money.

You will find a list of principals and what they are looking to buy at this site: Do the same thing. Make up have sheets for each one and place on www.iciworld.net

One of the largest national listing service of homes For Sale By Owner.  Although this service is for homes, you can see it coming for commercial real estate. In order to compete, real estate brokers and salespeople need an information service that competes effectively with these kinds of services.  When Executive Members place their information in a timely manner then this service becomes that tool!

Our premise is that real estate brokers and salespeople hear about literally every buyer and what they are looking for and every person thinking of selling.  By capturing this information and placing it on this service, a few thousand real estate people literally can present the market of opportunities all in one place.  This provides for instant showings leading to transactions.  This is fast.  It is incumbent upon the real estate professional to first of all recognize a piece of information that can make one money and act quickly by placing it on this service and following up with others that have a corresponding have or want.  The collection and delivery of information continues to be a priority.  We have found ways to do in the fastest, possible, simple and most convenient ways possible on earth today.  If anyone sees anything you think we should also be doing, please do let us know.  It is now our belief that there is nothing that any other service does that we can now not do on your behalf thereby giving you the full tools necessary to compete successfully in todays new millenium of information services.

For Sale By Owner networks.  I believe this kind of site is the start of some real good competition to a real estate brokers business it is a for sale by owner network.  You really have to be on the ball so to speak and justify your services.  There is no question real esatate people provide services that are vital to a homeowner and people in business.  For instance, one broker I know obtained residential listings by saying one thing; would you trust someone looking at your home with your wife and children at home when it could be a motorcycle gang?  He got the listing everytime.  He was an older gentleman and it was like having insurance to have him handle their families sale.  In commercial real estate one idea, there are many reasons why one needs a commercial broker.  This will be the subject in another article.


The most important development in commercial real estate the past week
was a ruling by Revenue Canada allowing
businesses to deduct the cost of entertaining clients at golf courses
following a round of golf. While the news is considered to be a
substantial benefit to golf course operators, it is even better news to
brokers trying to justify to their managers why they should entertain
the clients at the golf course. Recognizing that golf
is the national sport of the real estate
industry, our web-site contains many links to golf web-sites in the
Resources section of each City Page.

Good Things That Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople do.

Children's Miracle Network
If you know of something that brokers and salespeople do, please inform me.  I am very interested.
I think it is great work to include donating time and money to worth causes among your business activities.
And if there are opportunities to get others involved please do not hesitate to inform us and we can help with
information services and the like.





Take a look at these "hot off the press" pages for illustrations of use of wallpapers and colors - 41 of them!

Help Files for The Market ICI World Real Estate Network

Training Program

The ideal training program is conducted one on one with you in your office over the phone.  If you have the capability to get on one line while speaking with me on another line, it works great. If you miss just one of any of these ten concepts, you miss making money.  And it is not just about our service but you publishing of commercial real estate information on the internet and other mediums.  It has been responsible for hundreds of brokers and real estate sales people making money that they never otherwise could have made in any other way! 

Learn the ultimate in marketing property on the internet. If you could place color photos, floor plans, layouts, maps, etc. for all your properties in a major metropolitan newspaper and do it all year long for free, that would be pretty exciting from a marketing point of view, wouldn't it?  The internet is 50 times as large and yes . . . you can do it all for free!  Sounds incredible but it's true! We teach you!  We empower brokers and salespeople to literally become a publisher of information able to reach out to a market of a hundred times larger than a major local newspaper . . . and do it all free; with your membership.

Backups and Download the Whole Database

Learn how to place an icon on your Windows 95 desktop that calls up your browser, that calls up the complete ICI World Database, where with one click you can display all the buyers of shopping centers to use in a listing presentation to a developer or owner of a shopping center.  This is available for all categories!

Recommended software. Learn how to have every single have and want in the commercial real estate industry in Canada on your computer available two clicks away.  No need to go on the internet to search anything!  Receive email of haves/wants within seven minutes of them being available, set up category mailboxes, filter messages. 

Banner Advertising Services - Make Your Home Page and Site on the Internet into a Profit Center!

How to place banner advertising on your web site and make money.  Make your site into a profit center as well as a marketing service. We can show you how once you are a member.

