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404606ActiveWanted Canada Waterfront 300+ acres $10M - $50M for high end resort, hotel, to be built to ESG Standard.
404546ActiveWanted Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Cape Breton, Prince Edward Island, Serviced land up to 100 acre, buyer is a Contractor
390867ExpiredWanted: Canada, $10M-$250M Any kind of Real Estate or Business. Large Capital Gain? Give us a call.
366526Sold(SOLD) Wanted Brant County Cainesville to Burford, N. to St. George rural agriculural land farm 5ac-15ac with a house, $350K-$700K (3 buyers) Qualified
186828InactiveWanted USA, Canada, and the World. Retail, Office, Industrial, and Residential. $1M-$900M+ Professional consultants to several buying groups.
171579ExpiredWanted: Hotels and Casinos anywhere in the World, from $100 Million to $10 Billion, very serious clients with the funds to handle this types of projects!!
160870InactiveWanted, Nova Scotia , Hobby Farm, $150k-$200k, looking for immediate possession.
160868InactiveWanted Nova Scotia, hobby farm, $170K - $310K/15acres at minimum, qualified buyer looking to purchase a hobby farm to put a mega dome on.