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41875Islands for sale World Wide
40985WANT Anywhere in the world Baby Food and Milk Manufacture. Please contact me.
38530Sale of plots Fundo Loreto, located in the unspoiled environment of the Elqui Valley, just 15 minutes from the city of La Serena, Chile.
38278Large Trust funding BG SBLOC
37777Wanted, Worldwide, Casinos, Plazas, Hotels upto 1Billion
21752Gold and Diamond buyers for December 500mm and up Worldwide fast close for December
20409Wanted world $25M - $1 Billion, Project's world wide.
9572Cozy guesthouse in the chilean lake district
7904Guesthouse Chilean lake district nearby the picturesque town of Puerto Octay with view of the elegant Osorno volcano (Web site and pictures of volcano)
7484CHILE : A 570000 Acres, great investiment opportunity, of hardwood timberland with oceanfrontage, 5 lakes and rivers. Seeking investors. Only 15%-20% of the re
2647Small hostel and tourist company in Patagonia, Chile for sale. Check web site for details.
1145Outdoor company with two ranches
966Cash and carry suitable properties