Your Personal Database Management and Promotion on the Internet

One of the best uses of a member link is the ability to have someone click on a link either on your home page or in an email that you may send out, that produces a list of your personal have/want inventory.  A sample of this link may be found here.
Look up your company name.  Click on it.  Look in the address or location field. This is the address to go in the link.  If your company name is not there please contact us now.   It is like having your own $50,000 database on the internet, fully changeable, ie: you can add, modify, delete anything in it anytime, absolutely free with your membership, and you do not have to change your home page anytime thereby saving on programmers cost, etc.   These links are free for the asking.  You can have them produce lists by company or by individual member.


Make your own HTML pages!  Use the latest verson of this program to do it.   You can create, edit web pages, save them on your computer, and then publish them to your web site with one click!

LINKS TO PULL YOUR LISTINGS OFF ICIWORLD AND DISPLAY THEM ON THE SCREEN OF THE VIEWER.  Include the link to your listings in your signature file or in your email.   When people click on it, it fires up their browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape for instance)  which pulls all your listings off  ICI World and displays them on the screen of the viewer.  However some links to your personal listings may be so long that you should place the following note right after the link.  Note: Long Web addresses may break into two lines in some e-mail programs. If you can't click one of our hyperlinks, just cut and paste the entire address into your Web browser. Leave out the brackets if there are some. Where do you find the link that pulls your personal listings? Go to the main page at www.iciworld.net, click on Companies with Individual Members,  click on Listings, in the location or address field at the top of your browser you will see an address starting with http:// etc. with + signs. You wil see a URL, that is the link that pulls your listings.  You can place a link on your home page that says "My Commercial Inventory" or something similar and use that link to pull your listings. It's like magic!  You can place this link in email to others and say "Click here to see my listings."  When people click on it, it will pull your listings off ICI World and display them on the screen of the viewer.

Today in History

Home Pages Free

Why do sites give away free web sites? The answer is simple. At the bottom of each site that we give away is an advertisement for a FREE LIFETIME 5 page website courtesy of our company. When visitors to your site click on this hyperlink to get their free website, they will visit our page where we promote several business opportunities that we make money on. So every site we give away is an advertisement for our company.


Contacts with principals as well.  Someone should work this site and get the information working on The Market ICI Network.


Real Estate Related Jokes
Lawyer Jokes
The Onion  News of the world, that you won't see on CNN
The Dilbert Zone
The Humour Zone  Humour for all tastes! Need a good laugh, check this site out!
Joke & Humour Index  An Index of Jokes too be found here. Sorted by Month and Year.


How about a place where you can quickly pinpoint the exact photo or image
you want---in seconds! It's easy.

It's a breeze to save any image from your search to your own computer.

With those spoil sport items out of the way,  you can be ready to reach the
largest collection of photos and graphics ever assembled, quickly
searchable  and easily available in the history of the world!

Information Services

allows users to search addresses and phone numbers of people and businesses. It has over 10 million listings.


http://www.fallsview.com/falls.html Connects to live video pictures of Niagara Falls

International Currency Converter

          Carry a laptop? Just before your trip, check this site. Up-to-the-minute exchange information. You choose
          currency type. eg. Canadian dollar to German marks, and then you can even convert back again. You
          know how much your money is worth the moment you check, coming or going. FABULOUS
          INFORMATION no traveler can afford to be without.

Investor Services

Welcome to the most complete wealth resource center ever created for real estate investors, landlords and entrepreneurs.

Investing Software

Do a before and after tax analysis of commercial real estate.  Charges apply.


The following site has the potential to be quite valuable for Real Estate professionals. I think it probably needs some wider exposure, so I am just passing it along to everyone. It is a posting service for available real estate jobs. From what I have seen, most of the jobs offered seem to be pretty good. It is managed by a former professor at the University of Cincinnati.

