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400801Expiredwanted,South western Ontario, farm or farm land, 50-100 Plus acres, have money, client ready
400800ExpiredWanted, GTA, Warehouse stand alone building, $3M-$15M million, has money and ready to buy
400799ExpiredWant, Ontario, Plaza with AAA tenant, up to $5-15 Million, Have money
400798ExpiredWanted, Ontario, Hotel, $15-40 Million, Hilton or Marriott brands, has the money. Excellent opportunity.
400797Expiredwant, GTA, plaza AAA tenant, $10-12 Million, buyer ready to move in, Have money
400796ExpiredWanted Ontario Land, $500K-$3M, land with future potential for commercial or residential. Prefer in Official Plan.
400795ExpiredWant, warehouse for lease 40000-150000 Sq ft with 150-200 Truck parking , has money, client ready
400794ExpiredWant, warehouse for lease 40000-60000 sqft with tractor trailer parking, Brampton-mississauga-caledon-halton hills- Bolton, near highway
400793ExpiredWant, Plaza with AAA Tenant, GTA, $4 million- $50 Million, Client has money, Ready to buy.
399909ExpiredWanted Ontario Motel, $800K-$1.5M qualified
399906Expiredwanted Ontario, Commercial building, $2M-$10M
399905ExpiredWanted, London to Toronto,to Ottawa, North to North Bay, Niagara Region, Apartment building, $2M-$6M, Have money.
399904ExpiredWanted Windsor to Toronto to Brockville, North to Sudbury, Niagara region, retail plaza, $5M-$20M, prefers triple AAA tenants.
399903ExpiredWant, near highway, outside storage, with or without building,$3-7 Million, Have money
397737ExpiredPRINCIPALS ONLY, Ontario, Franchise Hotel,$6.5 million, Great location
395898ExpiredPRINCIPALS ONLY, Ontario, Franchise Hotel, $14.6M, Great location
392320Expiredwant, Brampton, office condo building 40-60000 Sq Ft, 4+ floors, $10-$50 Million, Has money, client ready
391333Expiredsouth western Ontario, (2-3 hours to Toronto) Branded Motel, $2.5 million, Great potential, making money, Living quarters for owners
390291ExpiredEast Garafraxa near Orangeville, Vacant land, 70 plus acres,Zoned business park,and have most of the 100 plus zonings available.
387427ExpiredSouthwestern Ontario, (4 hours to Toronto) Full service touch less Car wash, $750K, Making money,
382442Expiredwanted, South western Ontario, Marijuana farm, 5-6 million, has money and ready to buy
382436ExpiredWanted Ontario, Commercial, $1M-$10M
382434ExpiredGEORGIAN BAY area 2 hour from Toronto, Branded Motel,2.5 Million, Living quarters for owners, Making money
382433ExpiredSouthwestern Ontario, vacant business park zoned, 72 acres, 100 Plus zoning available and a great opportunity
380477ExpiredWanted assignment house or brand new house, Brampton, detached, $1.1M-$1.3 M, 2800 and up SqFt
380475Expiredwanted Windsor to Toronto to Ottawa, North to Sudbury, Niagara region, retail plaza, $2M-$20M million, Have money
380413ExpiredDetroit Michigan, hotel, $2.5M, Good investment, Branded Franchise, 65 rooms
380370ExpiredWanted Ontario, Medical Building,$2M-$20M,
369799ExpiredMississauga, Pizza shop,1500 sq ft, good potential opportunity
369439ExpiredWanted Windsor to Toronto to Brockville, North to Sudbury, Niagara region, Land to build Gas station, Tim Horton, Food, Variety type commercial property $1M-$3M
369434ExpiredSouthwestern ontario, motel/hotel, $5M, making money, Brand name franchise
369433ExpiredSouthwestern Ontario, Hotel/motel, $3M, Shows well, Brand name
369431ExpiredWanted Ontario Hotel, Motel, $2M-$50M, Has the money
365700ExpiredGTA, Laundromat, $100000-$300000