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117921$6,900,000.00Inactive73 ACRE ISLAND PARCEL
226350$6,500,000.00InactiveGRAND ANSE, ST. GEORGE'S,Grenada Best choice for hotel 3.6 acres, $US6.5M along characteristic white sandy beach existing thriving hotels nearby.
226346$6,000,000.00InactiveSt.David's, Grenada, $US6M. Development land good for Hotels, Restaurant, Casino or Residential Subdivision. Fastest growing City, Won't last.
226348$2,950,000.00InactiveLanc Aux Epines, St. George's, Grenada -$US2.95M. HOTEL w/ swimming pool, studio, one & two bdrms. Full restaurant and bar; sufficient parking.
226268$2,500,000.00InactiveManor Guest House, Lanc Aux Epines, St.George's, Grenada, $US 250,000.00, 10 unit guest home with a 360 view.Ocean front. call agent for income details
226325$2,100,000.00InactiveLanc Aux Epines, St. George's, Grenada, great house + guest house 6 bedrooms in 2 houses, $US 2.1 million. Pool, beachfront property, 1 acre manicured lot.
226332$950,000.00InactiveFORT JEUDY, ST GEORGE’S 6 bdrm, home in a prestiege residential neighbourhood. This house, 4000 sq.ft.gem stands on 25,000 sq.ft prime land. $US950,000
226269$850,000.00InactiveGrand Anse, St. George's,Grenada, $US850000 1 acre choice land on the beach, good for hotel or luxury condo development.
226267$800,000.00InactiveGrand Anse, St. George, Grenada, 3 bedroom house plus 5 apartments in the heart of Grand Anse. Only $US800,000.00
226260$770,000.00InactiveWesterhall, St. David's, Grenada 4,000 sq.ft architecturally designed 5 bdrm house asking $US 770,000.00 Great view of the ocean.
226261$750,000.00InactiveWesterhall Point, St. David's, Grenada, 4 bedroom house, $750,000.00, 2,500 sq.ft, swimming pool, landscaped lot, greatest view of ocean, walk to beach.
226309$580,000.00InactiveTelescope, Grenville, St. Andrews, Grenada,2000, priced at $US 580,000.00. Almost new, landscaped lot, gated, well kept,prestiege area. call now.
226351$560,000.00InactiveLanc Aux Epines, St. George's, Grenada, 2,200 sq.ft. bungalow on a large lot, 3 bdrm, 2 1/2 baths, walk-in closet and bath in Master Bdrm, $US560,000.00
226258$536,000.00InactiveContent, St. David's, Grenada, $US536,000, 174,240 sq.ft (4 acres) of vacant land steps from the beach with a magnificent view,residential/commercial. Call Now
226263$530,000.00InactiveFort Jeudy, St. George's, Grenada, 4 bedroom house for $US 530,000.00; nanny's quarters, great view of sea closeby, 10 mins to Grand Anse and shopping areas.
226343$429,000.00InactiveWoburn, St.George's, 2.75 acres vacant residential/development land also good for a home and garden. $US 429,000.00 Call now.
226264$395,000.00InactiveSt. George's, Grenada, 3 bedroom bungalow, $US 395,000.0 1800 sq.ft of gracious living, 3 baths, garage, a/c, conc. blk. Close to beach, call for inspection.
226270$300,000.00InactiveLaSagesse, St. David's, Grenada, 4.7 acres. gently sloping, vacant, land close to the sea. $US 300,000.00
226265$270,000.00InactiveRed Gate, St.David's, Grenada, Newly built house $US 270,000.00; parking, automatic gate, outdoor barbeque.
226323$254,000.00InactiveSt. Andrew's, Grenada, 55,000 sq.ft.,1.25 acres; $254,000.00 of well cultivated, gently sloping land, serviced, good access. you will be pleasantly surprised.
226272$237,460.00InactiveIn the Heart of Grand Anse, 23,746 sq.ft. of vacant land asking $US 237,460.00; steps to the famous Grand Anse Beach; walk to the business centre and shopping.
226303$230,000.00InactiveFort Jeudy, Grenada; 25,355 sq. ft. of flat rolling, ready to build on lot, $US230,000 Part of a subdivision, walk to the beach, close to the capital.
226259$182,760.00InactiveEgmont, St. George, Grenada Lot No. 157 vscant flat land 19,007 sq. ft. $US 182,760.00 Stunning view of the bay a stones throw away. Visit it and be perplexed
226271$142,000.00InactivePetit Trou, St. David's, Grenada. 36,720 sq. ft of choice residential/Agricultural land adjoining the Point Marquis Project. Easy road access. $US142,000.
226266$88,000.00InactiveWesterhall,St.David's,Grenada 11,000 sq.ft vacant lot for $US 70,000.00. Ready to be built on; sea view, one bus to Grand Anse beach and business area.
226290$72,860.00InactiveLot#2 Woburn, St.George's Grenada,13531 sq.ft vacant residential land,$US72,860.00, minutes to Grand Anse Beach; near business centre; one bus to St.George's.
226280$68,754.00InactiveLot#4 Woburn, St.George's Grenada,12,727 sq.ft vacant residential land,$US68,754.00, minutes to Grand Anse Beach; near business centre; one bus to St.George's.
226352$65,000.00InactiveQuarry Road, Telescope, St.Andrew's, Grenada, 16,780 sq.ft. vacant land,$US 65,000.00. Flat land near sea, good for commercial/residential. On road.
226284$62,741.00InactiveLot#3 Woburn, St.George's Grenada,11,652 sq.ft vacant residential land,$US62,741.00, minutes to Grand Anse Beach; near business centre; one bus to St.George's.
226278$62,353.00InactiveLot#6 Woburn, St.George's Grenada,11,580 sq.ft vacant residential land,$US62,353.00, minutes to Grand Anse Beach; near business centre; one bus to St.George's.
226276$62,267.00InactiveLot#5 Woburn, St.George's Grenada,11,564 sq.ft vacant residential land,$US62,267.00, minutes to Grand Anse Beach; near business centre; one bus to St.George's.
226273$54,309.00InactiveLot#7 Woburn, St.George's Grenada,10,086 sq.ft vacant residential land,$US54,309.00, minutes to Grand Anse Beach; near business centre; one bus to St.George's.
226301$43,943.00InactiveLot#1 Woburn St.George's Grenada,8161 sq.ft of vacant residential land,$US 43,943.00, minutes to Grand Anse Beach; near business centre; one bus to St.George's.
226319$42,000.00InactiveTilleries, St.Andrew,Grenada, 9000 sq.ft. vacant land,$US 42,000.00. Near Munich, Well cultivated flat land, good for a house & garden. Motorable. call!
226338$40,000.00InactiveChampfleur, St. David's,Grenada - $US 40,000.00 Residential,Agricultural,half acre choice land fully serviced. It is part of a 2 acre parcel. also available.
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226299 InactiveSt. David's Grenada. Wilderness Campsites for rent,$US20.00 per night;tent extra, walk to the beach, wooded area nearby. good for fishing, hunting, relaxing.
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