Learning About The Internet


72 Ways to Lease Your Center

Legal Sites

Bankruptcy Web Site


May 5, 1997 marked both the beginning and the end of an age for the real estate
industry in Ontario. The launch of self-management, through the Real Estate Council
of Ontario (RECO), marked the finale of 25 years of industry advocacy for this
initiative. While new to this province, self-management is not new in Canada; its
benefits to all stakeholders have been proven by the real estate industries in British
Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

RECO has assumed responsibility from the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial
Relations (MCCR) to administer the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act

Many Links

The top 1000 sites

The world's largest publication of Caribbean/Latin properties for sale.

Listing Services

In another positive sign that the Internet is catching on with commercial real estate professionals, a major company has decided to market $100 million of property with an online realty listing service.  Another has a property database that contains more than $3 billion of investment property for sale, with an average sale price of about $7 million. More than 700 qualified investors subscribe to the service.


An Online Library of Literature

Catalog of EText Books available over the internet. They want people to be able to look up quotations they heard in conversation, movies, music, other books, easily with a library containing all these quotations in an easy to find etext format.
The Complete works of William Shakespeare.

Amazing Low Down Investment

Huge Returns In Larger Revenue Properties


Each month you can view this major computing magazine before it hits the stands.
Official Newspapers all online.
From the popular Franchise information brought to you online.
Anaother offers it's version of online computing magazine.
Another Excellent Computer Paper. Tips, reviews, great articles, and more.
Other magazines Read Articles, Questions answered and much more.
News from all sources.

I actually have a program that picks up my news at 7am in the morning automatically and I read the latest news, weather, sports during the day as time permits.


Map your activities and print a map to any destination. If you have an address or have a particular area in
mind, you can view and print a detailed map to help you get there.
Canada and the USA.  You can also get the local news and weather for the area.

         NUMBER ONE on everyone's list is a map. You'll need a map to find where you'd prefer to live in any
          given community. Our feature link offers you a guide to all points in the Greater
          Toronto Area - GTA, between Oshawa and Oakville, north to Newmarket. If you are a real estate agent,
          Just click and go! - check out your new intersection, or find your friend's address before you start out on your journey .            Happy travelling!

Border-crossing Maps - Plan Your Holiday Now
          A great map and travel planner that shows you the quickest route; how many miles or km between you and
          your destination. And, this site is so-oohh easy to use, you'll be amazed. Do a test run between you and
          your major intersection. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Market Data Sites

Sales information, gathered in part from registry and land titles offices every week, is added to the database as it becomes available. Photographs and scanned images of the deeds, mortgages and site plans, are provided in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) for all sales. These files may be viewed and printed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Program.  Quarterly subscriptions, providing limited access to summarized sales data only, are available free of charge.

Mention you heard it from The Market ICI World Commercial Real Estate Network and receive a $50 discount.

Other Services


In my opinion this may be one of the most practical down to earth applications of the usefulness of the internet.

May I give you an example of personal use? Health conditions.  If you ever want to find out more about any medical condition, get the exact spelling of the condition, go to www.altavista.com, type it the condition and put quotations marks around it.  A list will appear.  You can then investigate by clicking on these links.  A personal family member had a condition called Menieres Disease.  It is a condition of the ear that can cause dizziness, earaches, etc.  One would be worried to drive a car.  Although there is no cure, there are things one can do to not aggravate the situation.  The doctor was not 100% up to date about what one could do.  On the internet I found if one cut out chocolate and caffeine the incidences of dizziness would be minimized.  It just so happened my family member had coffee and a chocolate each day.  Once stopped the dizziness stopped the next day!  This did not come from our doctor. It was from a specialized report by another Doctor whose specialized in and studied this disease and placed his findings on the internet.  Further there were health groups and people who shared their experiences on the internet and this made my family member feel better for the understanding that it provided.

So search www.altavista.com for any medical condition.  You can of course search any search engine but this has been the most productive and useful site for me on the internet for many things.  I just feel comfortable with it.  Some of the computer journals and reporters have given it the highest marks in reports comparing search engines.  It will also lead to medical sites and the like so don't just stop there.

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Rates

Here's a place to do some comparison shopping to check on todays interest
rates from several lenders. The Geographic coverage is selectable and
broad. In addition  maintains a library of  mortgage
resources with  a ton of informative documents on mortgage subjects such
as:  Appraisals, Calculators, Credit Rating, Down Payment, FHA Loans,
Interest Rates, Mortgage Insurance, Refinancing, Relocation, Second
Mortgages, Title Insurance  --and much more.  Worth a visit!

USA Mortgage Rate Watch


Prepare yourself for the biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet.  

Many News Sources

Another, once all loaded, you can pick up your news automatically each morning and it is on your computer. A scrolling ticker tape on your screen highlites the news.  You can customize your news, weather, sports, stocks, health, commercial real estate, etc. There is a separate Canadian Point Cast highlighting news in Canada. It's great!

Excellent news letters that you can subscribe to as well as other information.
Subscribe to one of the most comprehensive real estate news information services in Canada.

If you haven't heard the political hype elsewhere, you can read it here. This site pulls together some of the most influential news media sites, as well as some of the most poignant finger-on-the-pulse commentary on the Net. This site is visited by thousands daily and we think you'll see why when you connect to this source of political opinion.

ou will find contacts for buyers and sellers through marketplace at this site for instance.
Another site highlights some of this week's most mportant breaking real estate news.  Browse through this site's content by these categories: Commercial, Construction, Government, Residential or Retailing. Full real estate coverage for any one of 37 (USA)markets can be accessed by clicking on the name of the city. Or, you may search the content of this week's Real Estate Journal - or its electronic archives - by topic or keyword.

Real Estate News from around the world

Newspaper Articles

Some of these articles are dated, however there is important information to assist you and your buyers and sellers in their decision making process.  If any link no longer works, please contact me immediately, thankyou.
Europeans in a rush to gobble up Canadian commercial real estate

Nofication Services

The URL-minder will monitor the Web page at this address for you and send you e-mail whenever it detects changes in the page content. You can use the URL-minder to monitor any public Web pages on the World Wide Web, for free.


A note network, the source for connecting to hundreds of potential customers from around the world! As the largest subscription based internet service in the discounted note industry, they provide a daily connection between professional investors and note sellers which has resulted in many lucrative transactions.  You can also place notes in financing on ICI World.

Personal Organizer

Here is a free online lifestyle-management application that can be accessed from any computer with Internet access.  It is a personalized, easy-to-use web based environment which is reliable and private. It provides users with an integrated set of tools that enable them to more efficiently manage their complex lives.  In one central location, users are given all the tools they need to manage their activities and schedules, as well as communicate and collaborate with individuals and groups of people.

Users create their own groups or communities and have the ability to do everything from share calendars, files and contact management information to assign tasks and instant message friends to build their own group home pages and auction sites—all from one location on their desktop.

Phone Numbers

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses in the USA
You can also get addresses with postal codes using this site.


How to have unlimited pictures and shows on the Internet for under $100 per year for all your listings all year long!

75,000 Free clipart, animated GIFs, backgrounds, textures, sounds and images available online.  Free for personal non-commercial use.  They also have a CD set one can buy.  There's no need to search all over the place for the perfect graphic, it's all here in one set.
Welcome to the Global Air Photos Web Site where you can view 4,000+ AIR PHOTOS

Postal Codes (in Canada)

Find a postal code anywhere in Canada

Press Releases

Send over 2,000 press releases with the click of your mouse!

Real Estate Boards

                                 • Over 1,316,600 new & resale homes.
                                 • Largest real estate site on the Web.
                                 • Customized search for each city.
                                 • 117,000,000 home views monthly

FIND A HOME The largest & most popular real estate site in the GTA Over 30,000 properties Over 2,500,000 homes viewed each month.

Real Estate Organizations

Register Your Real Estate Page

Tired Of Getting Danced Around Within A Search Engine's Pages To Register Your URLs? Then Submit Your URLs To These Exact Page Locations
You should also register your site in all the major search engines of the world.
The following is one of the best to hit them all.

Top Reits on the Internet


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Everyone must read http://www.iciworld.net/news.htm This page will help you identify problems, provide solutions, and help you become aware of the problems so that you and your clients do not get hurt.

Screen Saver

This is a really great screen saver for PC's! (Sorry, the Apple/Macintosh version is not available yet.) It self-installs, it's attractive, and gives you almost 300 motivational and inspirational quotes by famous people (some are humorous too!). And, yes, it is totally, absolutely, completely, FREE! It is a gift.

Search Engines

How New Agents Can Get on the Web. If you are a new agent, you are already challenged by the difficulty of getting your business up and running.  You have to build a local foundation of business before you can hope to compete on the Internet. Once you have done that, you are ready to bring the building blocks of your business to the Web. (article in Realty Times - Agent News)

This search engine searches search engines. One of the best they say - searches 11 other search engines, also searches usenet, FTP, stock quotes, business news and other searchable databases.

You will find all kinds of search engines in the world.  I personally use this one.  In my experiences from reading computer journals and reporters comparisons of the information received on any topic, this one seems to be at the top.  This is not to say it is a definitive answer for everything.  But in the essence of time, it has proven to be very productive.  I use it for virtually all kinds of searches.  If you have another search engine that you deem productive I would be happy to place it here as well.

Now if there was one engine that can top it, it is this one.  It is a search engine that searches search engines!  One thing it did recently was solve a problem of "what if you know an address and want the name of the company?"  Try that on for size with the search engine that you like.  It did it successfully!  You may have to place the address in quotes so that it searches the whole phrase not each word separately.  Learn how to do this, it is very important to finding information in the world today.  If you do not know how, call me now and I will explain.  ie: if you search real estate, it may find every occurrence of the word real and every occurrence of the word estate.  What you really want is the occurrence of the two words together.  You do this by searching "real estate" ie: putting quotation marks around the phrase that you want to find.

This engine enables you to search iinformation from over 1,800 ADDITIONAL premium sources. All the search results are combined into a neat very usable report.

On top of that the results are combined with premium data in one search giving you access to books, magazines, databases, and news wires not available from any other search engine.

The results are returned prioritized AND ALSO organized into Custom Search Folders created for you on each search.

Dy-no-mite stuff! Give it a try!

Ratings and analyses of popular search engines and tips for searching efficiently.

Seniors Site + Age of Reason -

          Wherever you want to go today, you can get there from here. Totally Amazing. Seniors can search in
          Canada, the USA, or anywhere around the world. You'll be glad you bookmarked this link as one of your
          favourites. Please remember us, too, when you go there.


If you need a graphics program to edit and convert your photos, you may want to download the shareware version.
Brokers and Salespeople with digital cameras or the ability to scan photos should save their photos according the following specifications before sending the photos.


Welcome to The World's Best Collection of Internet Software. This is your place on the Web to access the latest and greatest Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Macintosh and OS/2 Internet Software, performance rated and checked for viruses.

How to Filter Spam

Article by Bill Gates on Spam

How to outwit spam.


Starting Points on the Web

Here is a great place to start.  Six search engines, yellow pages, directions and maps, pick a newspaper, package tracking, zip code finder, people finder, thesauras, dictionary, translation directory, and more.
This site allows me to have the news that I choose on my computer.  All I have to do is hit an update button while I am doing other things.  You can choose commercial real estate companies and industries, news, sports, health, internet updates, the economy, world events, etc.


this site provides information on industry structure, international trade and sector level performance. Also of interest is the on-line benchmarking tool, which allows companies to compare their performance against the average establishment in their industry sector.

Stocks Quotes

Stocks and futures
This web site site just sold for $30,000,000


Time Management Tools

Top 100 Downloads

100 Most Popular Downloads of the Year

Top 1000 Sites


Financial Planning Malls
An "incredible site" for Toronto-At-Large
          Presents info that will take you everywhere and show you everything you would ever want to know about
          Toronto and surrounding areas. An absolute must to view if you are thinking of relocating to the Greater
          Toronto Area, or even if you already live here.


Also make sure you check out "Help Files for The Market ICI Network" in alphabetical order above.

  Introducing one of commercial real estate's best online technology resources.   It's the perfect way for commercial brokers to keep current on how technology can help you do more deals.  It's free.  And it's written in plain English by real estate IT professionals.

A Toronto Training Centre was introduced in 1997 to provide a quality training experience for customers and outside groups interested in expanding their knowledge of personal computing and the Internet.

They offer the following courses:

IntroNet I - Windows 95/Macintosh
IntroNet II - Windows 95/Macintosh
HTML - Website Design
Effective Research on the Internet - Windows 95/Macintosh
All.about.newsgroups - Windows 95/Macintosh
Full Day Internet Seminar - Windows 95/Macintosh [THIS IS THE ONE FOR THE INTERNET]
Seating for 24 people. They have retained a variety of qualified, experienced instructors to teach our wide range of courses. Class sizes are kept small to provide hands-on training and individual attention for both our corporate and individual clientele. Whether you are a beginner seeking a plain-English introduction to the online world, or a expert looking to hone your Java or Unix skills, select this company for professional training and instruction.


Since things are changing so fast you may wish to contact us for the latest recommended upgrade or at least the ones that we are using. This allows you to design your own web pages!  It's all free.

USA and International Real Estate Directories

A collection of the largest resources for commercial real estate on the net.

This site now provides access to over 1500 commercial real estate resources on the internet. Sites can be sorted by Country, State, City/Town or category. Separate sections highlight "Topsites".

This site is officially supported by the Investment Bureau of Zhaoqing city,Guangdong,PR China. Our site is an on-line organization which specializes in the fields of the Sino-international trade, investment and infrastructure projects. We are sincerely looking for opportunities to cooperate with your company.


Web "garage" offers free homepage analyses Similar to tuning up a car, It has built a virtual garage complete with smiling and grimacing mechanics for websites. Companies "park" their URLs and within minutes, the "mechanic" will determine if the site needs a minor tune-up or a major overhauling.  The evaluation is free.

Venture Capital

This includes portions of the "Inside Track" which provides proprietary information on venture capital firms you could normally only get from years of dealing with them.


It is a 30 second video on Toronto.  I find the avi file better than the mov file.


Everyone must read http://www.iciworld.net/news.htm This page will help you identify problems, provide solutions, and help you become aware of the problems so that you and your clients do not get hurt.

There has been a resurgence in recent weeks of messages concerning
alleged viruses that supposedly can be transmitted via e-mail
messages. Alleged viruses such as "Join the Crew" or Good Times" or
"Penpal Greetings" are hoaxes; they are not real viruses. (Messages
that tell you that a virus will infect your computer simply by having
you read it are not true; no such virus exists. The only way a virus
can infect your computer is if you load it into your computer or you
execute an infected program. See this site for more information.)

Year 2000 Problem Y2K

This campaign aims to increase awareness of the year 2000 camputer challenge for rural communities, small business, voluntary organizations, libraries, schools and local governments. 


Web Site Design

How much should you spend for a Web Site.  A lot has been written about the number of web sites an agent should have, who'd be great to hire to create the web sites, where they should be on the Internet, and how much money agents make as a result of their sites.  What might be helpful to know now is how much an agent should expect to spend on creating a good site, and how much it will take to maintain it each year.

Whether for business or personal use, this site gives you a home on the World Wide Web at no cost. With their powerful Web Site Creation Tools, you quickly build and maintain your own Web Site completely free of charge-- no strings attached! Using their Design Wizard, you build your own professional-looking Web Site.

Design your own web page.  On the worlds #1 Web Site On Line Creator

Visit the finest guide to HTML authoring we have ever seen. This site is definitely worth a visit even if you are a seasoned HTML pro.
Free Web Pages.

This site provides you a FREE web site with a full 12Mb of disk space and all the bandwidth you can use! Yes, this service is entirely free. They pay for it by placing a rotating banner at the very top of your web pages (the same banner you can see at the top of this page). All the space below is yours and you can make your pages as long as you like. For each account you create you will be able to upload 9 HTML pages and up to 12Mb of graphics, audio files, zip archives or whatever. If you need more than 9 web pages simply create another account to get another 9 pages.

Register your domain name. Check to see if it is still available.  Free Web Space

There is seldom a week to a month that goes by that I am not adding to this list. Many of the links above were kindly supplied by members and other professionals in the industry.  On behalf of all the members thank you to all who contributed for the betterment of the industry.

Your comments and suggestions are most appreciated. I always like hearing from you about the nature of how our services benefit you.

Gary Nusca, CCIM
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